Karmic Restitution – Healing Your Past, Present, and Future

Until we get our intuitive “sea legs”, we tend to let others tell us how things work and what we should do.  That’s understandable.  However, people “connect” in at different levels and all of it is filtered through their truth and their experiences.  That doesn’t mean you are not receiving truth.  All that means is “buyer beware”.

I love ThetaHealing® so much because it offers an achievable roadmap to being able to connect to the highest source of information and truth by doing it yourself.  You learn to discern truth.  You learn to recognize un-truth and partial truth.  It takes practice, but anyone can learn how to connect successfully – and to the source of the highest truth.

One thing that I have found extraordinarily helpful when trying to obtain knowledge and truth is to use the connection I have to ask the Creator Of All There Is for “truth” without preconceived notions of what is real or what will be shown or made known, what we call not being attached to the outcome.  This is especially useful when you have a big topic (like karma) where you are looking for information and not necessarily working on an issue.  If you are looking for truth, you can have Creator “download” that for you – energetically provide that truth to your conscious awareness with full comprehension.  Then you can use the other ThetaHealing® techniques of digging and energy testing to find out where your beliefs are aligned with those truths and where they are not.  I have found over and over that doing this more often than not changes and resolves limiting and non-aligned beliefs related to the topic.  And, if it doesn’t, they will be easy to find.

Getting to the bottom belief of an issue is an amazing and relatively easy process.  So is getting the highest truth on things you want to know about.

Many people want to know about karma – what is it, is it real, how do I address my own, etc.  With ThetaHealing® you can access that information.  However, please know that people receive information in different ways.  Some people are visual; some feel; some know; and some – especially at the beginning of their connection – look for the Universe to bring them the answers when a question is brought forth.  In ThetaHealing® classes, we help you to refine your skills and to recognize how you connect and then to strengthen those connections.  So keep that in mind when you accept downloads.

Alright then… would you like Creator’s truth on karma; what it is; if it exists; how it works; how to work with it; how to release it; and anything else Creator feels is important for you to know about it; changing your truth to Creator’s; giving you the feelings of having, knowing, believing, and acting from this truth; how to have these truths and how to use them successfully and for your highest and best in your daily life now; that it’s safe to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy, and deserving to; that it is possible for you to now; that it is OK for you to have these truths now without limitations; with full and comprehensive conscious awareness and understanding; all for your highest and best, with grace and ease, harmony and balance; without trauma, drama, and/or illness; without the need to create/re-create situations for the purpose of illustration and/or learning; for all times, versions, and locations of you and your Twin?

If so, say “yes – karma” and allow the flow of Divine highest truth to flow to and throughout every cell of your body and in-between.  Allow Creator to teach you and show you and guide you on your path in the highest and best way, with grace and ease and know Creator’s love for you in every cell of your body.

If you are new to spiritual seeking, consider how you currently receive information and inspiration.  Look for that in your environment – someone suggests a new book they found; you see a show on karma on TV; you find a thread about karma in a discussion group; and, begin to recognize where you feel no resistance to concepts of karma – or that you do.  For others, watch your understanding and conceptualization of karma blossom and be re-affirmed in your life.

We are all connected.  All that we have ever done, are doing now, and will do – matters.  It is important to heal our past, present, and future no matter what terms it is given.  For, in doing so, you affirm your worth; you apologize and forgive; you heal and renew; and you open the pathway to your highest potential here and now.  That’s worth doing in every respect, call it what you will.


From my heart to yours,

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2 Responses to Karmic Restitution – Healing Your Past, Present, and Future

  1. Hi Linda,

    Thank you for what you do as a thetahealer … and for these posts on your blog, and for indicating that: “Getting to the bottom belief of an issue is an amazing and relatively easy process.” I deeply appreciate the concept of theta healing and Vianna’s directive to always ask the person if they want a download OR if they want to change a belief. I have read Vianna’s ThetaHealing book — and some parts more than once, and my concept is that ThetaHealing is famous for Vianna’s explaining of the Planes of Existence as revealed to her AND for getting to the bottom of [unwanted] beliefs.

    I think if you knew me, it would resonate that I am way more inclined to make discernments in the spirit of The Word (The New Testament) than human/critical/invalidating judgments. It is with that intent that I am sorry to say that I have become “gun-shy” about thetahealing, as I have had 2 sessions with 2 different folks who present themselves as thetahealers, but neither of whom attempted to do ANY belief work on me! Who — including myself — doesn’t have, for instance, some feelings or beliefs that “spontaneous healing” will not occur? … When I questioned that, 1 had no answer; the other said: “Well … It was our first session with me.” What is true for me is that: If one is practicing ThetaHealing, THEY OUGHT TO DO IT VIANNA’S WAY. Just as: If one is practicing Scientology, they do it Ron {L. Ron Hubbard]’s way; if one is practicing Falun Gong, they/he/she does it Master Li’s way; if one is practicing BodyTalk, do it John Veltheim’s way. I would welcome your response to what I have noted …

    Btw — although we may not all be one [or, perhaps I am just not ready to accept that as TRUTH :-)] — I feel that we ARE all spiritually connected, as [it has so eloquently noted by Tom Kenyon]: The cells of a human body are all connected, but yet they each have their boundaries. And I understand that a likely reason for our various degrees of not being able to heal may indeed be due to our “separation” from God/Creator/All That Is …

    Blessings to you,


    • Hey Al!

      Thanks so much for your insight and comments. We all learn from each other and grow with each other. Not only does that make it more interesting, it makes for a broader expansion of our understanding because each of us holds the truth and each of us offers value.

      Vianna Stibal does indeed hold what we call digging work and belief work as important parts of the whole modality of ThetaHealing. I recently wrote a post called “The Truth About ThetaHealing Downloads” which goes into more detail about the effectiveness of ThetaHealing when all component parts are used vs. the benefit received if only part of the technique is used.

      That said, there is the potential for benefit by accepting downloads (one part of ThetaHealing) without doing the digging and belief work. Is that the best option? No. But, for some people, accepting downloads online will be as close as they may ever come to receiving any personalized benefit from ThetaHealing. My intention is that those people who would benefit and need the downloads offered will be the ones drawn to my posts. Do I claim that will be all a person may need? No. It probably will not be. However, it does offer a start and just might motivate someone to seek out a ThetaHealer to work with them. And, for ThetaHealers, the downloads might uncover a piece surrounding a belief that they needed but had not been included in their own self-work.

      Vianna is very generous with ThetaHealing practitioners. She allows them to combine ThetaHealing with other forms of healing in a session – if – the client is made aware that that is what is being offered. It is important as a client that you seek out a ThetaHealer that is a good fit for you.

      ThetaHealing is amazingly powerful when offered as taught by Vianna. However, the healing is ultimately between the client and the Creator. The ThetaHealer is the facilitator and, as such, is a co-creator of change. Some people want to be fixed. They are not interested in change. ThetaHealing is about change, not fixing (though the Creator can “fix” issues too). The goal is to make changes in your beliefs and feelings that will allow you to see positive changes in your life.

      I cannot speak to what happened within your two ThetaHealing sessions. I would encourage you, however, to not judge your experience as unsuccessful. I trust, from my own journey with ThetaHealing and my own spiritual journey, that somehow someway you received what you needed at that moment – even if it didn’t present as expected. That’s a real challenge for people – especially when they have paid money and want results. But, I trust that you attracted the practitioners who were able to provide what you were vibrationally in alignment with. Those experiences certainly impacted you in other ways that have led you to where you are now. Is it what you expected? Maybe not. But, perhaps it made you more discerning; perhaps it led you to other forms of healing that you needed at the time; perhaps it put people in your path that you needed to meet. Whatever it was, be thankful. And, I challenge you to continue with your exploration of ThetaHealing. I have seen miracles and been the recipient. And, I have also watched as – over time – layers of beliefs are uncovered and changed to allow for the bottom belief to rise to be cleared with miraculous results (though not instantaneous). Just as with doctors and lawyers and other professionals, training and experience matter. And, it is prudent to do a little up-front work to find a practitioner that is a good fit for you.

      Thanks again for sharing Al.

      Blessings of love and Light,

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