Learning Through Fear

July 29, 2013

We are taught that we can and should learn from the emotions and feelings of things like anger and fear and mistrust and discord.  We are taught that they are part of the human condition; that they are natural; that they come with life.

But what if that wasn’t the highest truth?  What if you could choose whether or not to learn in that way?  What if you could learn just as easily and effectively through love and joy and peacefulness?

When you have an absolute like “must, have to, should, it’s required, I’m obligated to, it’s always been done that way” and the like, the energy of that is much heavier than the energy of choice.  The more you stay in the lighter brighter higher vibrational energy, the more your own vibration is raised and the more of that you attract into your life.

Would you like Creator’s truth on all that; would you like to know that you can learn and grow and expand just as well, if not better, from love and joy and peace and like feelings/emotions; would you like to know Creator’s truth on choice, on your ability and right to choose how you learn; how to choose and how to have choice in your life on this level of expression; changing your truth to Creator’s; would you like to know how to move forward in your life now knowing and believing and trusting and acting from Creator’s truth; what that feels like in every way; that it is safe to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy, and deserving to, and that it is possible for you to now; would you like to disconnect from all the outdated cultural and ancestral patterns of leaning through fear and the like; would you like for those neural pathways to be discontinued and dissolved; for new neural pathways to be established for conscious choice in all things; all for your highest and best, with grace and ease, harmony and balance, and without dis-ease of any type; without the need to create/re-create negative situations for the purpose of learning, illustration, and/or to show accomplishment; for all times, versions, locations, expressions of you and your twin if you have one and in all languages?

If so, say “yes – choice” to allow Creator to teach you and infuse you with your highest and best truth.  Feel the energy go to every cell of your body and in-between the cells, brightening your inner Light, bringing you freedom of choice and the joy and bliss of that.

Do note that with these downloads, you continue to have the choice to experience through fear and the like.  You are a powerful co-Creator.  Co-creation is knowing there are infinite possibilities for expression and growth and learning in any given moment and consciously choosing the one you desire.  You direct and the Universe and the energy of the Creator of All There Is brings you what you choose.  You, even then, have the choice of whether and/or how much to allow it in to manifest in this 3D reality.  That’s pretty cool!

The other thing to note here is that this is a fairly simplistic presentation of such a huge concept.  Your beliefs play a major role in how much your subconscious will allow you to consciously manifest.  But, just know this is a good start.  It’s a way to begin to change your perception and understanding of how things work and to step out of victim energy into self-empowerment.  Choice is empowering.  Absolutes are not.  As you take steps in that direction, the Universe will work with you to bring to your attention areas where your beliefs are not serving you on the new path.  This is a really good thing!  You then have the choice to change them or not.  Changing beliefs that restrict or limit your self-empowerment will widen the pathway to allowing the full expression of your soul into your daily life, moment-to-moment.  It is a beautiful thing!

Namaste!  In love and gratitude…

Step out of the box of limitations and into the energy of all possibilities… It’s there for the doing… Go for it!


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Country Music Alert

July 25, 2013

musicI love country music – especially what is called country these days!  Throughout its existence, country music has told the story of heartache, breakups, lost love, and other seemingly everyday lamentable happenings.  That’s all fine.  It’s what has, for a long time, defined country.

However, I feel guided to point out something to all you music lovers, as I again take note of it myself.  We relate to the lyrics of songs.  Part of that is the music and part is the story line or message.  Someone knows how we feel and they even made a song about it!  I’m not alone!  We sing the songs, quote the lines, embrace the sentiment.  But, what if those very same lyrics contained thoughts that you take on as your own without realizing it.  And, what if those same thoughts – turned into beliefs – manifested as your life.  Would you want to live out the woes and heartache of the songs you hear?  I wouldn’t!

For example, how about lyrics that say “I can’t live without you.” or “There ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone.”  Of course you can live without someone.  And, yes, the sun will still shine if your baby goes away.   It doesn’t mean that you will take on every lyric as your own.  However, education is power.  Knowing that it is a possibility is something I want to know.  I think you’d also be really surprised at how many you really do take on and turn into beliefs.

I know a lot of people on the spiritual path change to more uplifting upbeat music and lyrics.  That’s great.  But, I love country – and other types of music which don‘t always sing that tune.  When I asked Creator how to resolve this for me, I was guided to envision a large bubble around the music with the lyrics contained within.  I could see myself listening and enjoying and even – mercy! – singing to them.  When I was through, all the lyrics and even the music would be “cancelled, cleared, and deleted” – in other words, I could listen and enjoy without fear that I would take on the sentiments as my own.

I do the same with TV.  I want to watch some shows.  I enjoy it.  They all go in a bubble.  I remember the films we watched in Intuitive Anatomy.  The entire class would be calling out “cancel, clear, delete” over and over until it became such a laughable distraction that we had to stop.  But, it really made the point to me that there is an incredible amount of dialogue that we hear and read that does not serve us well.  Now, Creator has provided a way for me to keep informed, sing and dance (again mercy!), and enjoy a good movie without worry or concern.  I love that!

Another blessing in all this is that it also reminds me that there is always a solution.  Connect in and ask.  It may not be what you expect or maybe not even what you think you want, but there is always a solution.  So many times, though, people forget that they have the power and ability to ask and receive the highest and best solution beyond the mind.  I find that awe-inspiring and awesome!  And, it makes me really happy!  Time for Keith Urban and me to get back to singing and dancing…

Enjoy!  You’re only limited by what you think you can’t do…

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PS Love the picture… don’t know the person to credit… but, thanks.

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