The Case of the Cloudy Hottub Water or How My Hottub Became Enlightened

April 6, 2011

I have always been a fan of Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot.  I love a good mystery as long as it gets solved in the end.  And, I had my own mystery.

We have a hottub.   For the first time ever, I haven’t been able to keep the water clear.  We’ve had it for many years so I’m no novice regarding water management.  The water was changed out three months ago.  There are only two of us using it and nothing kinky has been going on.  Really!  So, I have been baffled as to why the water has been cloudy for three or four weeks.  Everything has been done as it should be done.

We had already decided that when the weather warmed up, as much as we didn’t want to, we would drain the hottub and refill it with fresh clear water.  All that precipitated by my refusal to get in… My husband, bless his heart, doesn’t really mind the cloudy water.  As long as it’s sanitized and I can assure him that nothing creepy is waiting for him in there, he is willing to forsake the clarity for the relaxation and warmth.  I’m not.  I think water is beautiful and the mystery was too nagging.

When my husband finished his time in the hottub last night, he commented on the water being clear and being impressed with whatever I had done to clear it.  I let him know that I hadn’t done anything and I had no idea why it had decided to clear up.

So, the plan continued to be that we would drain the hottub.  That is, until 4:12 this morning when I awoke having an “Eureka!” and “OMG!” moment.  I awoke knowing for certain that the mystery was solved!  It was prayer and healing energy!

I had participated in the worldwide call by Dr. Masaru Emoto for the healing of the waters of Japan.  That is… with my own adjustments to the prayer.  And, since that time I had regularly been sending prayers/healings to all waters – for they are all connected.  Well, my hottub is filled with water isn’t it?   I was sending a healing to ALL waters wasn’t I?  You do the math.  The prayer healed my cloudy hottub water! OMG!

As I lay there filled with wonder and awe and joy, another prayer and healing for the water flowed into my consciousness with an amazing addendum.  It went something like this:

To all the waters: we love you, we appreciate you, we send you gratitude, we send you love.   Creator of All There Is, we ask that you clear all negative energy from all waters, restoring all to perfect functioning and beauty and Light.  Waters, we love you, we appreciate you, we send you gratitude, we send you love.  Creator of All There Is, we ask that this clearing and healing include all waters anywhere, any place, any time and that it include all the water in our bodies and the water in all life.  For the highest and best in all, with grace and ease, harmony and balance.  Thank you Creator.  Thank you waters.  It is done.  And so it is.

As this prayer came into my consciousness, it was my intent that it would be done.  I could feel and see the water throughout my body change immediately.  I could see the crystalline structure expand into beautiful shapes.  I could feel the waters of the world change and heal.  I immediately put this prayer into 24/7/365 mode knowing that I will say it everyday regardless.  But, just like a computer anti-virus program, I like to have some things running in the background all the time.

Some of you will immediately begin to tweak and adjust this prayer.  That’s fine.  Some of you will want to add “We are sorry.” and “Please forgive us.” as per the prayer offered by Dr. Emoto.

I would ask you to first examine your true beliefs.  If you believe water has sentience such that it can understand that you messed it up, you are sorry, and that you ask it for forgiveness, wouldn’t you also believe that it would understand that it has the need for assistance and you are offering and that there are only so many ways it could have gotten into the current state of affairs? All without having to specify that you are the one at fault…

I mention this because it is my belief that all healings and prayers are more effective if stated in the positive.  All those who teach manifestation and the Law of Attraction mention this.  It has also been my experience.  Words have power. You want to use them wisely.

So, the case of the cloudy hottub water has been solved.  Yet, the implications of the water showing up as cloudy for all this time and everything that has led up to now is amazing.  I am still in awe.  I am still processing all this.  I am still and will continue to be in profound gratitude.  And, it brings with it such joy.  Think about it.  What does this mean in the big scheme of things?  There are lots of answers flowing to me!  What occurs to you?

As you pray, as you send healing and love, expand your vision.   Refuse to limit yourself.  Allow the Creator of All There Is to guide you.  Think of what you could and can and will accomplish.  That brings me great joy!  And wonder, and awe, and gratitude – and appreciation for all the mysteries that we can solve.  For it is my belief that there are no mysteries – just things we have yet to remember.

Yours in joy and the energy of mysteries solved and waters healed,

Theta Healing Connect
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With The Creator, There Is Always Enough

April 2, 2011

For many, it is difficult to see others facing devastation of the magnitude of the tsunami that impacted Japan.  It can be difficult to look at your own life and feel good about having so much.  Even the simple fact that they were in the impact path and you weren’t can be difficult to accept for it takes you to an inner exploration of the seeming randomness of life.

Instead, I offer a different view.  I challenge you to draw upon your inner strength and use your compassion in a positive way.  When you are aligned and balanced, you are able to help others so much more easily and effectively.  There is nothing wrong with you appreciating all your material gifts and gifts of Spirit at all times.  That energy of gratitude will help keep you balanced and will help keep the energy that you are sending out to be of a high vibration.  That, in turn, will open your energy pathways allowing you to more easily send and receive love and the gifts of Spirit.

The Creator of All There Is is limitless.  There is more than enough through the Creator.  You are not depriving another by claiming what you have.  Gratitude for what you have and claiming it helps bring you into harmony and balance.  So, use that energy of harmony and balance to connect to the Creator and send unconditional love, the energy of renewal, and the energy of hope to the people of Japan.   Put your focus on envisioning a thriving and healthy Japan.  For in doing so, you help to bring it into reality.

But, I am only one person you say… Let me help you understand how every effort makes a difference.  When you send a healing, the potential recipients have a choice.  Each decides whether to accept the energetic gift or not.  Each decides how much to accept.  You may think one person cannot possibly make a difference.  But, what if one person accepts just a small amount of the healing.  That opens the door to potentially accepting more when the next person sends a healing.  Each time the person accepts, it makes it easier to accept the next time and the next.  So you see, you do make a difference – every time.  When the recipient fully allows the energy of healing to flow in, miracles happen and total healing occurs.  Think how wonderful it is to be a part of that process – even if you never see the tangible results.

The earth and the animals also have free will and choice.  Send to them too.  All benefit, whether in a small or a large way.  Don’t get bogged down in mind games.  It is not uncharitable to appreciate all you have even during times of disaster.  Share in every way you are drawn to.  But, don’t berate yourself for having more or for your disaster impact not being equal.  Instead, give thanks that you are able to be balanced and aligned with the Divine during such a time and thus, be better positioned to send light, love, and healing energy and thoughts.  If you can donate financially as well, all the better.  The bottom line is keep your focus positive.  You can help the most with a vibration of compassion and love and hope for a wonderful future for those impacted.

Sending you harmony and balance in all things,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

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