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May 22, 2012

Would you like to learn how to enter the theta brainwave state and be able to connect to the Source energy to facilitate healing? Would you like to be able to selectively change, resolve, clear, and heal on all levels of your being (core, history, genetic, and soul)? Would you like to be able to impact healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Would you like to enhance all your intuitive abilities? Would you like to know how to best manifest and attract good abundance into your life by design? Would you like to be able to help others with what you learn?

ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge Come join us for three incredible ThetaHealing® classes in August and September in North Carolina.  The classes are designed to work together to give you a comprehensive understanding of ThetaHealing® and to give you enough supervised instruction and practice that you will be ready to use the certification of ThetaHealer® that you will receive at the completion of the Basic class.

Sign up for all three classes by July 15 and receive a complimentary hour-long ThetaHealing session – a $125 value as my gift to you.

Come see what everyone is talking about.  Come find out what is possible.  Come enjoy three weekends of sharing and daring to dream what you formerly thought impossible.  Come discover a new truth.

ThetaHealing Basic Certification Class

Cary/Apex, North Carolina

Date: August 3 – 5, 2012
Investment: $440
Prerequisite: None
More Information and Registration: Theta Healing Connect Website
Certification: Upon completion you will receive certification as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner and be registered with the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.

Recommendation: Plan to take Basic and Advanced together for enhanced results.

What a joyful few days are ahead of you as you learn the basics of ThetaHealing®.In this highly experiential class, I will lead you through a wonderful journey of learning and exploration as you:

  • learn the story of ThetaHealing’s founder, Vianna Stibal
  • learn what a theta brainwave is and what happens in a theta state
  • learn about your energy system – the chakras, where they are and what they do and how to open and clear them
  • learn about the different ways to sense information – empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophecy and others; learn what they are, how they work, and how to enhance your ability to access them
  • learn a bit about quantum mechanics and how it applies and supports the techniques of ThetaHealing® (Don’t worry, you won’t be bogged down by too much technical information; but, it will provide scientific support for ThetaHealing® and provide you with a base for further exploration, if you are interested.)
  • learn how to co-create your future and your reality
  • learn about the power of thought and how it impacts your reality
  • learn how to access the theta state easily
  • learn how to heal physical and emotional challenges for yourself and others
  • learn how to do an intuitive reading (even if you feel you are not intuitive)
  • learn how to do group healings
  • learn the four levels of beliefs; what they are, how they impact your daily life, how to access them, how to change beliefs held in each
  • learn the technique to check beliefs – whether you have a belief and, after a healing, whether it cleared
  • learn how to find the bottom belief upon which others are built
  • learn how feelings impact your beliefs and your reality (past the obvious)
  • learn how to obtain feelings you have never experienced
  • learn the most typical beliefs that block you from having and being all that you can be; locate them, change them and feel the difference
  • learn about the seven planes of existence – what they are and why you should know
  • learn how to connect with your Guardian Angel and connect with the angels of others to share messages
  • learn about the various types of spirits and how they might impact a healing
  • learn how to attract your soul mate and what a soul mate really is
  • learn about soul fragments – how to retrieve yours and return those that you have that belong to others
  • learn how to manifest; learn how to bring into your life everything you want
  • learn how to do a “future reading”

In addition to all this, you will:

  • have dormant DNA strands and chromosomes activated; the DNA activation allows humanity to survive the environmental poisons we create and accelerates our psychic senses.
  • have the Youth and Vitality chromosome activated
  • have the telomeres strengthened to reverse the aging process
  • learn about healing genes and changing the genetic programs for aging

Students typically find they have an increased sense of connection to the universal life force, the Creator, God, or whatever higher power the student embraces. You will uncover subconscious programs that might otherwise have taken years of psychotherapy to identify. Some of these will surely surprise you! Then, without having to re-live the event that seeded the program, the unharmonious beliefs and feelings can be easily pulled and new healthy and beneficial programs can be integrated into your understanding and awareness that work for your highest good rather than keeping you from your full potential. The results can be dramatic and life changing. And, they can be permanent. That’s worth trying, don’t you think?

Remember, all this is done by the Creator – the universal life force – and is facilitated by the practitioner, and in the class it will be overseen by the instructor. The practitioner (including fellow students) must have your consent to facilitate the ThetaHealing® process. You are in charge of everything. So, you will be completely safe in every respect.

If all this sounds too amazing to be true, my personal testimonial is that it is indeed true. The work does need to be learned and practiced just like most anything new you try. But, you will learn a simple and easy technique that will always works on some level (the level you are ready for) and one that can be done anywhere at anytime (though some places are preferred over others!). So, congratulations on choosing a wonderful change for your life. Your investment will be worth it.

ThetaHealing Advanced Class

Cary/Apex, North Carolina

Date: August 24 – 26, 2012
Investment: $440
Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing
More Information and Registration: Theta Healing Connect Website

Recommendation: Be prepared to catapult your understanding and connection to the Source energy into the stratosphere.  You will receive hundreds of downloads and do multi-level clearings of beliefs.

In the Basic ThetaHealing® class, students are exposed to the concepts behind ThetaHealing® and are taught the basic technique used. There is a lot of identifying underlying beliefs and clearing them. And, there is ample time to practice. In the Advanced ThetaHealing® class, students are taught more in-depth information. They have had time to process the information from the Basic class and they are ready to move forward in their understanding and in the practical application.The student will learn:

  • how feelings are created; why that is important; and he or she will find out that they don’t have some feelings they thought they did!
  • what “downloads” are
  • how to be taught information from the Creator
  • why rejection, resentment, and regret are important
  • an in-depth understanding of each Plane of Existence
  • vows, commitments, agreements, & oaths to the Planes
  • free-floating memories
  • how to send love to the baby in the womb
  • how to heal a broken soul
  • how to use the 7th Plane to access the offerings of the others
  • how to meet a plant
  • how to meet an ancestor
  • basic manifesting
  • how to clear and do belief work on non-organic material
  • how to talk to the “higher self”
  • and more…

The students will receive from the Divine, through the teacher, many downloads, feelings, and teachings to unblock their energy and clear a path for their intuitive abilities to flourish.

This class is a gateway to a new understanding of who and what you are. It is a fun-filled experiential class that will propel you into an awareness of what you think, how you act, and how that impacts your reality and your future. And, it will give you the skills to consciously co-create change in your life and in the lives of others, all for the highest and best good of all concerned. As Vianna says, “Want to play?”

Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing®

Manifesting and Abundance

Cary/Apex, North Carolina

Date: September 22 – 23. 2012
Investment: $440
Prerequisites: Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing
More Information and Registration: Theta Healing Connect Website

What if it was possible to, by the power of your own thoughts, design your life to your exact specifications? Well, guess what, you already do! But wait, you say… I didn’t choose this; I wouldn’t choose this in my life. But, you see, you’ve been having random uncontrolled thoughts your entire life. The energy of those thoughts not only directs your future but they combine with the energy of the thoughts of others to design the reality of the masses. Uh-oh you say? Well, now that you know you can begin to change your life.

What is it that you want in your life? Most people don’t really know. They have a vague idea or a general concept such as “I want more money.” There are classes of many types that promote techniques for manifesting. The most common is a technique called visualization. Another is where you write down what you want and say it and read it over and over and over. Are they successful techniques? They can be. However, being in a theta state (according to Vianna Stibal the founder of ThetaHealing®) while manifesting will increase the chances of a manifestation to 80-90%. The spoken word is effective 30-40% of the time and visualizing is effective 50% of the time. Which would you choose?

In this class, you will be taught:

  • the importance of your thoughts and words and actions
  • the importance of knowing specifically what you want
  • how to manifest through the 7th plane with clear defined goals
  • what not to ask for and why
  • what you have to do to support your manifesting and make it a reality
  • how to protect your ideas from sabotage
  • Divine timing – what it is and how to align with it and why it is important
  • how to set boundaries; what kind; why they are needed; how to do it
  • the concept of energy exchange
  • how to “remember your future”
  • how to charge all around you, including inanimate objects to support your goals

You will also find and release beliefs and programs that block the flow of abundance in your life. Many may be from your childhood and you may not know you have them. For example, your parents may have been very successful in their careers but they fought with each other a lot. You, as a small child, might draw the conclusion that to be successful in a career means that your home life will not be successful. How many of those types of programs and beliefs do you have running in your subconscious? Can you see how that might negatively impact your ability to be successful at a career that would bring financial gain into your life?

And you thought it was just luck! Come join us and change your future.

Decide to change your life today. ThetaHealing® takes the wisdom of the ages, what has been taught for centuries, and gives you a practical and achievable roadmap (step-by-step) to success and everyday miracles. Anyone can learn this technique. ThetaHealing® is compatible with other healing techniques and does not conflict with religious teachings. All are welcome to learn and enjoy. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Check out the Theta Healing Connect website for more information and a link to an entire page of manifesting downloads to help you manifest the resources to take this positive step toward health and happiness and Divine connection moment-to-moment in your life.

Are you still unsure if this is for you?  Read my Personal Note to You.

Come join us on this adventure of spiritual and life exploration.
Blessings of light and love and learning,

Theta Healing Connect
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To Fix or to Change – That is the Question.

May 1, 2012

On the eve of the gift healing for all who have requested (go to my Facebook page to sign up), I feel it is important to once again mention the difference between being “fixed” and “changing”.

So often, when something is out of balance – physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually – we want the remedy as fast as possible.  Of course we do!  During those times, it is so very easy to release your own power to someone else and say “fix” it.  You want to lay back, relax, and then – like magic! – get up and have the issue resolved.  And, why wouldn’t you?

Yet, there are concerns with that.  First, if your mind sees the issue as something to be fixed, it means it is broken.  Then if it gets fixed, there is an understanding – because of our definition and understanding of the word – that it can break again.  There are multiple beliefs around just this that may not serve you well.

If you choose to see the issue as something to change, you inherently via definition and understanding, assume some responsibility and there is the hope that with change will come resolution and the freedom from having the issue again.

Another piece to this, aside from the beliefs associated with the above, is that often people just want someone else to “do it”.  If that happens, the issue may – indeed – resolve.  But, the original underlying belief(s) may still reside.  If that happens, guess what?!  The issue will resurface in one way or another because the belief(s) is the bottom-line cause.  In other words, you may feel temporary relief or resolution but the issue will re-surface later.

Part of what we learn in ThetaHealing® is what beliefs are typical for what issues.  That doesn’t mean it is the same every time, but there is a lot of evidence to support the relationships between certain beliefs and feelings and certain dis-ease.  There is also a way to test beliefs that you have – both conscious and subconscious – that we call energy testing.  You can learn how to do energy testing and test your own beliefs.  You would be amazed at some beliefs you have.  In fact, you would bet money you didn’t have some of them!  TheatHealing® is designed to then be able to release those beliefs that no longer serve you.

So, be aware of all this.  If you want change, there will probably be some effort that you will want to put into resolving your issues beyond an energy healing.  But, it is much more likely that the issue will be permanently resolved.  You may be ready for change and the energy healing may take care of all the beliefs and harmful feelings and the presenting issue like magic.  That is not as typical, in my experience, as the person who needs follow-up with what we call “belief and feeling” work.  Just know that people who are ready for change and who are ready to take the initiative to implement change tend to fare better in healings than those who want to be “fixed”.

You and Creator will be working together tomorrow to either fix or change your issue.  It will be – and always is – your choice.  Choose wisely.

Would you like Creator’s truth on all this; the difference between fixing and changing your issue; truth on what it means to permanently change dis-ease on any and all levels of your Being and how to do that; changing your truth to Creator’s; giving you the feelings of having, believing, and acting from Creator’s truth; how to; that it is safe to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to; that it is possible to have this in your life now; for your highest and best; with grace and ease; without trauma, drama, and/or illness; without the need to create/re-create negative situations for the purpose of learning and/or illustration; for all times, versions, and locations of you and your twin?

If so, say “yes – change” to allow Divine truth to flow to and through every cell of your body and in-between the cells, infusing Creator’s unconditional love and Light.

Blessings of wonderful, glorious, joyful change for you…

Theta Healing Connect
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Opening Your Connection to Divine Truth
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