The Majesty of Your Place in the World

June 28, 2010

As I was walking from the garden to my house this morning, I took the exact same path that I have millions of times before.  It is under the canopy of 100+ year old oak and ash trees.  I looked up and suddenly had a very different take on the majesty and size of the trees.  These magnificent trees are at least twice as high as our home which has an upstairs.

As I looked up, my perspective on that height showed me how very small I was in comparison.  However, that wasn’t a bad thing.  I didn’t feel small.  I felt powerful and honored to be in the presence of these beautiful giants holding such wisdom and grounded energy.  I felt equal but with different things to offer.

I think sometimes we look at the gifts of others and say “I’m not that good” or “I can’t do that” or whatever would be your take.  The truth, however, is that you are equal and every bit as able to offer some gift equal to or even more than that you used to compare.  Think about it.  You are equal but perhaps with different gifts.  Equally valuable.  Perhaps a different audience… Perhaps a different venue… But that is perfectly fine!

Would you like to know Creator’s truth on that?  Would you like your truth to be Creator’s truth?  Would you like to know what it feels like to live your life knowing and accepting and believing and acting on Creator’s truth about it all?  If so 🙂 say “yes” and allow Creator’s gift of love and truth to flow to you.  In return, watch where you compare yourself as less than and change it!  That will be my gift and energy exchange as the facilitator of this energy healing.

May you drink in the majesty of all things and shine your Divinity to others…

Theta Healing Connect

Your Intentions as a Healer

June 24, 2010

In ThetaHealing™ we know how important intentions are in every area of  life.  That also includes a healer’s intentions related to energetic healing. What you believe, what you intend, is what you attract.

With the economic downturn some healers, whether ThetaHealers™ or other types of energy healers, have experienced a decline in business. They look at the economy and determine that it isn’t their fault that business isn’t as good as it was before the decline.  Yet others, of comparable abilities, have plenty of business.  What’s the difference?  The difference is intent.

If you sincerely want to help people, if that is what is in your heart and what you radiate, you will continue to attract people who need your services.  In difficult economic times, people prioritize.  They find money for what they need and want.  And, as financial stress impacts them on every level, many will become physically and emotionally sick.  Healing will become a priority.  Healers who love people and sincerely want to help them will shine like beacons of light on a dark stormy night.  People will flock to them for healing, reassurance, hope, and unconditional love.  These healers understand the human condition and human tendencies in stressful and uncertain times.  They send out unconditional love and compassion through their energy field without even trying.  It is just who they are.  It would never occur to them to either take advantage of people during such a time or to devalue what they do.

Healing requires an energetic exchange.  That can be money or a variety of things, but there must be an exchange.  The successful healers work with people where they are in life and circumstance.  Sometimes that means providing service for the exchange of a promise; but, often it is for the accepted exchange of money done with respect and dignity.  It is done honoring the path of the client and what they experienced to be able to come in for a healing.  Energetically, that transfers to the client before the healing even takes place.  What a gift that is! And what a gift to be able to provide that!

So, if your business is not what you think it should be right now, take a good look at your intentions.  Take a good look at your beliefs related to abundance, truly caring what happens to people, truly wanting to help others…

Here are a few downloads to help you get started:

  • I know how to love all people unconditionally.
  • I know what it feels like to love all people unconditionally.
  • I trust that good abundance flows to me with grace and ease.
  • I trust all my needs will be met.
  • I know how to trust the Creator of All There Is.
  • I know what it feels like to trust the Creator of All There Is.
  • I know how to open my heart with compassion.
  • I know what it feels like to open my heart with compassion.
  • I know who I am.
  • I like who I am.
  • I support who I am.
  • I know how to identify my own beliefs.
  • I am ready to identify and heal my own beliefs.
  • It is safe to identify and heal my own beliefs.
  • I am worthy of being able to identify and heal my own beliefs.
  • I know what energetic exchange to accept from each client.
  • I know what it feels like to be able to know what energetic exchange to accept from each client.
  • I know my reality is directed by my intent.
  • I know how to identify my true intent.

If you would like this “starter pack” of downloads for good abundance and pure intent, say “yes” now to allow the flow of Divine understanding and teaching to enter every cell of your body infused with unconditional love and light.

To be a really successful ThetaHealer™ or energy healer, it is critical that you know yourself.  It is critical that your intentions be aligned with the highest and best that you can offer.  And, you will find as you set that intention, that all your intentions fall into alignment with the Divine.  You will find that just being you is enough.  It always has been and always will be.  You just need to uncover that Divine spark that is the real you and let it shine through as that beacon of welcoming light on that stormy night…

Welcoming you to the joys of ThetaHealing™…

Theta Healing Connect

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