Another Piece of the Ethics Pie for ThetaHealers and Other Healers

January 30, 2012

ThetaHealers®, like other energy healers/facilitators, need to be aware of ethics and how to support others while honoring and respecting their sense of privacy.  As a healer, you may be clear enough and open enough to see a bigger privacy picture.  A picture where, as One, there are no secrets and privacy is a constructed boundary and separation.  Yet, as a person with such an expanded view, what are your “obligations” related to honoring your client’s perceived sense of privacy – or any person, whether a client or not?

Many healers will tell you that information about people freely flows to them, without them making any effort other than being open to such a spiritual gift.  Healers differ in their views as to how to approach such information and whether or not they have any obligations related to such information.

I would ask all healers to consider checking in with your heart and the Creator first to make sure you are aligned with the Divine in how you handle your beautiful gift.  Next, I would offer that you should consider your response when information comes to you – especially if it is directed at you.  You may have beliefs that need to be cleared.

For example, what if you heard a stranger comment about the ugly red shirt you were wearing.  How would you feel?  What if it was a good friend?  What if it was a student in a class you were teaching?  Let’s say you were fine with all those.  What if they then commented on how your hair style looks like it was from the 70’s.  Are you getting annoyed yet?  What if someone said something ugly about your child or your spouse?  Do you see how this has many layers?

As a healer with intuitive gifts, my feeling is that you have to be able to allow comments to flow to and from you without assigning value, without giving them energy.  Do you know everything going on with that person, in that moment, that led them to think the “offending” thought?  Do you know where the thought came from – fear; anger; deflection; nervousness; bacteria and viruses; attachments; thought forms; mass consciousness; ingrained culture and/or religious teachings; etc.?  If people do not know they can “cancel, clear, and delete” thoughts, should that factor in?

Many people don’t give their thoughts a second thought.  Many aren’t even aware of the thoughts they have other than the split second they project them.  Often, they are never acted upon and there was no intent to ever act upon them.  People vent.  People don’t always consider the impact of what they think and say – especially if the thoughts are never spoken.

So, what happens then given all this, when a healer receives an unintended communication?  If the healer attaches any feeling or judgment to it, the thought then has value and gains energy.  Given what you know about the Law of Manifestation, is this what you want to be a part of?  And, is it fair to judge anyone anytime?

These are things you need to give careful consideration to.  What you choose is what you choose.  However, consider the implication of your choice on your own manifestations and your own energetic vibration.  Most healers have a wonderful and open heart.  They have good intentions.  Yet, sometimes good intentions need tweaking.

Would you like to know how to allow the flow of Divine intuitive gifts to flow to and from you in observation and without assigning “value” (energy and/or feelings) while respecting and honoring others; what that feels like; how to instantaneously know Creator’s truth on what you receive; Creator’s truth on all that; changing your truth to Creator’s truth; what it feels like to live, know, believe, and act from Creator’s truth; that all this is safe for you; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to, and that it is possible to live from Creator’s truth; and that you have this in your life now for all versions, times, and locations of you; and how to expand and adjust this truth automatically as the collective energy shifts and changes per Creator’s truth; that you know how to do that; that you know what it feels like to do that and be able to do that; that it is safe, appropriate, respectful, useful to do so; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to be able to; that it is possible for you to; and that you are able to do this right now all for your highest and best, with grace and ease, harmony and balance, and without trauma, drama, and/or illness, and without the need to create/re-create situations for the purpose of learning and/or illustration; and with full instantaneous conscious awareness of it all?

If so say “yes – honor” and be receptive with an open heart to the Divine gifts of truth and understanding and feelings and teachings as they flow to every cell of your body and in-between, brightening your Light and allowing it to shine with the full magnificence of who and what you are.

We have such an opportunity to share Creator’s love.  Let’s make sure with do it respecting the dignity of others, as we intend.

With love from my heart to yours,

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Ethics in ThetaHealing & Other Intuitive Healing Techniques

January 27, 2012

Imagine yourself a relatively new ThetaHealer® or other energy healer.  As you are clearing your own beliefs, you notice that your intuitive abilities are beginning to emerge and/or grow stronger.  Here is a beautiful shiny new toy to play with!  You may begin to hear the thoughts of others.  You may begin to see snippets of their lives like a tiny movie.  You may just know what’s going on with them.  It’s awesome!  It’s amazing!  All your hard work on your own personal development is finally working.  You made it!

But, have you considered the impact it would have should your personal intuitive understandings be known to the people involved?  But you say, it just comes to me.  I didn’t ask for it to come.  And, I understand.

Let me share an insight from something that happened to me.  A number of years ago, I was talking to another relatively new ThetaHealer® who was a friend.  During a conversation, I casually mentioned something about her life that she had not shared with me.  It was one of those insights that “just happened” as I talked to her.  I didn’t ask.  It just came to me.  She was highly offended and said she felt like she had been raped (and I promise you it wasn’t anything you wouldn’t tell someone).  You can imagine how that made me feel.  Luckily, as a ThetaHealer®, she had the skill set to be able to verify my “innocence” with the Creator.  Yet, the damage had been done.

I can also remember going to ThetaHealing® Practice Groups and having similar things happen.  A person would say something about a problem and someone else would say they had some insight just come in on it.  Any involved would apologize profusely for the “intrusion” and clearly state that it had not been requested.   We were new to this, after all.  We were learning and we sincerely wanted to help each other.  Everyone understood because we were all following the same learning curve at the time.

And then there was a time during my Teacher training when I was getting ready to go to dinner with a group of ladies who were friends and accomplished intuitives.  They told me that they loved going to restaurants and intuitively listen in on people’s thoughts and conversations.  They did it for fun.  Needless to say – but I will anyway – I was horrified.  I call this “Psychic Voyeurism”.  They meant no harm.  It was a fun toy and a way to entertain themselves.  But, I remember wondering at what cost to them if karma was real.

If this is happening to you, what are your options?  It just comes, right?  There is nothing you can do, right? Wrong.  If you are a ThetaHealer®, you can adjust it so that you have access when you need it and/or when it is requested by someone you want to assist.  To me, this is the ethical way to approach expanding and developing intuitive abilities.

Yes, we are moving to Oneness.  Yes, as One, all is known by all.  However, we are still in 3D reality at present.  If you did not have intuitive capabilities, would you want people you didn’t know to entertain themselves at your expense?  And even worse, would you want someone who was curious about you to enter your space uninvited to “check you out”?  People do it – or try to.  It’s baffling to me how they think that is fine.  I don’t.  I want to treat people like I would want to be treated – with respect and honoring free will and choice.  You have the power to control and regulate what you receive and when you receive it.  To not do so, in my opinion, will adversely impact your vibration and your own personal truth.

When we get to another level of Being where all are One, then things change.  And, if you have permission, then of course you could use your gifts in the highest and best way – and you should.  Intuition can be a lot of fun.  It is a bright and shiny toy.  But, toys should be used appropriately.

Give this some thought and see what resonates with you.  I’m not name calling here.  I’m trying to give you a perspective that I think may serve you well and cause no harm.  As all times, locations, and versions of us come together, it is critical that our energy hold only the highest vibration of Light we are capable of.  It is time to look at any areas of your life that might need tweaking.  We want our coming to completeness to be with grace and ease, harmony and balance, and without trauma, drama, and/or illness.  Brightening your Light will position you in a wonderful space from with to enjoy the ride.

Honoring your path, whatever you choose…

Related post:  A little over a year ago, I posted a discussion on Ethics in Distance Healing.  My intention was to help energy healers become aware that ethics are involved whether a person is in front of you or many miles away.

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