The Best Deal Ever!

January 30, 2014

We tend to get caught up in methods and structure for healing.  And, that’s normal since most of us have forgotten how truly powerful and capable we are already.  So we turn to others who claim to have “inside information” or a “better connection” to the “unknown” to give us direction.  Again, normal human behavior.  We want what “they” have and we think we’re willing to do whatever it takes to have it.  Why?  Because it gives us an advantage – in life in general, personally, professionally, and in our relationships.  Knowledge is power, right?  That’s what we’ve been taught.  That’s what we think we see in action.  “Insiders” get the best deals.  They get “something for nothing” which is good, right?  Normal.  It flows through our culture.  Our kids pick it up without thought.

But, what’s really going on here?  If you really follow the flow of it back to the source, it is fear.  It sprouts from the fear of lack.  We have to gather and amass as much as possible as quickly as possible because there might not be any later.  Whatever gives us the upper hand in doing that is a good thing.  That fear, too, pervades our culture.  Sales people use it to their advantage.  It under-rides movie plots.  It’s everywhere.  Of course, it would be normal to want to follow any “rules” or methods or structures that would increase our intuition and “give” us the ability to heal self and others.  And, in the beginning, perhaps that’s a reasonable approach given all the teachings we have had and the cultural environment in which we live.

However…….. there is another way that you can use right now that trumps all that.  I can hear you now “Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  Let’s hear it!”.  It’s simple.  It’s gratitude.  That’s right.  So simple but profound in the same breath.

It’s about thanking the Divine/Creator of All There Is/Allah/Shiva/etc. from the core of your soul for everything – absolutely everything no matter how you view it, judge it, allow it, and no matter where in the universe of universes “it” resides or what “it” is.  When you offer thanks to the Divine (no matter what the name or belief) with every fiber of your Being; without any stipulations or requests or “buts” attached; when your sole/soul intention is to share your unconditional love and gratitude for absolutely everything there is anywhere and everywhere; when you feel that in every way and nothing else; when you have no thoughts of anything but having that expression go directly to the Divine; healing happens.  The Divine knows your every thought, your every need, your every desire.  You are part of the Divine.  You create/co-create as part of the Divine.  Of course, your desires are known.  Then as you send your love and gratitude to the Divine with no ulterior motives, it is received and you access your own Divinity in that moment.  In that moment, you are more fully and consciously connected to the flow of Divine Universal Life Force energy that runs through all life.  It is powerful.  It is all-knowing.  It is healing in ways you may not even be able to imagine.  What is highest and best for you in that moment just happens.  That, in turn, impacts everyone and everything else in a positive way.  And, your fear begins to melt…

It sounds too simple to be true.  And “good gracious!” you release control of the outcome!  THAT can’t be good or productive or in your best interest, right?  Well, how is keeping that control working out for you?  Just a thought…

Even though some of you will say this too is a “technique”, it can go beyond that.  It is as old as forever.  Many call it prayer.  But, for many, prayer comes with an expectation of an outcome, a request.  Why not try it without the strings.  Do you trust God/Creator enough to do that?  Do you trust God/Creator to have your back?  Do you trust God/Creator to know what is in your highest and best even if it doesn’t seem like that is what is occurring in the moment?  If you don’t, look there.  Why don’t you?  Look at your “God beliefs” around abandonment.  When did you feel God wasn’t there for you?  Are you willing to see the truth of that time now?  A good ThetaHealer® can help you with that if you need it.

Want to try it this way?  If so, get in a comfortable space, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Breathe deeply a few times and be willing to trust outside of your mind.  Imagine unconditional love and gratitude as a beautiful Light in your heart.  Imagine it expanding out to fill all your body and all the space around your body.  Imagine that Light expanding even more to encompass Infinity and all that is within Infinity.  FEEL that.  Don’t just say it in your head.  Feel it in every part of your body.  Know that you are that Light and feel that as you embrace and become One with everything within and outside of Infinity.  Feel that love.  Feel that gratitude.  Allow yourself to feel safe and loved and to feel the gratitude for you.  You are a part of all there is.  And, you are One with it all.  Stay in that space of Light, love, and gratitude for as long as you can before your mind begins to wander.  When you are through, imagine all that Light, love, and gratitude flowing back into your heart but allow it to continue to fill your body and the space right around you and open your eyes.

The more you offer this beautiful gift, the more you gift love and healing to yourself.  It’s a by-product.  It’s like cause and effect.  However, there is no expectation needed.  It just is.  Trust it even if you don’t feel or see the results right at first.  Most people don’t play concertos the first sitting at a piano.  But, trust that love and healing can be instantaneous if you will allow it to be.  Trust instead of expect.  There’s a huge difference in both definition and energy vibration.

We are taught and conditioned to think in certain ways.  Those ways have served us on some level in the past.  But, we are awakening to the understanding that we don’t have to exist in the ways that have always been taught.  People do the best the can in any moment given where they are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  When “rules” and structure are formulated, it is typically done given the collective consciousness of the time and the connection of the people of the time.  That’s normal.  Now is another time.  It’s time for a change.  It’s time to remember that we create/co-create.  It’s time to remember that we have choice.  It’s time to remember that we no longer have to be immersed in the energy of fear to learn and experience.  We’ve done that for a good while.  It’s time to play and have fun.  It’s time to live in a world where everyone has plenty and there is no lack.  It begins with one.  It strengthens with two.  It expands with three.  What will happen when multitudes join in?  Imagine.  Imagine it as if it was already here.  And, give gratitude and thanks, with trust.

This is one way I can support my brothers and sisters worldwide who are immersed in fear and lack.  This is a way I can help to bring peace.  My love goes out to each and every one of you regardless of who you are or what you believe.  Love and gratitude brings healing.  They do their thing regardless of me.  All I have to do is trust and believe and offer this gift through my love and gratitude to the Divine.   And, it’s like a BOGO (buy one, get one) – you give healing/love/gratitude and you get healing/love/gratitude!  Now, that’s a really good deal!


With love and gratitude, Linda

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Are You Looking For Something More In Your Life?

January 20, 2014

Are you looking for something more in your life?  Do you feel incomplete?  Do you wonder why you are here and what it is that is unique about you?  If so, perhaps you’ve been looking in the wrong place.  When you look for that “something more” outside of yourself, not only do you give your power away, you take a detour around authenticity and what you can uniquely offer the world.

There is a lovely book by Sarah Ban Breathnach called Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self.  It was published in 1998 but the wisdom and offerings are still current.  She begins the book with these paragraphs:

“Human beings, as far as I can tell, seem to be divided into two subspecies – the resigned, who live in quiet desperation, and the exhausted, who exist in restless agitation.  The quiet and resigned believe that our time on this Earth is random, a roll of the cosmic dice, completely beyond our control.  You know these folks when you hear them; their sighs speak volumes.

The rest of us – the restless agitators – sense that there’s got to be Something More to why we’re here, something other than discovering what money, love, and sex have to do with the Meaning of Life.  We grow our own organic vegetables, take our vitamins, drink mineral water, meditate, start study groups.  We work out five days a week, treat ourselves to low-fat sorbet the other two, and then wonder why we’re perpetually cranky.  So what’s the rest of it? we want to know (preferably by the end of the afternoon).  This question distracts and disturbs us and keeps us worn to a raveling.”

Got your attention yet?  The book tells her story and, by proxy, helps the reader to remember the ultimate truth.  She will get you to:

You and Spirit.  The dream team.  The perfect couple.  A match made in Heaven to better the Earth.  …  Something More.  You fall in love for the first time and discover that your soul mate is Life…. When you fall passionately in love with Life – despite all its complexities, compromises, and contradictions – Life falls passionately in love with you, in spite of yours.  Trust me, you will never find a lover who will adore, desire, embrace, and delight you more than Real Life.

There are so many wounded people walking around in a daze.  Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually dazed… going through the motions of life thinking there is no other option.  They search and search for “the answer” and sometimes think they almost have it.  But, that dies a quick death and they default to the drudgery of life as they have come to know it.  Yet, if they would but remember what brings joy and happiness and fullness and richness to their heart and bring that forward, they could take a new path to embracing their own magnificence and uniqueness and all the amazing things that make them who they are.

We allow our authentic self to be compromised and we suppress it for a variety of reasons.  It’s time to ditch that approach and become real again – to embrace life with the passion and unbridled expression of a child in joyous celebration.  You can do that.  You really can.  You can start by figuring out who you are and what you enjoy.  Then, find ways to enjoy those things now.  What is it that makes you smile, that warms your heart, that makes your soul sing?  THAT is how you want to live life – in that vibration, authentic to your uniqueness and amazing nature.  THEN just BEing you will be enough.  Then just BEing you will bring joy to others.  No fancy mantras; no fancy rituals; no fancy rules and regulations.  Just be you.  Just be happy.

If this hits home with you, you might want to read the book referenced above.  It may help you to uncover what you have deeply hidden and repressed about you.  Have you forgotten who you are and what brings you joy?  If so, let’s get digging and excavate the real you and bring you out, clean you up, and get you loving life as your soul mate – the ultimate compliment to you.

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