What is Life? Do You Have the Proper Perspective?

August 12, 2010

As you begin to understand the depth and influence of your thoughts, it becomes important that you understand the meaning of key concepts.  However, if your understandings and those of the Divine Universal Life Force are different, imagine the confusion that can happen as you create what you experience.  ThetaHealing™ can help!

In ThetaHealing™, the connection through the theta brainwave state to the Divine allows for clarity and truth to surface past environmental teachings, cultural traditions, and ancestral influences.  It allows you to align your thinking and understandings with Divine truth and perspective.  You then begin to weigh apples to apples.  As this happens, your ability to manifest and attract what you want in life becomes easier and more straightforward.

If you would like to experience this for yourself, read the statements below and say “yes” for each one that you would like to adjust and align your understanding and truth with the Divine, the creative force of the Universe.  Then allow the flow of energy to direct that alignment.  That’s all there is to it.

  • I understand the meaning of human life from the perspective of the Creator.
  • I understand how to have a meaningful life from the perspective of the Creator.
  • I understand how to have the best life possible from the perspective of the Creator.
  • I know what it feels like to have the Creator’s perspective.
  • I am worthy of having Creator’s perspective.
  • It is possible to have Creator’s perspective.
  • I am willing to accept Creator’s perspective.
  • And I do all this now, in this moment.

As you go about your day and week and life, notice what is around you.  Notice what a spectacular gift life is and notice how you can offer gratitude by your actions and thoughts.  Be connected to the Divine.  Stay connected to the Divine.  And watch your life change…  for the better!

In light and love and Theta blessings,

Theta Healing Connect


Theta Healing Basic Certification Class and Beliefs Workshop

August 10, 2010
Treasure Chest

Money, Wealth, Success, and Personal Power Beliefs Workshop

a Workshop to Clear Hundreds of Limiting and Destructive Beliefs and Provide You With a Foundation for Success and Manifesting, including a short Introduction to ThetaHealing™

August 22, 2010
Research Triangle Park
North Carolina

Come join us for an economical “beliefs workshop” dedicated to showing you how much your beliefs impact your reality, and setting you up with a foundation for success and good abundance in your life.

Thinking about taking a ThetaHealing™ class but not sure if you can afford it? Try this workshop and see the pieces fall into place for you to attend. Unhappy with your job and what you are paid for the work you do? Try this workshop and watch how your life will change. Not attracting clients to your business? Consider that your beliefs and the energetic implications of those beliefs may be keeping them away.

I will facilitate the changing of hundreds of beliefs related to money, wealth, success, and personal power. These four things are intimately tied together through beliefs. Find out what beliefs you have bought into through the media. Find out how childhood interpretations of events impact you even today. Look at how cultural and religious influences impact what you believe. We will quickly and easily clear the limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs – all with your permission. What have you got to lose? Or, perhaps the better question would be, what do you have to gain?

Come join us for 2.5 hours of transformation all for a minimal investment. This investment will show you the power of ThetaHealing™ and the power of your beliefs. It is not about teaching you how to do ThetaHealing™; it is about showing you how your life can change using the ThetaHealing™ technique.

The workshop will be held August 22, 2010 from 2 – 4:30 pm in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. To register and find out more, visit Theta Healing Connect.

Theta Healing Basic Certification Class

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

September 10-12, 2010

ThetaHealing™ is an energy healing technique that works on four levels (core, genetic, history, and soul) to identify conscious and subconscious beliefs that are constantly creating the reality you experience.  Learn how to have happiness, health, and good abundance flowing to and through you in every moment.  Increase your intuition, increase your ability to heal yourself and others, increase the joy you feel in your heart. Learn to direct your life instead of reacting to life.  Join us for over 20 hours of learning and practice in a safe and loving setting with people who are also seeking and learning and expanding in consciousness.

Decide to change your life today. ThetaHealing™ takes the wisdom of the ages, what has been taught for centuries, and gives you a practical and achievable roadmap to success and everyday miracles. Anyone can learn this technique. ThetaHealing™ is compatible with other healing techniques and does not conflict with religious teachings.  All are welcome to learn and enjoy. Looking forward to connecting with you!  More information

Come join us on this adventure of spiritual and life exploration.

Blessings of light and love and learning,

Theta Healing Connect

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