September 27, 2013

I was sitting with a beautiful friend and ThetaHealer® the other day talking about her new volunteer work.  In the discussion, we found a pretty significant belief.  When I would semi-dig on the topic, she would bob and weave to avoid going to the core.  She really wanted me to “fix” it.  But, Creator had other ideas for her.

I was guided to continue talking to her about the situation but to not go further.  When we finished, the original belief had cleared.  She seemed really happy about it.  Yet, I was getting there was a lot more and she needed to clear it herself.  So, my recommendation was to be happy about the clearing but to go home and look at it more in-depth.

One really cool thing was that the one belief that surfaced cleared on its own just by the discussion.  We are really making headway into that type of clearing and healing.  It’s raising your own vibration enough that the other person matches it and anything that doesn’t resonate cannot exist.  In this case, it was our combined frequency that did the trick since we were both heart centered with each other during our visit.  This is healing in one of its easiest expressions.  You could call it healing by default.  It just happens.  Don’t you just love it?!

The next day, my friend contacted me to say she had gone home and really gotten down to the core issue.  There were tears and a sense of real accomplishment.  Creator had shown me that the issue was so deep, that she had to tiptoe to the edge of it, stick in a toe, and see if she survived.  She did that.  She also needed to remember that she is perfectly capable of handling anything that comes up in her life – successfully and with grace and ease and expediency.  Yea!  She was so happy.  And, so was I.

Many times with deep core issues, the layered beliefs will just dissolve when the person is ready to get to the bottom.  The top layers surface to identify that there is more.  With a bit of Light and intention (and my friend was very ready to change this and she had/has the very best of intentions for herself and others), those surface beacons will automatically resolve.  It allows the person to then take a peek at the underlying issue within a feeling of relative safety.  My friend could pull her toe back out and walk away.  But, she didn’t.  She really dove in and pulled the plug.  I am so proud of her!  There was a short time of sadness but when that was over, she was rockin’ it.  And now, she also knows what it feels like to be confident in her own healing abilities.

So many healers feel that it is more difficult to work on themselves.  I say and have always said, “That’s a belief!”.  Yes a different perspective can be helpful sometimes.  I’m not recommending not asking for help.  I’m only pointing out that you are already powerful enough.  You are capable.  Own it.  Explore that.  If at first you don’t succeed, know you now have a roadmap of what doesn’t work.  Explore again.  You will find the roadmap that works.  If it takes a few times, don’t despair.  Know and believe that you are learning (actually remembering) a skill set that will serve you well.  It’s worth practicing!  Most people don’t learn piano in a day.  Self-healing won’t take that long and it’s really fun once you get the hang of it.  You will become adept at looking at everything that is happening as an indicator of beliefs you may have hidden in your subconscious mind.  You will begin to then change unwanted beliefs on the fly and not wait for them to knock you down.  That, my friends, is definitely worth a bit of practice.

I applaud my friend for a big step forward in her journey.  She will be an awesome volunteer.  She is going to help a lot of people just as she helped herself.  She was brave and now she is positioned to help others be brave.  How incredibly awesome is that?!  She rocks!

And, you know what?  Each of you reading this rock too!  If you haven’t already gotten to this level of healing, you can and you will.  Just don’t give up and don’t be afraid to stick your toe in the water.  The only monsters in there would be ones of your own making and if you made them, you can un-make them.  Yea!

Happy happy day.  Happy happy days.  We are moving forward in our remembering so quickly.  Use that momentum to be the awesome amazing incredible beautiful Light filled soul you already are in the here and now.  You will be so glad.  It’s a gift to yourself.  Don’t you deserve it?!  I know you do!



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PTSD of Life

September 15, 2013

I was assisting a friend yesterday and a most unusual belief came in.  It was about feeling like having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from coming into life and feeling that the whole story of what life would be like wasn’t presented or accurately represented beforehand.  It’s like you get here and – YIKES – it’s scary and hard and not fun and exciting like it was presented.  Then, that belief expanded to “life” generating the feeling of having PTSD.  Can you imagine how limiting that would be on your willingness to open to life and really embrace and experience it?  It’s huge!

With that also comes an underlying anger at being “tricked” or having things misrepresented.  It’s on the verge of feeling like God betrayed you.  So, of course, there would be trust issues related to God.  And if you don’t trust God, who can you trust? That leads to lots of fear and mistrust and heartache.  It just keeps getting more and more complicated.

So, if you have clients who feel like life is just overwhelming, that nothing ever works as it should, that life is hard and unbearable and just not worth it, check to see if they feel like they have PTSD.  Then look at their trust issues with God. That may really switch gears for them and change their whole life.

Would you like Creator’s truth on coming into this world; who makes the decisions; how it is decided; what you came for; what you intended to learn; how you intended to learn it; and anything else related that you need clarity and Creator’s highest truth on, with full conscious understanding and awareness?  Would you like to release all feelings of PTSD related to coming into this reality and related to your experience of life? Would you like to have Creator’s highest truth on whether it is safe to trust God; whether you were tricked or betrayed related to deciding to come into this reality; and anything else related that you need?  Would you like to release the feelings of stress, anger, hurt, betrayal, mis-trust, and like feelings from every cell in your body and throughout your energy fields and replace it with feelings of unconditional love, safety, joy and peace?  Would you like to know how it served you to live with the feeling of having PTSD all this time?  Would you like to have all that resolved, downloading any lessons still needed complete with all the feelings and teachings?  Would you like to have your truth changed to Creator’s on all this; know that it is safe for you to be here and safe for you to change all this now; how to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to, that it is possible for you to do so now; for all times, versions, locations, and expressions of you and your twin(s); all for your highest and best, with grace and ease, harmony and balance, and without trauma, drama, and/or dis-ease of any type; in all languages; and that you have all this changed, cleared, healed, resolved, forgiven, transformed now; and that any etheric binding agreements of any type and/or curses and such tying you to having or desiring to learn in this way be dissolved with love and gratitude; now; and anything else Creator chooses to change for you related to this for your highest and best?

If so, say “yes – I’m ready to enjoy life” and allow the flow of amazing wonderful Divine love and healing to flow to and through you infusing every cell and filling the space between them bringing you what you need.

Many thanks to my friend for being the catalyst for these insights and beliefs.  You know who you are!  We all thank you.  And many thanks to the Creator of All There Is, with love.


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