A Message for Lightworkers from the Great White Brotherhood

July 19, 2011

A note before the message…

Many people are now receiving messages from the Ascended Masters and others. Some of these messages will be filled with inspiration and hope; some will not. So, how do you know which ones to believe?

Messages are filtered through the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of the person receiving – usually. The information flows in and the brain interprets it and puts it into words. This does not necessarily mean that the information is mixed with the thoughts and beliefs of the one receiving. But, it is possible.

In some cases, the person’s biases are bypassed by the one giving the message. An example of this type of message would be those received by Edgar Cayce. He went into a trance state to receive.

Many years ago, a local intuitive would have nights where she would receive and share information of this type. Her voice would change and, sometimes, her appearance would change. Then one night she came in and said that her body could no longer support the taking on of that level of energy. She said she had been shown a better way. The information would come to her but she would not allow the energy to flow through her body. As we listened, it was surely not as fascinating. However, the messages were clear and continued to hold the feeling of truth. And, we all wanted the best for our friend. The way she received is how most people now receive. Perhaps you even receive in this way and do not realize that the thoughts are not entirely your own.

I use a litmus test for the truth of the messages. Here is my list.

  1. Is it loving?
  2. Is it full of inspiration and hope?
  3. Is it free of absolutes – “you must” and “you have to”?
  4. Do your gut and your heart tell you it is true?

Ascended Masters and others have their own thoughts and feelings and beliefs. What they share may be the highest truth or it may be truth, but a version of truth. How do you know if the message is the highest truth? For those who have learned ThetaHealing®, be sure to always ask the Creator of All There Is if the message is Creator’s highest and best truth. Otherwise, use whatever techniques you know to feel the truth of the message. Be cautious. Check into your own truth. What is offered can be extremely helpful and comforting and help your understanding skyrocket faster than you can imagine. But, it can also lead you astray if you forget to vet the information presented.

And, all this is also valid for messages that you receive for yourself. Check the truth of it. Weigh the import of it against what you already know to be true and what your body tells you is truth. That small step will serve you well.

All that said, let me share with you a message from the Great White Brotherhood. I had to look up this group but found they are well-known in esoteric circles. I offer it to you in the hope that you will find something of value to use in your daily life.

We all heal synergistically, not in isolation. So too are we all impacted when there is disharmony in the energy of any one. This encompasses all life on earth, not just human life. Each and every soul is synergistically connected with a forward and backward flow of Divine energy. As the one heals, the vibration of that one is raised simultaneously impacting the vibration of all other connected life. Conversely, as the one is damaged in any way – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – there is impact on every other one. This is the nature of life on your planet. It is by design. And though it may seem unfair or that disharmony would occur from it, that is not the case. The impact of the negative is not necessarily proportional nor is the impact from the positive. It depends on the vibration of each individual. That is why some are “holders of the Light”. Others can successfully, and most often without conscious knowledge, draw from that Light – that Divine energy of love and compassion. We are here to tell you that this is critical for you in the coming days. You must learn to hold the Light in strength and full commitment to your Divine connection. You become the lighthouse in the storm, the safe respite from the plight of life (as understood by so many). From your strength they may draw. From your strength they may heal. From your strength the vibration of the whole may rise. At a point, everyone will shift into that new vibration – all life – animals, plants, insects, the water, the air that surrounds your planet, everything. At that point, a dimensional shift will occur and a more complete understanding of the true and real nature of life on your planet will unveil – for all.

Some of you can’t wait. Some of you are desperately seeking this shift here and now. And some will find it – those who agreed to take that role in the shift. It is no more spiritual and no more enlightened than the second person who chooses to stay in the darkness to move with many others. There is comfort in that for many. There is no difference. To cloak yourself in any understanding otherwise is a disservice to what you agreed to do. Value all life equally. For, in truth, you will come to know that it is exactly that – equal. All is equal in the eyes of God. This is the truth of life. This is what you need to come to know. And you shall – in due time.

For now, as Light holders, focus on your ability to hold the vibration of pure intent and unconditional love. Hold it steady. Hold it strong. Hold it not as one who is more gifted or more valued or more honored but as one in service to the One God whose love and Light is within each one of you. We feel your hesitation at the word service. Service as we mean it is to be in perfect Divine alignment with all life and all things. It is not servitude. It is not without choice. It is nothing other than perfect alignment. Let that sink in. Allow that to fill you with the understanding of your chosen role. Yes. See yourself as that beacon of hope, that beacon of comfort, that beacon of strength in the storm of life. Feel it. Envision it. Bring it into your personal reality now. Practice it daily – or more. For in the coming days, some will find it a personal challenge. Those who know it and feel it and for whom it has become “routine” will not waiver. They will know their connection to the alignment of the whole is non-negotiable, un-shakable, not able to be shut down no matter the circumstances. Do not let this frighten you. Oh no. You can and will make the difference. And, as you practice for your role, you continue to impact the current state of vibration. If enough Beings of Light on your planet combine their respective vibrations and achieve a state of high vibrational stasis, it will be possible for the shift to occur in a purely vibrational form. This is unlikely at the current moment in time but there is the potential and the possibility for it to occur. Let that be your focus and goal. All you have to do is shine the Light that is you – as brightly as you possibly can, for as long as you can, in all directions, excluding no one (including all life), and have that become your norm, your usual state of being. “Piece of cake”, right?

We are here supporting you, holding you, shining our Lights for you and to you. Know that. Feel that connection. Feel that love. Feel that solace. Feel that connection with your brothers and sisters of the Light. We take your hand. You are not alone. We love you. We respect you. We treasure you. Know that deep within your Being. Let that filter throughout your body and your life experience. For it is so.

Yours respectfully and in God’s grace, The White Brotherhood

May you find peace and hope in this message of love,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

St. Frances of Assisi

Between Now and Intuition Development

July 10, 2011

Some people have been intuitive all their lives.  They recount childhood stories of knowing things before they would happen.  Some suppressed those knowings and others searched for answers.  Family, friends, and culture play a big role in what choice is made.  When a child is told their imaginary friend is just that – imaginary or that Uncle Max doesn’t want to know that he won’t be coming back to visit and to quit making things up, the child begins to question his/her current understanding of reality.  Why doesn’t everyone know what I know?  What is wrong with me?  Why don’t my parents want to know what I know?

As people get older and begin a spiritual path, they find that they want to explore their intuitive abilities. Many are drawn to the healing arts.  And, then there are those of us who begin with the perceived intuitive ability of a brick.  How do we make that shift from not realizing our own abilities but seeing others receive and wanting that for ourselves?

Well, we try and we persevere.  Everyone has the capacity for unlimited intuitive ability of all types.  However, we block those abilities.  Fear, cultural expectations, ancestral influences and many things can block this clear flow of intuitive understanding and vision.  Fortunately, as we try various meditative and healing techniques, we loosen the grip of the blocks we have in place.  With ThetaHealing®, we are taught how to remove those blocks.  As we clear more and more beliefs about how we can’t do this and we shouldn’t do that, we open the pathways to discovering our true nature – fully connected to self and others and all life, including the Divine energy that flows through all things.  For me, it took some time.  I had built up many walls and surrounded myself with self-imposed limitations.  I had to look at how and why I put those in place to be able to heal.  Then, it was easy to change the beliefs that held them in place.  You begin to understand that you choose whether or not to be intuitive.  This may not be done consciously; but you choose.  But, don’t despair.  You also make the choice about whether or not to keep the limitations in place.  For many people, this is a process.  The more limiting beliefs you uncover, the more you can blossom and shine and connect to the Divine and unlimited knowledge and understanding.

So what do you do while this process is unfolding?  Obviously, I recommend ThetaHealing® because it is such an easy way to uncover subconscious beliefs and get unblocked.  Also, it is a method that empowers you.  It teaches you how to help yourself.  No therapists are needed for self-help and you can do it at any hour and in any place.  There are also many ThetaHealers® who are happy to assist you if you get stuck or have questions.

Let’s presume that you have taken that step and have taken a ThetaHealing® class.  You will find from the beginning that you are asked to “witness” the healing.  If your intuitive skills are not developed, this can be disconcerting.  However, in the class, the teacher will facilitate your connection to the Theta brainwave state.  In this state, you are receptive to your own intuitive capabilities and your own creative abilities.  You learn how to access this state of awareness on your own.  With practice, you are able to reach higher levels of connection.  As you do, it will become more clear to you where to look to unlock your intuitive potential.

The other piece of this – and the part that is relevant for those who will choose to not use ThetaHealing® – is to understand about the Law of Attraction and your vibrational state.  You attract like and complimentary vibrations.  If your life is not as you would like, begin to take notice of your life, moment-to-moment.  In those moments when you feel less than joy, ask yourself what would bring your experience to joy.  Then, do it.  Or, get as close to it as you can.  Perhaps that would be to go shopping, or spend more time with the kids, or take the dog for a walk.  Whatever you can do to change the current moment to vibrate closer to the vibration of joy.

Joy is a vibrational match for intuition.   As you bring your own vibration to a state of joy, you begin to attract others with like vibration.  As you surround yourself with others of like vibration, you begin to be able to anticipate their actions and reactions.  Your confidence builds.  You are energetically beginning to merge into their energy fields, with access to intuitive understanding of them.  As they are able to confirm your understandings of them (this begins as empathy and compassion and love), your confidence in your abilities grows and attracts more of that vibration to you.  You begin to expect to understand people and have an intuitive understanding of how they think.  And, the cycle continues and your intuitive capabilities expand and grow.  This is the Law of Attraction in action.  There is nothing mystical about it.  Just as there is nothing mystical about intuitive capabilities.  Intuitive capabilities are merely the matching of vibrations in joy and being attuned to the energetic resonance of others.  Everyone has this capability.  The key is to unblock it by having your everyday vibration be that of joy.  It will naturally unfold for you when you do that.

For eons, the wise sages of the world say “live in the moment”.  I believe what they mean is to notice when you are not in the natural state of joy and love.  Then, choose to change your vibrational attraction.  Living in the moment is noticing what you are feeling each moment and choosing whether or not it is what you want to experience.  When you consistently choose joy and love, you raise your vibration and attract more joy and love to you in direct proportion.

Who doesn’t want more finely tuned intuitive abilities?  It’s human nature.  Now you have both a moment-to-moment choice as to whether or not you truly want it and you have ThetaHealing® which can put you on the fast track by removing your limiting beliefs that keep you from allowing joy and love into your experience.  You deserve joy and love.  You deserve to be able to access your Divine capabilities and nature.  There is no judgment.  There is only Divine truth and love.  It is yours for the taking.  Own it.  Choose it.  Allow it.  Your life will change for the better in every way.

Wishing for you the energy of joy and love,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

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