November 24, 2010

Thankfulness should be incorporated into every moment of your day.  Thankfulness shouldn’t be something that you have to think about or have an occasion to notice.  Thankfulness should be innate, intuitive, a part of how you express yourself in each moment…  Why?  Because when you live in a state of gratitude, you are training your brain that life is good, that people are good, that there is good abundance flowing to you from every direction, and that you are open to it all.  When your brain is trained in this manner, it begins to seek ways to verify the experience.  When it verifies it enough, it then becomes a subconscious program.  So, how do you think your life would change if your subconscious mind believed that life is good and abundant – that your life is good and abundant?

Your subconscious beliefs are powerful.  If your subconscious holds powerful positive beliefs, they will be built upon every time the brain encounters a situation that verifies such a belief.  This influences how you perceive the world, how you think about things, and how you evaluate things.  Since your thoughts set the stage for your future experiences, having powerful positive thoughts and beliefs will serve you very well.  You will begin to attract the positive – positive people, positive experiences, good abundance.  You will not only think in terms of thankfulness and gratitude but you will feel it in your heart.  Compassion for others will become commonplace.  You will come to understand that every misdeed, every selfish action originates from fear.  When you understand that, you understand that judgment is not what will best fit the situation and you will tend to make other choices that keep you in alignment with thankfulness and gratitude.  This is the cycle of life that you want.  This is the pathway to joy and harmony and balance.

I wish for you the energy of thankfulness and gratitude, not only for Thanksgiving day but also for every moment of every day.  Allow this small action to build for you huge rewards of spirit in the every-day occurrences of life.

Happy Every Day!

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ThetaHealing Student Offers Life Lesson To All

November 12, 2010

I have been blessed with the most amazing ThetaHealing® students.  🙂

As any Theta teacher will tell you, the teacher learns as much from the students as they learn from him or her.  But, in this series of classes (Basic, Advanced, and Manifesting), I had a student offer a beautiful life lesson in how to best use the ThetaHealing® technique in our everyday lives and especially in times of crisis.

Formerly Lost Dog I like to check in with my students before each class to see what’s going on and to make sure they are feeling comfortable with all their new integrations. When I contacted one student after the Basic class, she told me her dog – a purebred Sheltie – had run away. To her credit and my joy, she had already been doing belief work.

It was almost time for our Advanced class to begin.  Another student has quite a connection with four-legged angels and quite a love for people.  We asked her to work with us to manifest the return of her dog.  All of us asked Creator about him.  All of us received an understanding that he was scared, anxious, but OK and was with someone.

In class, we put him in our healing circle and we put the person(s) who we felt had him in the circle.  We also discussed manifesting techniques for the student to practice.  She envisioned him laying on his bed, eating his food, playing with her, etc….  She also took steps to connect with her community through email listserves, putting an ad in the paper, and following up on leads.  Still no word…

Yet, she kept visualizing and held the certainty of his safe return.  Though she had moments, as anyone would, she didn’t dwell in sadness, poor me mentality, depression, anger, or blame.  She kept her focus forward-looking and positive.

Yesterday, we got the good news that he was home and happy!  All of us were overcome with joy!  As the other student said, “Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance!”.  She couldn’t have expressed our feelings any better.

So, what did we learn here?

  • Ask Creator first.
  • Use ThetaHealing® manifesting techniques.  Visualize what will happen after what you want occurs.
  • Keep positive.
  • Allow negative feelings but don’t keep them.  Acknowledge them and ask Creator to help you release them.
  • Take proactive measures in your daily life to move the energy forward.
  • Pray.
  • Ask others for help.
  • Allow Divine Timing to occur.  Be patient.  Allow the changing of the energy to occur in the highest and best way and with perfect timing.
  • Trust that what you want to happen will happen.
  • Continue to work on associated beliefs throughout.  You may often find that the beliefs that brought the situation to you are on the History and Genetic levels.  Clear them and teach yourself how to live without them.
  • Don’t blame.  See this as an opportunity to clear some deep beliefs, quickly and wholistically.
  • Don’t judge yourself.  You didn’t do anything wrong to attract this.  It just is.  Beliefs create your reality.  But, they may be the beliefs of your ancestors.  And, even if they are not, don’t judge.
  • Open your heart to the “highest and best” for you during this time.
  • Be in a state of gratitude – past, present, future

I am so very proud of both these students.  And, I am in awe of the amazing prototype for response given to us for crisis and emotionally draining situations.  All of us will remember this student’s use of Theta techniques during her personal time of crisis.  I can trust that each of us – and you – will remember your Divinity and that Vianna has given us a roadmap to a healthy, productive, abundant, and glorious life right here and right now no matter what appears in our experience.  Remember to follow it.  Remember to follow the pathway set out by this amazing student as she dealt with her own very emotional crisis situation.  I am so very proud of her – and all ThetaHealing® students as they remember who and what they/we are.

Theta Rocks!

In awe and wonder and joy and gratitude,

P.S.    Feel free to leave your comments for the student.  I’ll make sure she receives them.  After all she’s been through, I’m sure she’d appreciate hearing from you…

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

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