Are You Sustainable?

April 24, 2010

Are your underlying beliefs and feelings supporting you in such a way that you are happy, whole, and complete?  Are they supporting you in such a way that you will continue to grow in peace and compassion and love, enjoying the whole process?  Or, do you feel like you are often on the edge of what you can stand, on the edge of what you can cope with? Do you feel like life is running you?

Earth in Flowers Personal sustainability is important. Your experiences build upon one another. Your beliefs build upon one another. Your feelings do the same. What are you building? Is it a structure that will support you, nurture you, protect you, encourage you, and allow you to blossom and shine?  If not, why use your beautiful creative energy to build it?

If you find it difficult to forgive, difficult to cope, difficult to fit in, difficult to anything… perhaps it is time to explore your underlying beliefs and feelings.  Perhaps it is time to check whether they sustain you or diminish and limit you.  How do you do that you ask?  There are a number of ways but the way I’ve found to be most effective with rapid results is by using ThetaHealing™.

ThetaHealing™ is a type of energetic healing but with a wonderful twist.  ThetaHealing™ offers you a way to uncover your core beliefs – the bottom beliefs upon which all the others rest.  If life isn’t serving and supporting and sustaining you, there is a bottom belief (at least one) that should be cleared and replaced with one that will.  ThetaHealing™ offers a technique to get to those core beliefs – some of which, I guarantee, you would not believe you have.  We have many beliefs that we developed in childhood, using a child’s point of view.  For example, say that as a child, you noticed that your successful working parents fought at home.  As a child, you might conclude that if you are successful at work, you cannot have a happy home life.  Consequently, as you grow up, you sabotage all your efforts to succeed at work because you want the happy home life.  All this happens subconsciously.  You probably wouldn’t realize that you had such a belief.  But, you can see how this would impact your life and your experiences very directly.  ThetaHealing™ can find those beliefs and change them.

So do I have your attention yet?  Have you started to think about the areas of your life that are not sustainable?  Are you beginning to have hope that there is a way to change that?  If so, find a ThetaHealer® that you trust and can relate to and begin the amazing process of changing those beliefs that do not serve you and generating beliefs that will.  In doing so, you live a sustainable life that will support you as you create and attract your every dream.

Sustainably yours :),

Theta Healing Connect

You Rock!

April 22, 2010

You rock!  I rock! Everyone rocks!  We are all incredible beings.  We all have the gift of life which is incredible just by itself.  But, within that, we also have the capacity for amazing greatness.  We have the capacity for unconditional love, creativity, passion, joy, compassion, understanding – and the list goes on.

Do you tap into that moment-to-moment throughout your day?  Do you remember that you are an incredible Divine being?  Do you remember that you are capable of designing your life and your experience?  Do you know with certainty that “you rock!”?

If you aren’t feeling the love right now, check into that.  Look at all the good in your life.  Notice the small daily miracles in your life.  Having trouble with that?  Start with “I am breathing the breath of life today.”  Then, “I am able to think today.”  Still again, “I am able to see the sky today.”  You don’t need to have grandeur every moment.  If you need to, start small.  If you do that, each day it will become easier and easier to notice those things that are good and miraculous in your life.  And, your life will begin to change.

Would you like to have the download of:

  • I rock!
  • I know what it feels like to rock!
  • I deserve to rock!
  • I am serving others when I rock!
  • It is possible to live my life and know I rock!
  • I can see the same in others.
  • I know how to see the same in others.
  • I know how to value this in myself and others.
  • Life rocks!

If you would like to try ThetaHealing™ and accept these gifts, say “yes” now and they will flow into your energy field and into your consciousness.  See if your life doesn’t seem brighter and more full of potential.  When people rock, they know they are capable of great things.  And, they step up and follow through.

You rock!

In gratitude for each of you and your “rockability”!

Theta Healing Connect

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