You Are The Reality That You Seek

You are the reality you seek.

You look around and find fault. Yet, you are the co-creator of what you see.

You and the Creator create and manifest your life. Your thoughts and beliefs set up your unique vibration. Your unique vibration attracts like vibrations.

If what you project is not what you want, change your thoughts and beliefs to reflect what you want.

Scientists tell us that your brain cannot differentiate between your thoughts and your imagination.  If you can’t feel what you’d like in your life, imagine it.  Imagine it as if it were real.  And continue to imagine it until it becomes your reality.  It sounds a bit crazy, I know.  But, isn’t it worth a try?  If nothing else, you will begin to have a better outlook and mood.  But, I’ll bet you will start to see changes.  As your mood changes, your outlook changes.  As your outlook changes, your vibration changes.  As your vibration changes, what you attract changes.  So, you see, you really are the reality you seek.

So simple.  So easy. So effective.

Wishing you the thoughts and vibrations of your most wonderful dreams,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday miracles

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