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November 26, 2012

The holiday season does not always play out the way we are conditioned to think is ideal.  Family issues tend to surface.  People become stressed.  And, as expectations are not met, varying levels of depression and sadness and feelings that are not harmonious begin to emerge.

ThetaHealing® can help.  As you change your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, you begin to change what presents in your life.  On my website, I am offering holiday downloads to help.  Please feel free to visit and receive, and to share the page with others who could use an etheric hug this time of year.

I wish for you joy, peace, unconditional love, and all that you dream of…

Heart to heart, soul to soul…

Theta Healing Connect
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November 19, 2012

Worth revisiting as we get closer to year end…

Theta Healing Connections

These days, it is common to read various takes on how your thoughts create your reality.  The Law of Attraction has gotten big press and many people truly believe the theory, especially as emerging scientific studies are proving it to be real.  So, let’s presume that you believe that your thoughts create your reality – your energetic vibration attracts like energy.  What are you thinking and reading about 2012 and about the current global earth events?  Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what you read and hear and what you think.  It takes in movie content and your music lyrics and what you read and ideas you talk about and catalogues them in light of current beliefs already stored.  And all these are added to your stockpile of beliefs and mass consciousness.

So what, you say?  Well, let’s think about this.  We have already established a belief in attracting and…

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