December 16, 2012

We are primed to hold onto the illusion of this “reality”.  Our ego is designed to assist us with this task.  The illusion provides us with a very unique array of experiences that we would never have in the same way otherwise.  But, so many of us have forgotten our “roots”; so many of us have forgotten who and what we really are that it is now time to release the illusion, with gratitude, for the amazing teacher and illustrator that it has been.  Yet, because our ego is so well suited for its job and because it partners with our mind and subconscious mind, we tend to have a belief set that resists releasing the illusion.

For example test (for those of you who know how to energy test):

If the illusion is released, I cease to exist.  (yes)
If the illusion is released, I cease to be an individual.  (yes)
If the illusion is released, I lose all I have here and now in this 3D reality.  (yes)
If the illusion is released, all that I love is lost.  (yes)
If the illusion is released, I have nothing.  (yes)
I exist outside of the illusion. (no)
There is an illusion. (no)
I know how to be me outside the illusion.  (no)
I know my connection to Source and others outside the illusion. (no)
I can exist within and outside of the illusion. (no)
I do exist within and outside of the illusion. (no)
I know how to move my consciousness from one side of the illusion to the other. (no)

These are just a few – yes, really – of the beliefs related to living within and believing the illusion of this 3D reality.  You can imagine how disruptive having these type beliefs would be as we are shifting out of living within the illusion and into living without the illusion.  Having these beliefs will cause discord, trauma, drama, illness, and a sense of being “left behind” and not understanding what is going on.  The illusion has served us.  But, now it is time to release it and re-learn how to play and learn and expand and discover and create and love without it.  Are you ready?

Would you like Creator’s truth on illusion; what it really is vs. what you think it is; truth on living and BEing and thriving beyond the illusion (i.e. without it); truth on all the above beliefs and any related others not listed; changing your truth to Creator’s; how to have, know, believe, and act from Creator’s truth in all ways; what that feels like in all ways; Creator’s truth on it being safe for you to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to; that it is possible for you to right now; with full instantaneous conscious awareness of it all now; all with grace and ease, harmony and balance, without trauma, drama, and/or dis-ease of any type; without the need to create/re-create negative situations for the purpose of learning, illustration, and/or to show accomplishment; for all times, versions and locations of you and your twin if you have one; and anything and everything else Creator would choose for you related to this?

If so, say “yes – illusion” and be willing to allow Creator’s highest truth for you to flow to and through your cells, filling the space between them, brightening the Light within each, and illuminating your entire BEing with love and joy and wonder and peace and awe.  Allow if you are ready to connect within to your Divinity and remember your true self without the illusion, without limitations, without boxes, and with release, freedom, expansion, and unlimited joy and love.  And so it is and so it will be for all who choose it.

Heart to heart, soul to soul…

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