Re-Train Your Brain

January 19, 2010

What if you could re-train your brain to seek out joy; to recognize the everyday miracles; to find creative ways for you to enjoy every moment of every day no matter what comes your way?  Would you want to do it?  I bet you would!  And, it’s possible.

For the past few days, my posts have had a focus on distance healing with the hope that readers would find something useful to help them as they send distance healing to Haiti.  As I watch the news (yes, I still do) and the stories about Haiti, I see hope.  I see wonderful stories.  I see amazing acts of kindness and love.  What do you see?

Did you see the story of the man who has a home for former “slave” children in Haiti?  He nursed a visiting U.S. citizen back to health some time ago.  When that citizen saw the Haitian he knew was badly injured, he flew to Haiti and scooped him up and flew him to the U.S. for treatment.  Did you see the young girl who, when asked if she wanted to leave Haiti, said “no” she wanted to stay to make it better?  Did you see the even younger boy who was helping an older woman take her medicine?  Did you notice the people who were helping others they didn’t even know?  If you didn’t, perhaps you should re-train your brain.  For me, that was our healing and prayers in action.  What was it for you?

If you’d like some assistance with re-training your brain, please visit our Friends Connect community. Look for today’s post.  We’d love to have you join.

May you find the everyday miracles everywhere you turn – today and always,

Theta Healing Connect

Ethics in Distance Healing

January 18, 2010

Ethics in healing?  You bet!  Energy healing is a very sacred method of connecting with others.  It is a gift to you from Spirit and with that gift comes the responsibility to use it with integrity and honor.

When you have someone right in front of you, it is easy to remember to ask his/her permission for change and healing.  It may, however, not be in the forefront of your thinking when sending distance healing.  You must remember that it is most likely impossible to have all the facts about a person and what he or she needs.  Even if you ask Creator to show you, the complexity of lifetimes of layers of relationships and obligations and experiences would probably be an amazing accomplishment for your brain to absorb.  More likely, Creator would show you the bottom belief that they need cleared and a “synopsis” of why that belief came to be in their experience.

As a healer, you do not have the right to decide for anyone what they need in the way of a healing and/or in belief changes and “downloads” (a term used for feelings and information given from Source directly to the person needing a healing).  Remember that.  It’s important – very important.  You may know the person and think you know what’s best.  But, they may be getting immeasurable teachings and learning opportunities from their present situation.  Would you deny them that?  Do you have the right to?  No.

You do have the right to love them and send them love.  You do have the right to connect with the Creator of All There Is and ask the Creator to send them a healing for their “highest and best good and to the level that they can and will accept”.  This leaves Creator in charge, as it should be.  You then watch the healing happen.

If you send a more “detailed” healing specifying what you think should heal and how, their higher self probably won’t accept it anyway.  Your subconscious mind is hardwired to protect you.  If your brain doesn’t know what is happening or why or by whom, it will usually “just say no”.  This is a practically automatic response to keep you safe.  And, you then have to deal with the consequences of trying to “force your will” upon another.  Would you want that in your energy field?  I think not.  I trust not!

So, remember what Spidey said 🙂 “with great power comes great responsibility”.

With light and love and peace,

Theta Healing Connect

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