Letting Go While Retaining Control

Control is such an important part of our 3D experience.  We learn that it can help us feel and be safe as we navigate through our life experiences.  We feel like having it is the only way we can have and get what we desire.  Until, we learn otherwise…

As you begin to explore the spiritual path, you will find that letting go and releasing that control is how you really connect in to the universal energy and to your higher self and soul self.  However, some of us can’t get past this basic first step.

In ThetaHealing® classes, we spend a good amount of time training your brain that this journey of self-discovery is safe for your 3D body, mind, and spirit.  We help you connect over and over.  Eventually, the brain learns that when you connect good things happen and you can find your way back to this reality.  We also work on beliefs that would hinder your direct connection to the Creator.

That works great for students.  Yet, as you continue to practice, you want to explore even more.  You want to experience your past and future and you want to experience different dimensions.  Typically, this is done through a meditative process.  But, if your brain – whose job it is to protect you – feels that you will be unsafe, it will resist with everything it has.  Your brain is thinking “I don’t know where we are going or who will be there or what will happen or how we will get back to now.”  Your brain is picturing an infinite number of possibilities – you pop into another dimension and into the mouth of a shark; or land in the middle of a busy street; or have no clothes on; or this or that.  No wonder there is resistance!  You would expect nothing less from a good brain doing its assigned task.

So what to do… With a few truths from Creator, you may find that your brain comes to understand a different perspective and understanding of what you are doing and with whom you are doing it.  Would you like to try?

Would you like to have Creator’s truth on control; what it really is vs. what you think it is; truth on safety through time and space and on all levels of your Being; truth on letting go; truth on being in control per Creator’s truth while simultaneously letting go; how to be safe doing that; how to do that; when to do that; to what degree to do that in any given instance; how to feel safe doing that; what it means to do that; changing your truth on all this to Creator’s; the feelings of having, knowing, believing, and acting from Creator’s truth; what the possibilities are for you of doing that; all with full instantaneous conscious understanding and comprehension; what it feels like to have this in your life now and how to have it all in your life now; that it is safe for you to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy, and deserving to; that it is time for you to now; that you do have this in your life now; all for your highest and best, with grace and ease, with harmony and balance; without trauma, drama, and/or illness; without the need to create/re-create situations for the purpose of learning and/or illustration; for all times, versions, and locations of you and your twin?

If so, say “yes – control” and allow Creator to teach you how you can be in control without the ego and without the mind (part of Creator’s perspective on releasing control), standing in your own unique power and creative abilities, firmly, decisively, yet allowing the flow of eternal grace and love and Divinity and shared power ebb and then flow in perfect harmony and balance and all in “safety” (because there is no safe because you cannot be hurt – more of Creator’s perspective).  Allow the energy to flow to every cell of your beautiful body infusing it with love and truth and joy and wisdom.  Allow yourself to Be.

When you truly know that you are always in control but that “control” is the allowing of who and what you really are to flow through and from you without fear and with joy and unconditional love (still more of Creator’s perspective), you will know what it feels like to connect to all part and layers and levels and understandings of You – with Divine grace and the most beautiful heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul love you can imagine. Enjoy the possibilities and the new realities!  It’s whatever you make it.  You are powerful and beautiful beyond measure.  Thank you for allowing me to help you remember that.

From my heart to yours,

Theta Healing Connect
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3 Responses to Letting Go While Retaining Control

  1. Alpa says:

    Yes control. Thank you Linda. You were definitely tuned into my frequency on this one. xxx ❤

  2. Hélène says:

    Thank you Linda. It is always amazing to me how your posts are about what I need at that moment. I am amazed yet not at the same time. Creator/God brings to me what I need at that time. Thank you. Love and Light to you and many blessings.

    • Helene, thank you so much! I am very blessed that I am shown just what to post and I trust that the people who need to read them will find them. I love that. It makes me so happy! I trust you are well and enjoying life these days and thank you so much for letting me know that this was what you needed. Love and Light, Linda

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