Paying It Forward – Your Gift To You

June 25, 2011

I like to do what I call “just because” treats and surprises for people.  It’s my version of paying it forward.  It’s doing something wonderful and unexpected for someone “just because”.  Just because you love them, just because they need a boost, just because you like to see them smile, just because they exist, just because… It can be something very simple.  It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger or it can involve a gift of money, time, or an item you know they will love.  It can be a good word put in on behalf of someone.  It can be offering to watch the kids for a few hours or pick up something at the store.  It can be writing about their work and what they offer to help them grow.  It can be whatever you choose.  The only requirement is that it be done with and from love.  For that is where your reward comes in…

Paying it forward is so fantastic – for you.  Why? Because it puts you in the energy of already having a wealth of good abundance – recognizing it, seeing it, believing it, acting on it, and sharing it.  The Universe vibrates with that and you attract more of the same – that same energy of “I have more than enough”!  Isn’t that amazing? Incredible? Wonderful? And simple?!  When you also factor in the vibration of unconditional love, your rewards are increased exponentially both in the immediate (from the joy you get from the act of giving and helping) and in the future.

So if you desire more good abundance in your life, don’t think about it and scheme for it – just pay it forward and watch it come back to you.

Joy, joy, joy!  I love that!  What a perfect way to live and be…  perfect!

Sending you the vibration of paying it forward and watching your life change for the better in every way,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

Are You Contributing to a Dire Outcome for 2012?

June 11, 2011

These days, it is common to read various takes on how your thoughts create your reality.  The Law of Attraction has gotten big press and many people truly believe the theory, especially as emerging scientific studies are proving it to be real.  So, let’s presume that you believe that your thoughts create your reality – your energetic vibration attracts like energy.  What are you thinking and reading about 2012 and about the current global earth events?  Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what you read and hear and what you think.  It takes in movie content and your music lyrics and what you read and ideas you talk about and catalogues them in light of current beliefs already stored.  And all these are added to your stockpile of beliefs and mass consciousness.

So what, you say?  Well, let’s think about this.  We have already established a belief in attracting and manifesting in accordance with your thoughts and beliefs.  If you are reading and watching and listening and talking about all the dire possibilities of earth changes, global warming, the economy, and more – doesn’t it follow that you are then, in fact, attracting that energy?  You know you are not alone in thinking and worrying about these things.  Then add in the predictions about 2012.  You watch the action movies about it – chaos, flooding, fires, destruction on a massive and global scale….  Your subconscious then works to fit that into your current beliefs.  You begin to carry the energy of belief of the actuality of mass destruction and disruption within your vibrational field.  You begin to attract that energy… you and many others.  Is that what you want?  Do you want the drama?  Is the curiosity of it worth holding onto?

Earth on Leaf I would suggest a different approach. If you must read about these predictions and if you enjoy such movies, do so but then let all thoughts of it go. Preferably, fill your thoughts with memories and visions and inspirations of love and beauty and joy. Think about all the earth offers you – amazing life forms, beauty beyond belief, blueprints for sustainability, inspiration, and life itself. What an incredible gift! Are you recognizing that and appreciating that daily? Think of the people you know and know of. Think of the unique gifts they offer. Are you valuing what they can teach you?

Even with all that has already happened, there is room for changing this trend to believe that 2012 holds the seeds of the destruction of our world as we know it.  Instead, send love and prayer to the impacted areas.  Donate your time or make a financial donation to assist.  Get into the energy of giving and caring and hopefulness and love for one another.  Visualize the world as you would like it – working in perfect harmony and alignment with nature and in perfect unison and love with others.  See the earth whole and sustainable and resplendent in her beauty and generosity.  See yourself as a part of making that happen.  For what are you doing then? You are creating just that – the world that you envision.

Does that mean you will never see another tsunami or tornado or fire or flood?  Probably not.  But, you are helping to make the change you want.  The thoughts of everyone else factor into this as well via mass consciousness.  If enough people change their thinking, we can change the current path to one that is more harmonious and balanced, one that offers more individual grace and ease as our world transitions and as we change and adapt.

You don’t have to accept the version of 2012 put out by someone else.  You are a powerful co-creator with the Source energy.  You are empowered.  Use that knowledge to change your thinking and attract a more balanced shift for earth and all her residents.  We can do it together.  All for One.  One for All.  Let that be what you think about tonight!

One for you. One for All.  Connected through Source, the Creator.

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

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