Suffering as a Road to Enlightenment

I keep hearing people say to expect to detox after an energetic healing or clearing.  I keep hearing people say that they have energetic healings and they feel good during the session and then feel bad later.  Well, guess what… you don’t have to do that!  It’s all about the beliefs you hold.

There are so many ways we have been and continue to be taught and conditioned to think that a certain amount of suffering is normal and builds character.  I say, that’s just beliefs talking.  And, I say that because I have come to know through ThetaHealing® (God bless Vianna Stibal) that if you change the beliefs related to suffering and any contracts/agreements you took on that stipulated that you had to suffer, you can free yourself of that.  You can still detox.  You just no longer have to feel bad while doing so.  You can still progress spiritually.  You just don’t have to prove your worth in order to move forward on your spiritual path.

So, what might those beliefs be?  They vary from person to person but here are some common ones:

  • I must suffer to get closer to God.
  • I must suffer to be worthy of God’s love.
  • I must suffer to progress spiritually.
  • I must suffer to become enlightened.
  • Everyone must climb the ladder to progress.
  • Long-suffering is a virtue.
  • Long-suffering shows you care.
  • Long-suffering brings you closer to God.
  • Detoxing follows a process.
  • If I detox, I will feel bad.
  • If I am detoxing, I will feel bad.
  • I must prove my worth to move forward spiritually.
  • I have to prove my worth.
  • Proving my worth means suffering and/or pain and/or hardship.
  • The more I suffer, the more worthy I am of God’s love.
  • The more I give up, the more worthy I am of God’s love.
  • It is cheating to bypass suffering.
  • I have to do things the way they have always been done.
  • I have to do things the way my teacher(s) did them.
  • I have to do things the way my teacher(s) say I have to.
  • I have to progress spiritually in the way it has always been done.
  • I have to follow the rules (for suffering).
  • Clearing has to be uncomfortable.
  • Releasing has to be uncomfortable.

Do you notice, too, that these beliefs are absolutes?  They hold the energy of “must” rather than “choice”.  One is very different from the other.  Many of the beliefs of this type can from religious teachings over eons.  Many are cultural.  Think about what is taught about shamanism and the shaman taking on the illness so the better equipped shaman can release it.  Does it have to be that way?  If your beliefs and agreements say it does, yes.  You might want to know another way.

And the agreements I talk about… these are binding agreements (from the 5th plane) that say that we agree to learn in this lifetime by suffering.  Why would you make such an agreement?  Your higher self knows.  There was some type of benefit to that.  However, you can choose to dissolve those agreements and choose a different way to learn.  Will that impact your learning?  It may.  But, you can have Creator set it up to make sure you still learn the lesson but in more gentle ways – or you can receive an instantaneous teaching of the lesson.  There is a lot that can be done for agreements.

To get you started, would you like to release the above beliefs?  If you energy test, you can do a before and after test for each.  If not, it won’t hurt a thing to have Creator release the beliefs.  If you don’t have them, nothing will happen.  If you do, they will release.

Would you like to have Creator pull the above beliefs; give you Creator’s truth on each; change your truth to Creator’s; give you the feelings of having, knowing, believing, and acting from Creator’s truth; pull all the trauma, drama, and/or feelings of discomfort, pain, illness, and/or dis-ease from all your cells related to this; clearing the cells completely; closing cell receptor sites to them; opening new ones and filling your cells with the energy of love, joy, health and self-empowerment; resolving all these beliefs on the history level; showing you how holding these beliefs served you; marking them as complete in the Akashic Records; clearing your timelines in all directions to infinity and back; downloading the new beliefs:

  • I am powerful.
  • I can progress on my spiritual path without suffering.
  • I can receive energetic and other healings without suffering.
  • I choose my reality now.
  • I choose my experience now.
  • I know how to choose my reality and experience now; and I do.
  • I choose to move forward in health without suffering or dis-ease.
  • I choose to move forward spiritually without suffering or dis-ease.
  • I can detox without any physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual ill effects.
  • I am worthy just as I am now.
  • I am lovable just as I am now.
  • Creator/God already loves me.
  • Creator/God already values me.
  • I honor all by living my life in this way, without suffering.

giving you the feelings of having these new beliefs; teaching all parts of you how to live with these new beliefs; that it is safe to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy, and deserving to; that it is possible for you to now; the possibilities of doing so; all for you highest and best, with grace and ease; with harmony and balance; without trauma, drama, and/or illness; without the need to create/re-create situations for the purpose of illustration and/or learning; for all times, versions, and locations of you and your twin?

Would you like Creator to pull all binding agreements related to this; show you and all parties how it served you to have it in place; resolve as appropriate; extend forgiveness and/or gratitude as appropriate to all parties and download the feelings of offering and acceptance; dissolve the agreements permanently with love and gratitude; mark it/them as complete in the Akashic Records; and provide you with an instantaneous teaching on how to live without the agreements successfully?

If so say “yes – release” and allow Creator’s love and light to fill every cell of your body and in-between, teaching, clearing, downloading, infusing each one with unconditional love, joy, peace, renewal, and remembrance.

Remember that you may have more beliefs surrounding this topic. I also always have clearings and healings set for your “highest and best”.  If it is in your highest and best for you to keep an agreement and/or a belief, you will.  You can then find a certified ThetaHealer® to help you find out why you chose to keep it/them.

I hope you will accept my gift to you.  Suffering is no longer necessary.  You can choose to keep it but I want to offer and share with you another way, another paradigm, another shift in consciousness.  Namaste.

Please share with others who may need these clearings and new beliefs to help their life be more to their liking.

From my heart to yours,


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2 Responses to Suffering as a Road to Enlightenment

  1. Luz says:

    Thank you, dear Linda, for your wisdom and for your timely post.
    It felt directed to me and exactly what I needed to heal completely.
    Thank you for always listening and acting on the promptings of the Creator and for your gift of sharing with others.

    You are special! 🙂

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