The Truth About ThetaHealing Downloads

It is important that those of you making use of the ThetaHealing® downloads posted here (and by others) understand a couple of things about them.

Downloads are a part of ThetaHealing® but they are not all of what ThetaHealing® has to offer.  They are one part.  ThetaHealing® is so much more.  It offers a person the ability to find limiting or non-serving subconscious beliefs; a process to discover what is really happening with the person and to get to the bottom issue quickly and efficiently; what we call “feeling” work – the ability to uncover feelings that are not serving in the highest and best way and to change them; downloads of new beliefs and feelings and truth and understanding; the ability to connect directly with the Creator of All There Is to co-create; and so much more.  It would be a dis-service to have you think that allowing and receiving downloads is as comprehensive and effective as a ThetaHealing® session or completing the entire process for yourself.

You have probably noticed that when I offer downloads, I always present them to come “…for the highest and best; with grace and ease and harmony and balance; without trauma, drama, and/or illness; without the need for creation/re-creation of situations for the purpose of illustration and/or learning and/or to show accomplishment…”.  I also, as guided by Creator, sometimes include “and whatever else Creator would add specifically for you related to this”.  These parameters will help to keep you from experiencing adverse effects like detox symptoms and unwanted situations in your life.  However, sometimes “for your highest and best” will present opportunities for learning and growth that you didn’t expect.  That’s not bad.  It’s just something to be aware of as you accept downloads.  This is especially true for those who are not ThetaHealers® and/or do not have a spiritual practice to handle the consequences.

So, please recognize that as you accept and receive downloads, you may or may not be reaching YOUR bottom belief and/or the feelings that need to be addressed.  They can still offer benefit.  However, if you have not released your bottom beliefs (and feelings), even if the beliefs cleared with the download they will probably show up again.  And, this may or may not be presented in the same way in your life.

I want the best for you.  I want to help you on your spiritual path.  I want to share the benefits that ThetaHealing® can bring to you and your life.  I want you to heal – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I offer you downloads to get you started.  They are not intended to “cure” or “fix” or even to “heal”.  They are presented to me by the Creator and I share them with you trusting that the people who need them will be drawn to them in perfect Divine timing for their highest and best.

With all that said, I offer you a few downloads to help you understand all this with clarity.

Would you like to have Creator’s truth on ThetaHealing®; the full scope of it; with full comprehensive conscious understanding; truth on ThetaHealing® downloads; what they are and what they are not; how to best use them; when to use them; how to know what to accept and when to accept; how to know whether to trust they are the right ones for you; how to know you have received them; when to say no and how to say no to downloads; how to always have your intention to be that you only accept for your highest and best; how to know when you need more than downloads; how to be safe accepting downloads; all teachings to be instantaneous; your truth changed to Creator’s truth; what it feels like to have, know, believe, and act from Creator’s truth; how to have all this in your life now; that it is safe to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy, and deserving to now; that it is possible for you to now; for your highest and best; with grace and ease and harmony and balance; without trauma, drama, and/or illness; without the need to create/re-create for the purpose of illustration and/or learning; for all times, versions, and locations of you and your Twin?

If so say “yes – downloads” and allow Creator’s truth and understanding fill your cells, infusing them with unconditional love and clarity, teaching them how to BE in this truth, and brightening the Light within each.

From my heart to yours,

©All rights reserved in all media

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5 Responses to The Truth About ThetaHealing Downloads


    Hey there! Quick question that’s totally off topic.
    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?
    My web site looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone.
    I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to fix this problem.
    If you have any recommendations, please share. Cheers!

    • Is it the Theta Healing Connect website or the WordPress blog that looks weird? I’m self-taught with web design and web work so I’ll need to take a look if it is the THConnect website. It views fine on android devices and on iPad (at least on my end). As for the WordPress, I’m sure the tech folks have that under control and I’d just need to figure out what I need to tweak on my end. Thanks for letting me know of the issue! HUGS

  2. Reblogged this on Theta Healing Connections and commented:

    This post is important to re-visit occasionally.

  3. Angel, thank you so very much! Oops… there goes one of those tears… You are a blessing in my life.

  4. Angel Anviur says:

    I would like for everyone to know that Linda is as kind, knowledgeable, insightful and intuitive as she seems to be in her posts. She does really want to help. She really loves from her core. And she is very good at helping an individual find and move away from their core issues into Creator’s truth. I speak from experience! 🙂

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