April 3, 2019

Perspective is so important. It always reminds me of the parable that, paraphrased, was about a group of blind men who were positioned around an elephant and asked to describe what it was. You can imagine the difference in responses!

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That’s what perspective is all about. The elephant hadn’t changed for each man. It was as it always had been. It was each man’s perspective combined with life experiences and understandings.

I like to think of perspective as parallel to my understanding of truth. Each is on a continuum. But, the continuum isn’t linear. It’s a spiral. The spiral holds all truth and all perspective. And it is One spiral.

So, you and I can both be “right” even if we disagree. I know. The brain doesn’t like that – until you train it differently! Once you can accept a spiral approach to perspective and truth, it makes it easier to not judge others. It makes it easier to come to an amicable compromise when needed. It makes it easier to see and know the good that resides in every person – even if not outwardly visible.

To apply this to the every day, when you look at an issue in your life, are you evaluating it from the perspective of being immersed in the drama or particulars of it, or are you looking at it from a perspective that inquires of self what the message would be, what the learning might be? It makes for quite a different experience to zoom out so to speak and see a more comprehensive picture of an issue. Then, when you have the more broad perspective, zooming back in can be helpful with finding a resolution. When you stay within the drama, it can be challenging to see a way out. When that happens, we tend to default to self-protection which can present in a multitude of forms such as anger, deflection, blame, shame, and the like. You don’t need that. And, you don’t have to approach all issues within that.

Is perspective something that you grow into or can it be taught? I believe both are true. I believe that once you understand that a person’s perspective can be either limiting or expansive, you can choose which you will use. And, yes, there are gradients in between. Yet the more you expand your perception, the more comprehensive your truth of any situation.

Are you ready to stretch into expansion? Are you ready to stop the drama in your life? Are you ready to see not only the entire elephant but it’s life and family and history and importance to the whole? Are you ready to know how the elephant can teach you and change your life for the better? If so, just go. Try it. You’ll like it! And it becomes easier and easier the more you do it, in part, because the Law of Attraction plays in and less and less drama presents itself in your experience. Why? Because your thoughts and feelings have re-focused and the Universe responds. Win-win. And I’ll add in another win for good measure!

Perspective. It’s a good thing!


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Are You Running Your Own Show?

March 15, 2019

That’s right. Are you running your own show? Or, are you allowing expectations, cultural mores, social media, family, friends, or others to influence the choices you make in a way that makes you feel like you cannot be authentic to you?

Sometimes when things aren’t going right, it is important to go back to basics. One of the basics is to identify where you allow the undue influences of others to cause you to feel that you don’t have choice or that your choices are limited. You are a creator – whether consciously or not. You have limitless choices. Of course, you also experience the consequences of those choices. But, you get to make them.

Yet, sometimes it feels like expectations and patterns are way too influential to overcome. So, you choose, but you choose a path that you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise. And, you feel bad about it, but you deal with it. Bah humbug!

Let me give you a recent pop culture example. The Bachelor. Yes, that’s right. The entire drama filled saga has been all over the airways for some time now – to the delight of some and the horror of others. It is what it is. Anyway, the bachelor – Colton – decided to choose what his heart told him to do which was to go off the established show path to the end, where the presumption is that the boy gets the girl of his dreams and they marry. I know… a ridiculous format, but it works for the show and for some of the participants. That aside, he told one of the final three gals that he wanted it to be only her at the end and he was willing to “give up” the other two right then – before the end of the show. This one gal had decided to break up with him because she felt she couldn’t meet the end expectation of a proposal and marriage. Colton told her she could take as much time as she wanted after the show to date and to explore their compatibility. After a lot of drama, it worked out. It didn’t fit the show’s expectation, other than drama. But it worked for both the main players and they are now exploring their future. They chose the road less traveled. They followed what they thought was the best way to go for them and not what was expected. They knew there would be backlash from social media, but chose to go the way that was personally best anyway. They were running their own respective shows. How refreshing!

So, are you running your show? I hope so. Just do a spot check and make sure you are the creator, director, producer, actor/actress, and audience.


That’s a big role but you can do it! And, it will bring you such joy and satisfaction. It will also spur your creativity to greater and greater heights. You will feel confident in you. And from that only more good will come.

Happy creating!

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