What If You Released All Resistance…

March 22, 2013

Does your life seem chaotic right now?  Do things seem out of control?  Is everything falling apart around you?  If you are feeling any of this, you are not alone.  As the overall energy of the planet speeds up, as new higher vibrational energy flows in, as more people are willing to change and raise their own frequency, lower energy vibration has to struggle to exist.  You would think that would be a good thing, right?  Well, it is.  However, many of us have beliefs – often beliefs we would swear we didn’t have – that keep us holding onto the energy to which we have become accustomed.

Why is that?  It tracks down to fear as the lowest common denominator.  It always does.  But, fear of what… That, my friends is the key issue.  What is that fear(s)?  If we can find the fear and clear, heal, resolve, forgive, release, dissolve, and/or transform it, then everything built on it does the same (usually).  So, that’s what we want – to find that underlying fear that keeps us holding on for dear life, that keeps us from letting go, that keeps us in resistance to allowing the flow of more of our already existing Divine energy.

What might some of those beliefs be?  An easy way to begin is to fill in the blank.  Ask yourself:

If I released all resistance then ___________.
If I let go then __________.
If I quit holding on for dear life then __________.

I imagine you would be quite surprised at the emerging beliefs.  So, let’s try one.  Here’s how it might go:

If I released all resistance then ___________.
I would be consumed by the void
I would be dead
I would let God down
I would defeat my purpose
I would give up on life
I would be giving up on my chosen path
I would be unworthy of God’s love
I would lose my way
I would lose my connection to Source
I would lose my connection to my guides
I would not recognize myself
I would not be recognized by others
I would give up all I have gained
I would have to start over
I would have to sacrifice
I would have to give up everything
I would have to give up my family and friends
I would be harshly judged
I would be taking on even more burdens
I would lose the delicate life balance I have managed to get in place
I wouldn’t know what to do
I wouldn’t know how to proceed
I wouldn’t know where I was
it wouldn’t be fair
it would be chaotic

So, you see where this might lead.  And, your understandings and definitions and perspectives of releasing all resistance, holding on for dear life, and letting go may be slightly different and may relate to various things.  What we are working towards here is releasing all resistance to moving forward spiritually, which would include:

  • accepting the flow of your Divine essence in greater quantities i.e. allowing in the energy of your Higher Self and Soul Self into the here and now more fully
  • allowing that flow to help direct and flow your life moment-to-moment, and
  • keeping you aligned, balanced, and harmonized in all areas of your life including physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

That sounds like a very good option to me!

To facilitate that, would you like some downloads from Creator; only for your highest and best; with grace and ease, without trauma, drama, and/or illness and/or dis-ease; without the need to create/re-create negative situations for the purpose of learning, illustration, and/or to show accomplishment; for all times, versions, locations, and expressions of you and your Twin, if you have one?

Would you like to know that the downloads are safe for you, that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to have them now; that it is possible for you now, and that you do now; and to offer any changes to all your ancestors, whatever each will accept and however much each will accept?

Would you like Creator’s truth on downloads from Creator; releasing all resistance, holding on for dear life, and letting go; allowing in more of your Divine essence; the safety for you of having these truths; changing your truth to Creator’s; teaching you how to have, know, believe, and act from Creator’s truth; and what that feels like?

Would you like to know how to and what it feels like to trust yourself; to recognize your own intuition; to trust your intuition; to flow with life; to allow that flow to guide you; to be free from fear of flowing with your life; and what it is like to live without resistance to moving forward, to flowing your life, and to letting go; what it is like to live without having to “hold on for dear life”; and how to be you in the new vibration of your energy and what that feels like in every way?

Would you like all the above negative beliefs pulled and replace with____________?

  • It is safe for me to release all resistance and let go.
  • I know how to release all resistance and let go.
  • I know what it means and what it feels like to release all resistance and let go.
  • My understanding of releasing all resistance and letting go is the same as Creator’s.
  • I can move forward with my life with grace and ease.
  • I can move forward spiritually with grace and ease.
  • I know how to and what it feels like to move forward with grace and ease.
  • I know how to and what it feels like to move forward spiritually with grace and ease.
  • I trust myself.
  • …and anything else Creator chooses specifically for you

Would you like all the fear, anxiety, suffering, victim energy, judgmental energy, critical energy, and other associated negative energies pulled from all your cells to the smallest level; have cell receptor sites closed to those feelings and energies; new cell receptor sites opened to the highest vibration of Creator’s unconditional love, joy, peace, and the energy of self-empowerment and self-worth; brightening the Light within each cell and expanding out to fill the space between the cells?

If so, pause for a moment and allow yourself the gift of Creator’s love and, say “yes – release”.  Be willing to feel the energy as it moves through you, clearing, healing, releasing, resolving, allowing the pathways to forgiveness to be opened, dissolving, and/or transforming as appropriate and applicable to you and what you will allow.  Allow it. Feel it. Know it. Believe it.  For, so it is.

Now, this doesn’t end here.  I’m sure you were hoping it would!  I would offer, with a smile and a lot of compassion, that for each of the negative beliefs listed above that you had, you need to “dig” down to the core belief.  Releasing the top-level of beliefs can give you respite.  It can bring you the space to breathe and have hope.  However, if it did not clear the bottom belief, it will still be there and will re-emerge in another way for you to address.  Don’t worry though!

I would offer that you can still dig on a belief after it has been cleared.  I find I am guided to do that with clients semi-regularly so that they will be willing to get to the core (bottom) belief.  And, it’s easy – if you are a ThetaHealer® – to do digging work on yourself.

If you are a ThetaHealer®, if you need to, imagine two versions of yourself – one as the client, one as the practitioner.  Ask yourself the same questions you would as a client in a digging session – what, when, who, why, and sometimes where.  If you are not a ThetaHealer®, there are many certified practitioners all over the world who can help you.  ThetaHealing® is outside of time and space.  It can be done with one person on one side of the world and one on the other.  It can be done face-to-face, via Skype, via phone, via chat, or none of the above.  It really is that versatile and easy and effective.  Or, you may have other energy techniques that you like and are well versed in to get to the core beliefs.

Let’s just take a quick example. I will state the questions and then a possible answer as an illustration.   “If I released all resistance, I would be consumed by the void.”  What would happen then?  “I would be nothing.”  What would happen then? “I would disappoint God.”  It could go further but often the “God beliefs” are the bottom ones.  In this case, you could (depending on guidance from Creator) pull the belief, substitute an appropriate new belief, pull any associated negative feelings and insert positive ones, and get proper teachings, understandings, and feelings.  A trained ThetaHealer® can easily do all this and more, depending on the guidance of Creator.

So…. how are you feeling now?  Ready to do this?  Ready to move forward without all the trauma and drama?  Ready to live your life with grace and ease and fun and awesomeness, showered in beautiful sparkles?  You can do this.  I trust in you.  Are you ready?


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When Fear Meets Oneness

March 13, 2013

We are now on an accelerated pace for remembering our Oneness with all things.  That’s a very good thing.  Yet, as that happens, you may find that you remember that you are One with something you fear.  That’s not the best thing.

For example, you may have this belief “I fear the void.” or “I fear darkness.”.  As you come to realize that you are both the void and the darkness, then the conflict of that begins to emerge in your daily life here and now.  This is just one example (two actually!) of beliefs you may have that will conflict with your remembrance of your wholeness and Oneness.

The really good thing is that as these beliefs surface, you can easily change them and clear and resolve the fear.  ThetaHealing® is an excellent way to deal with it all.  And, there are other ways as well.

The way this is presenting in daily life for many right now is resistance to moving forward – resistance to owning and accepting and embracing all you have ever been, all you are now, and all you will be.  That’s really scary for a lot of people.  We have beliefs that say that certain behaviors are “bad”.  Are those behaviors the best choice?  Perhaps not.  But, as you come to know that all behavior less than the vibration of unconditional love is based in fear, you can begin to open your heart to compassion.

I have come to know for myself that each person does the best they can given their level of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual vibration in any given moment.  When fear dominates, the choices are often not what might serve them best.  As fears are cleared and resolved, the choices become more aligned with love and joy and peace.  Does that mean there are not consequences for the behaviors and choices?  No.  What it does mean is that there is the potential for learning and growth.  As we clear and release, however, we also need to be willing to forgive ourselves for those times when we have made choices and decisions that we would never make in the here and now with where we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually now – and where we aspire to be.

Embrace the learning.  Embrace the opportunity to expand and grow.  Embrace the ability to share that intimate understanding with others so that they no longer have to learn in the same way – helping them set a new paradigm, a new pathway to wholeness and Oneness – one without trauma and/or drama.

You are a Divine Being in a physical body.  You are more than you can imagine.  And it is all coming together for you to remember that now and BE that now – here in this reality.  That doesn’t have to be frightening.  That can be awesome and wonderous and amazing and seemingly miraculous (seemingly because it is all miraculous if you allow it to be and remember that it is).

When things don’t suit you in your life – pause – and ask yourself how this is serving you.  What are you getting out of having it in your life?  What is it there to teach you?  If you need help with figuring that out – because sometimes in the emotions of it all it may not be easy for you to see – find someone to work with.  Or, learn how to help yourself by taking a class in a healing modality like ThetaHealing®.  It can be life changing and in a very good way!

Sending you the energy of unconditional love, compassion, clarity, and joy…


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