Removing a Major Block to Abundance

May 20, 2011

Whether we know it or not, we are impacted by the energy held in the land where we live and work and play.  Land holds energy.  Just as our energies are connected, so too are we connected to the land and to all other life.  What impacts one will impact another.

Think back.  Have you ever walked onto a piece of land and just absolutely loved it?  Conversely, have you walked onto a piece of land and felt very uncomfortable?  Part of that may be spirits that still reside there.  But, there is also a part that is due to the energy that the land itself holds.  In places where battles have been fought, the land absorbs that pain and shock and trauma.  Places where people have died violently, places where people experienced the Great Depression and so much lack, places where there have been violent weather events, places where ugly things have happened – all carry the resonance of those events.  And, the more people who experienced the heaviness the more the land holds.

So, consider this…  If you live in an area where there has been lack – lack of any type – can you see where that would impact your ability to manifest abundance?  The energy of lack will be a part of your efforts whether you realize it or not.  The same with the energy of conflict or the energy of servitude.

If you live where there has always been peace, where people share burdens and help each other, where people live in harmony and balance with nature, that too is reflected in the energy of the land.

Not everyone wants to move from the location where they currently reside.   Yet, they may well want good abundance!  There is a way to work with this.  With ThetaHealing®, you can use the technique you learned to clear the land.  Clear it of ancestral and historical energies; clear it of the energies of conflict, lack, servitude, trauma, pain, drama, and anything else that you know needs to be lifted and cleared. Assist all spirits still residing on the land to go home to the Light.  Infuse the land with Divine unconditional love and light and joy and peace.  Ask that your energy then be harmonized and balanced with the new energy of the land. Ask that the balance continue.  This will dramatically enhance your capability to be successful with manifesting.  It will also help if you will clear your own energy before manifesting.  The more clear and light-filled your energy, the more successful you will be.

Additionally, you will find that plants will grow better, your animal friends will be more playful and happy, and life will just be better all around.  That may sound far-fetched to you but give it a try.  Those who understand ThetaHealing® will feel the truth of this.  If you don’t yet know about ThetaHealing®, find a healer and get assistance clearing your property.  You might also consider the Manifesting and Abundance class. I can vouch for the veracity of clearing the land before manifesting, from personal experience.  It works.  It’s easy to do.  And, it may well lead you to explore more ways in which to use ThetaHealing® in your daily life.

And just one more tip for today… always specify “good abundance”!  Abundance can come in many forms.  You can have an abundance of debt, and abundance of family drama, and so forth.  You want good abundance! That’s what I want for you too.

Blessings of good abundance and harmony with all,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

A Note for ThetaHealing Teachers and Practitioners: A Gift for Everyone

May 18, 2011

How often do we find in ThetaHealing® that people need to receive the Creator’s truth and understanding on love?  All the time, right?  ThetaHealing® teachers offer that in the very first Theta class.  Almost everyone needs it every time.  Why?

Young Girl and Dad Because we learn to relate to others and we learn our understanding of love from our connections to our family and our interactions with others and our cultural expectations. What we interpret those connections to be may or may not be in line with Divine truth.

So, in class, we download that truth from the Creator.

However, we still have those original beliefs. And, I can attest that some most certainly will conflict with Creator’s truth. For example, we say things like “Love is kind.” Yes, that’s a possible attribute of love. So what happens if you see a person not being kind? Your mind says that the action is not of love and, if your mind works like mine (subconsciously or not), it may extend that thinking to “that person is not of love”. Well now… From the perspective of the Creator, everyone is of love no matter what action they choose to do or not do. Hence the conflict. And what happens when there is conflict between beliefs? Dis-ease. Simple. Don’t even get me started on cultural works that say things like “Love is blind.”! Oh my!

Are you starting to see where I’m going with this?  It’s perfect to get Creator’s truth on love.  However, if you don’t also have Creator clear up the discrepancies between descriptions of love and love in its pure form (Creator’s truth), then you are setting yourself – or your students – up for a bumpy ride.

If you would like for Creator to clear that up for you and provide you with the appropriate teachings and feelings for your highest and best and with grace and ease, say “yes-clarity” now and allow the flow of Divine clarity to change that for you.  If you are reading this and you are not a ThetaHealer® but you would like Creator’s truth on love and the clarity as described above, just say “yes-love” and allow the flow of Divine insight and clarity to flow to you and through every cell of your body.  That’s all there is to it!  Really!

If you’re one of those people who like to really delve into it, check for beliefs such as ” I understand the difference between descriptions of love and Creator’s truth on love.”  “I know how to hold Creator’s truth on love when observing the behavior of others.”  If you still have these or similar beliefs after the above download, guess what your homework for today will be!  Yes, digging and more belief work.  But, I guarantee you that when it clears for you, you will feel such a release, such freedom, such lightness.  I never knew I needed this clarification.  It sure would have saved me some angst and confusion if I had discovered it more quickly.  So, I offer this insight to you in the hope that it will be meaningful to you and that it may save you some unnecessary grief.

Love is very simple and very complex.  It is amazing.  And, it is so affirming to know that within every person is the essence of Divine love, that it can grow, that we can remember that we are Divine, and that we can share this beautiful gift.  Live from your heart and joy will always be present.  Live from your heart and you will know love.  Live from your heart and you will be connected to the Divine that is you.  If you’re not feeling that, find a ThetaHealer® to help you discover the beliefs blocking you from knowing.

Sending you the energy of Divine love expanding from you to all things in harmony and joy,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

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