July 4th Message

July 3, 2017

As you celebrate Independence Day for our country (those in the U.S. and your own version wherever you are), take a moment to celebrate your own personal independence.


Where have you:
 improved your health
 tamed addiction
 given a furry one a forever home
 helped someone in need just because you could
 reached out to someone
 overcome your fears
 decided to have positive thoughts instead of negative ones
 taken charge of the direction of your life
 released old burdens and trauma
 decided to kick drama to the curb
 decided to be kind and considerate and compassionate
 forgiven yourself

These are just a few examples of things to celebrate about you on Independence Day – and every single day! Give yourself a pat on the back, a high-five, a “Woohoo!”, or whatever makes you happy. You deserve to take ownership of your accomplishments and celebrate your continual liberation from whatever keeps you limited.

We all want to be unconditionally loved. We all want to know and feel safe. We all want to know there is always more than enough for everyone. We all want to enjoy life and all it has to offer. Every time you take a positive step toward personal independence and personal authenticity – i.e. being and presenting who you really are and how you really feel instead of hiding behind a façade of you – you bring yourself closer to independence. You bring yourself in line with your higher self and soul and your own Divinity. You bring yourself more in tune with your ability to create your reality moment to moment. Think about that! And, think about how much progress toward that, consciously or not, you have made. Celebrate! Celebrate you! You deserve it.

And, as you continue to become consciously aware of your forward journey to independence and authenticity, gratitude will automatically flow from you and you will again be rewarded with like energy from the Universe. Happy, happy, happy! What a great thing!

So, wherever you are and whenever you celebrate as a group, use that as a reminder to celebrate you! See the blaze of your own personal fireworks and the celebratory parade and band all in your honor. Envision yourself and every person you know doing the same for in doing so, you hold the energetic space of positive change for all of us. That is a beautiful gift of spirit that you offer and it should be celebrated too!

Happy Independence Day every single day! You rock and you should know it! I do and I celebrate you!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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Holding Space or the Path Less Traveled

June 23, 2017

Today, I got some great news! A friend of mine wanted a new living space and had found the one she wanted. However, someone else had already reserved it. My friend, instead of feeling defeated and in despair, chose to “hold space for completion”. Awesome!

For a long time, I would hear folks in the spiritual community talk about holding space. But I never found even one who could explain it to me in a way that I could understand. Then one day POOF! I had my own personalized understanding.

To me, holding space means you have a desire. You make your desire known to the Universe. There appears to be some obstacle in the way of having your desire. So, after making your desire known, you let it go. Every time it comes into your awareness (if it even does), you know and feel and accept that everything is going to be OK. You don’t worry about it, try to manipulate it, pray about it, or anything other than knowing, feeling, and accepting that everything will be OK.

In doing this, you are telling the Universe that you trust in the best for all concerned. You are saying that you understand that there are factors, perhaps unknown to you, that might account for the apparent obstacle and you are saying that you trust that whatever happens, even given your desire, you will be OK with it and not judge it, harbor a grudge about it, let it “mess with your head”, lose sleep over it, or let it get you down. Everything is always OK in one way or another – even if we don’t always know the particulars of that. You are saying to the Universe that, if it is best for all concerned – because holding space honors the choices and the best for all – this is your desire, but you release it to Source for resolution and completion.

And, woohoo!, it worked out for my friend. She chose a path often less traveled and it worked. And what does that do? It reinforces for her, and all who know of how she handled this, that there is an easier and better way to get exactly what is best. It engages new neural pathways and strengthens them so that next time she will be more likely to engage in the same pattern of behavior and thought. And, it teaches others how it can be. She rocks! My heart is so happy! She gets what she desires without impeding the free will and choice of anyone else. On some level, they agreed. How awesome!


Be on the lookout for other situations where someone takes this path less traveled. Together, let’s make this the path we all travel! We all rock! We can do this! Let’s get it done! Let’s allow this to be our “new” way to create and manifest!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

P.S. To my amazing friend, you know who you are and I salute you. Awesomeness!

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