Access Your Inner Kitten or Puppy

November 7, 2011

We talk so much about accessing our “inner child”.  But, if your childhood was not the best you probably hold resistance against connecting.  You also probably have beliefs that would limit your connection to protect you.  So how about accessing your “inner puppy” or “inner kitten”?!  Go to that part of you that played so joyfully and with such abandon with a little new puppy or kitten.

Connect to those feelings of nothing else in the world being of importance but that moment of unrestricted joy and play.  Then whenever you feel anything less than that, remember that connection.  It will change your life because you will decide you want and deserve nothing less.  Enjoy!

Wishing you large balls of fuzzy yarn and fresh tennis balls,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

Connect to Your Inner Baobab

November 5, 2011
Baobab Trees
*courtesy NatGeo
Madagascar is host to some amazing trees called the baobab. These huge majestic trees have a corky trunk, cool fruit, and store amazing amounts of water. Madagascar is well-known for these unusual trees because they are so numerous.

They have so many because not many are cut down. People use the bark and eat the fruit; but because of the high amount of stored water within the tree, they are not good for burning or building so they are left alone. These days, Madagascar benefits in another way from these trees. Tourists come from all over to take a look and marvel at their beauty and ability to survive under relatively harsh environmental conditions.

So how does this relate to you?  You offer many gifts to the world.  There are those who would rather take your gifts than develop and use their own.  Yet, you can make yourself beautiful and desirable to those who would honor you and make yourself practically invisible to those who would do you harm at the same time.  How? Connect to your inner baobab!

This connection is so easy.  You simply align, balance, and harmonize with your Divine self, your soul self, the part of you that is pure love.  When you do this, you become a vibrational match for those who would honor and respect you and a vibrational mis-match for those who would not.  The key is to stay aligned.

You can use ThetaHealing® to do this.  Or, you can practice thinking about, feeling, expanding, and knowing within every cell of your being – Divine unconditional love and feeling the gratitude that goes with that.  You can do this in whatever way and with whatever method you feel most comfortable.  There is such peace with this.  You will wonder how you ever managed to find joy without it.  And, you will desire it so much you will make time to keep the clear connection.   You will have done energetically what the baobab tree has accomplished – you will have become unattractive to those who would harm you.  Not only is this a phenomenal survival technique, it is also a phenomenal thriving technique!  Imagine that!  Yes, just imagine…

When you are living your life connected and fully aware of your connection to your Divinity, you will notice the change in how others treat you.  You will attract less and less of those who would take advantage of you and/or do you harm.  You will attract more and more of those who would support you and help you and admire what you offer – no matter what that is.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Don’t allow others to guide your experience.  Connect to your inner baobab and shine so brilliantly that your only experiences are loving, joyful, peaceful, and full of the beauty of Divine life in action.

Would you like to know how to connect, align, balance, and harmonize with your soul self and the Creator of All There Is; what that feels like; that it is safe to trust that; that you deserve the rewards of that; that you are worthy of those gifts; and that this is possible for you right here and right now?  If so say “yes – align” and accept the Divine gift of truth and understanding flowing to you with grace and ease and joy and indescribable beauty.  These gifts are possible in this way through ThetaHealing® and are always for your highest and best as determined by the Creator.

Don’t you feel as majestic and awesome and powerful as the beautiful baobab trees?  If not, I bet you soon will!  Every time you feel “less than”, call forth your inner baobab and shine so brilliantly that only that that shines in like manner will connect.

Sending you love and joy and peace from my connection with my Divinity,

Theta Healing Connect
connecting you to everyday moment-to-moment miracles

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