Do You Want to Change or Do You Want to be Fixed?

October 26, 2010

ThetaHealing™ changes.  Fixes are best left to other methods of healing.

When we go to the doctor, we expect a “fix”.  We expect a quick resolution to our issue, no matter what form that takes.  That often carries over when people arrange a session with an energy healer.  They want to be fixed.  They want to come in, have the healer do something as they relax as best they can, and then they expect/want to leave feeling much better than when they came in.

There are many energy modalities that work well with that mindset.  For example, if you go in for a Reiki session, you will have about an hour of relaxation laying down on a comfortable table while the practitioner works to open the energy channels within the body.  Typically, after a session, the person will feel a difference and often it really makes them feel better.  The question is, “how long does it last?”.  It can be permanent.  Unfortunately though, many times the belief that caused the issue in the first place is never addressed.  And, just so you know, I am a Reiki Master and Teacher so I believe in the Reiki energy work and its strength and benefits.

You see, your thoughts, your beliefs create and impact your experiences.  This is science, not the musings of an energy healer.  So, if you go in and have the issue worked on and not the bottom belief, what have you done?  You’ve put a band-aid on it; that’s what you’ve done.  Now again, granted, sometimes a band-aid is all that is needed.  But, most of the time it is not.

That’s where ThetaHealing™ can really make a difference.  ThetaHealing™ helps you change the belief that is causing you the issue.  During the process, interlocking beliefs are also uncovered.  Each of these can be tested to see if they are serving you in the best way or not.  If not, those beliefs can be changed and you can decide with guidance from the ThetaHealer®, replacement beliefs that will serve you.  When healing is done in this way, the issue is changed rather than fixed.  Changing beliefs is a more wholistic approach to healing.

Now, don’t misunderstand… an easy case can be made for almost all energy healing modalities.  Some people don’t want to change.  The beliefs they have are serving them in some way.  And, that’s their choice and it is OK.  For them, having some relief from their ailments is just what they need.  ThetaHealing™ can do that too – offer an energetic healing without the next step of uncovering limiting and unhelpful beliefs.  However, since ThetaHealers® have had experience in the powerful healing that occurs with belief work, they encourage people to give belief work a try.  It is painless.  It is quick.  It is powerful.  There is no need to re-live past tragedies, hurts, and/or injustices.  That is the beauty of the process – that and how quick and powerful it is.

So, before you decide on the type energy healing you want and need, decide if you want change or a fix.  That will help guide you to the right modality and the right healer.   If you want change, choose ThetaHealing™ and get ready to make beautiful strides toward the life you want, the one you choose and design.

Happy Theta exploration!

In light and love and Theta joy,

Theta Healing Connect
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Meditation for Healing Mass Consciousness- Re-Visiting

October 10, 2010
It has been six months since I posted my meditation for healing mass consciousness. Given all that is happening in the world and the speed at which it is happening, it feels important to re-visit this meditation. It is very beautiful and was gifted to me by Spirit after the earthquakes in Haiti. 

Here is a link to the original post. I hope you will take a look and try the beautiful meditation. It only takes a few minutes but it could change lives for the better.

Earth in Flowers

We’re all in this together.  Let’s help each other out – each in our own unique and wonderful way.  What suits you best?

Blessings of peace on earth, goodwill towards all…

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

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