When Your World Is Crumbling Down Around You…

Our energetic light bodies are being systematically adjusted to allow for higher vibrational frequencies.  As these “transmissions” occur, anywhere where there is not a vibrational match will become noticeable as tension, friction, and/or seeming chaos.  Old ego/mind paradigms are being replaced with new heart/Spirit ways of being and interacting with the world around us.

What does that mean exactly?  In the past, many of us have reacted to tension, friction, and/or seeming chaos with action directed from the ego/mind.  The result has been – more often than not – trauma, drama, and/or illness.  We resist flowing with the “event”.  We feel we have to “fix” it.  We want justice and fairness.  We are not willing to allow the mind to release it for fear we will not receive what we think we need and deserve. The fear fuels the resistance.  Resistance fuels the discomfort.

Creator is now making known to us that it is time to shift that to a new way of thinking and reacting and Being.  We are asked that, during those times, we connect into our inner Divine essence through the heart space.  We are encouraged to learn how to, in those moments, set our intention for change and then allow it – without attachment to the outcome and/or the timing of the result.  To trust – completely.  Trust in what you say? In your own connection to your Source, your inner Divinity, the Creator, your co-creative nature… For this is where the future lies.  We are co-creators.  We design our experience.  However, with the new energetic frequencies being infused into our light bodies, certain elements of experience will no longer have the vibrational resonance to occur.  I’m talking about hate, anger, greed, resentment, regret, and on and on.  We are so entrenched in these elements and in our current paradigms that the shift from the old to the new is being assisted in stages.  It is to allow us to see where we resist.

How do we identify the resistance?  Look at what is presenting itself in your life.  How are your relationships?  Is life flowing easily for you with exactly what you need coming to you when you need it?  Do you have what you want and need?  If not, really critique where you feel trauma, drama, and/or illness because that will provide you clues – fairly direct ones – as to where you are stuck, blocked, and/or resistant to change.

This may sound overwhelming to you.  Especially so if you are in the midst of seeming chaos.  For those who have already set their intention to live life “for the highest and best, with grace and ease, and with harmony and balance”, you may be confused as to why you would experience anything other than grace.  Yet, think of what the energy would bring if you hadn’t already set your intention for all that!

Now is the time to use your spiritual and energetic learnings to regularly connect to your inner Divinity.  It is the time to set your intention to going with the flow of life.  It is the time to learn to automatically go to this space in times of seeming chaos.  It is the time to then ask, as a co-creator, for change without attachment to the outcome or timing.  Know in your heart of hearts that the Creator will come through for you.  Trust.  Trust completely.  Trust emphatically.  Know it.  Feel it.  Envision the energy of that change coming to you (without all the details of how it will play out).  Envision yourself accepting this energy.  Envision yourself happy and peaceful and without all the trauma and drama (again, without the details of how that will look).  And, give thanks.  Give thanks to the Creator for handling this for you.  Give thanks for the opportunity to change all the seeming chaos in such a wholistic and comprehensive way without worry or angst.  Only trust and gratitude.

If this seems far-fetched to you, that’s OK.  Allow the energy of this possibility to just be.  When you are truly ready for a different way, when you are really tired of the stress of it all… allow your mind to come back to this possibility.  It may then be just what you were needing; just what you desired.

If this resonates as real to you right now, hooray.  I love ThetaHealing® because of how quick it is, how safe it is, and that it works.  It also changed my life in so many wonderful ways.  So, my personal recommendation is for you to either find a ThetaHealer® to help you clear out the resistance as it comes up in the days to come, or – even better still – take a ThetaHealing® class to learn how to do it for yourself.  Yet, if you have found another technique that you enjoy and that works for you, use that.  Begin to practice connecting in to that inner Divinity at least every day.  The energy coming in now is life changing.  It is paradigm changing.  And, it will begin those shifts with your conscious assistance or not.  If you truly want grace and ease, learn to flow with life and learn to change situations in the moment without attachment to outcomes or timing.  It will then become fun to watch the shifts and vibrational uplifts because you will understand what is happening and you will have the tools to deal with them gracefully and for your highest and best no matter what it looks like at first.  You can do this.  How you do this will make all the difference in your experience.

Would you like to have Creator’s truth on all this; on changing your paradigms; on how best to change for your own personal highest and best; how to recognize resistance; how to access your inner Divinity; how to sent your intention for change without attachment to the outcome or timing; the truth on the safety of this for you; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to do this now; that it is possible for you now; that it is OK and that you have permission to have and do this now; releasing, resolving, clearing and dissolving anything that would indicate to you that this is not OK or that this is wrong for you to be able to do, opening the pathways to apology and/or forgiveness as appropriate, complete with feelings, a complete comprehensive download on how this/these served you, offering gratitude, marking it/them as complete in the Akashic records, clearing the timelines in all directions to infinity and back;  changing your truth to Creator’s; the feelings of having, knowing, believing, and acting from Creator’s truth; for all times, versions, locations of you and your twin; for your highest and best; with grace and ease; without trauma, drama, and/or illness; without the need to create/re-create situations for the purpose of illustration and/or learning; and whatever else Creator would choose for you to have/know/be taught/and or feel related to this?

If so, say “yes – paradigms” and allow the flow of Creator’s love and truth and teachings and clearings and feelings to flow to every cell of your body and in-between; strengthening the Light within each; infusing your entire countenance – body, mind, Spirit – with unconditional love and peace and joy.

Remember that you are Divine.  Remember that you are powerful.  Remember that you deserve to be able to live your life in the way in which you choose.  You are beautiful in every way.  If you haven’t already, own that.  For it is truth.  Namaste.

From my heart to yours,

Theta Healing Connect
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Opening Your Connection to Divine Truth
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One Response to When Your World Is Crumbling Down Around You…

  1. Alpa says:

    Yes paradigms. Thank you xx

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