Can You Trust ThetaHealing?

July 20, 2010

Can you trust any non-Western non-traditional healing technique? When you read an opinion about something or hear a news report, what thought process do you use? Are you automatically suspicious? Are they wrong until proven right? Or, are they right until proven wrong? How do you evaluate and filter all the information, all the opinions, all the hype, all the excitement, all the judgments that are thrown out for anyone to take on?

I’m a fairly left-brain type thinker. I don’t tend to be suspicious, but I do tend to want to have information validated by usual and traditionally accepted means. When you look at a lot of the healing arts, that can be problematic. However, luckily for me, science has begun to come to the rescue!

For years, as a seeker of “enlightenment”, of something more, of the real meaning for my life, I looked to the esoteric and spiritual for answers. I was tired of the limits and boundaries and competitiveness of organized religion. I could see the disparity between what individuals presented on Sunday versus how they treated people and acted the other days of the week. I wanted something different. So, I began to read and take classes in the healing arts and esoteric studies. My background in psychology helped me to view the presentations of these techniques with an open but, I think, reasoned perspective. What I didn’t like was that, if a technique didn’t work for me it was somehow my fault – I wasn’t ready for it, I wouldn’t accept it, me me me… You can imagine how well that went over! But, what were my options? I felt I had to keep looking.

When I found ThetaHealing™, I had not changed my mind on how to view any of the healing arts – take what works and leave the rest behind! I do not believe in putting people on pedestals. I believe each of us has gifts to share that are of value. And, I wanted to see some evidence of legitimacy in the scientific world to validate the claims of the teachings. I found that as I learned the technique, it was very effective for me. However, there were still some doubts I had since if it didn’t work, it was still because of me. Yet, the lure of the success I was able to achieve immediately was undeniable. So, I continued on.

As I learned more and practiced, my connection to the theta brainwave state became stronger. My intuition grew by leaps and bounds. And, I was witness to miracles – some small, some incredible in their magnitude. How could I deny that? I began to read books by acclaimed scientists that gave technical validation to why ThetaHealing™ (and other healing arts) work. I read books by a variety of mystics and sages from recent to ancient times. In each one, I was able to see corollaries and collaborating themes. It was so exciting!

Do I put Vianna Stibal, the founder, on a pedestal? No. Do I blindly follow the teachings of ThetaHealing™? No. Do I think ThetaHealing™ works? Yes. Do I think ThetaHealing™ is a good healing art for me? Absolutely! In looking at a variety of healing arts theories and information, ThetaHealing™ draws from a number of both ancient and recent teachings and channelings. The difference, in my opinion, is the belief work and digging work. ThetaHealing™ provides you with the base information and then provides you with a workable roadmap on how to actually do something with the information – quickly and easily and effectively. You can see change right away. And, if the core beliefs have been uncovered, you can see long-lasting and permanent change which is usually what you want. Right?

So, do I trust ThetaHealing™? You bet. Should you? I don’t know. That is something each person needs to evaluate for his or her self. Try it, study it, and trust yourself.

Leaf and Reflected Earth You know what is best for you. There are many paths to healing and wholeness. I like this one. You may resonate and prefer another. And, you know what? That’s perfect! It’s just as it should be.

Don’t be afraid to explore things you don’t know and can’t see. Just do it with an open mind and discernment and you’ll make the right decision for you and you may find an incredible doorway to new experiences and new ways of seeing the life you now live.

And about it all being about me, my fault… Using ThetaHealing™ I have come to understand that my beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, directly impact my reality.  Is that “my fault”?  I think no.  However, once I am aware of this is it my responsibility?  I think yes.

Where do I go from here?  I monitor my thoughts.  I find limiting and judgmental and harmful subconscious and conscious beliefs (obviously many unknown to me!) and pull them and replace them with ones that serve my highest good.  There is a huge difference between being responsible for something and being at fault, which often leads to guilt and issues of low self-esteem.  I want no part of that.  And, I don’t have to.  I now have the tools to make life-changing adjustments to my beliefs and guide and direct what I experience – all non-invasive, all non-threatening, all without having to re-live past events.   It is a beautiful and gentle, sometimes subtle yet sometimes not, method of reaching your full potential in this lifetime, guided by the Divine life force that flows through all of us.  That’s my take on it.  It could work for you if you are willing to try yet one more thing.  My educated hunch is that you may feel like you are coming home.

With blessings of proper discernment and clear thinking,

Theta Healing Connect

So You Want to be a Healer…

July 18, 2010

As you explore the nature of energy and the capacity of energy to heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual maladies, you may find a desire emerging to become a “healer”.  You may think that helping others is what you came here to do.  And, you may be starting to think that being in the energy and using the energy all day would be the best “job” in the world.

You might be right.  But, you might want to really explore your motivations.  What are your top three reasons to become a healer?  If unconditional love of other people no matter how they present isn’t the top one (yes, automatically with not a moment’s thought), then you have work to do before you start.

There are many ways to connect to energy for healing.  Some are better than others.  In ThetaHealing™, you learn to connect to the energy that runs through all life, the Source energy.  Even with ThetaHealing™ there are levels of connection.  Usually, your level of connection depends on your clarity of purpose or intent, emotional clarity, and clarity of soul.

What does that mean?  It means that the more you clear your limiting beliefs, your judgmental beliefs, your unregulated thoughts, the more the channel to the Divine opens for you.  As you begin to live your life honoring yourself and all life, without selfishness, greed, judgment, resentment, regret, and fear you open the energy pathways within your body and your energy field.  You become more able to allow in the exquisite Divine energy of All There Is.  As you do this, your intuitive senses open and sharpen.  You become aware of people – their behaviors, their prejudices, their sorrows, their judgments and fears.  You begin to connect physical and emotional issues with these behaviors.  And, you become a more clear and perfect channel for the energy of the Divine to flow through you to another for the purpose of lifting negative and limiting thoughts and actions into the light, transforming the darkness of them into pure light and healing capacity.  That is what a healing does – it transforms darkness – prejudices, judgments, limits, fears, and such into the light of God’s Divine presence.  It is the merging of the physical with the spiritual, the physical with the Divine.  And, in that moment, healing happens.  Miracles occur.  You are the facilitator; God is the healer.

So, you want to be a healer…  I would say that you will never be one in the most pure sense of the word.  You can, however, be an amazing fantastic awesome healing facilitator – if you clear your limiting beliefs and open to accepting whatever the Divine offers.  In ThetaHealing™, we know to not become attached to the outcome of a healing.  The person’s illness may be serving them.  They may not want to heal even though everyone around them wants them to.  They may not even admit this to themselves.  But, that is where you can help.  Once a person can understand how a condition serves them, he or she can make an informed choice to heal or not.  That is the origination point of a healing.  Choice.

You see, a “healer” really only has a part to play in the process of a healing session.  The person and God have the lead roles.  You observe, discuss, use your training in the healing arts, and facilitate.  You do not have the final say.

And let’s be clear.  The “healer” who builds the energy up within him or her self and then gives the client all they’ve got isn’t laying out the framework for a positive permanent outcome.  The client may or may not feel the energy and may or may not enjoy the feel of it.  But, if the root cause – the underlying belief(s)- are not uncovered the person may not heal.  That’s where a healer can shine, especially a trained ThetaHealer®.  ThetaHealing™ is all about finding limiting beliefs and beliefs that no longer serve.  To be able to help a person see what is causing their malady and to then be able to clear it for them is beauty in action.  That’s being a “healer” in the best sense of the word.

Consider all this if you think you want to be a healer. Will you be happy to allow God to do the healing no matter what the outcome? Are you willing to work on yourself – the deepest levels of your being – first? Are you willing to learn how to uncover the root causes of dis-ease and help people connect the dots between their thoughts and emotions and their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reality? If so, congratulations! We need you.

Blessings of healing light and unconditional love,

Theta Healing Connect

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