Speaking in Tongues – New Version 102

I had the most amazing experience this morning as I was checking in on someone needing healing.  I was in a relaxed meditative state (before you get up in the morning and what you know as the theta brainwave state) and I connected to her energy as I had promised her I would do.  This beautiful friend has Spanish as a first language.  So, imagine my surprise when I began to watch myself converse with her (in my head in that meditative and connected state) in Spanish!  I don’t – yet – speak or understand Spanish here and now.  But, I understood every word we were speaking!  When my mind realized what was happening, it was so excited that it kicked me out of that state of connectedness.  My mind was doing the “happy dance” at the implications – and there are so many!


We are merging our timelines and bringing all versions of us back together as One.  Since we are all part of each other as well, that also means we are merging consciousness with others to varying degrees.  My mind had never considered that it might mean that we may automatically speak other languages, automatically be able to play all instruments to perfection, automatically do so many things… The implications are astounding, yet so simple.  Another “I shoulda had a V-8” moment!  We are already witnessing these type things with healing but I had never had an experience like that before.  Maybe I’ll be a rock star soon!!!

I’m confident that when my mind quits doing the “happy dance” I will be continuing to explore this wonderful experience and see where it goes.  It’s a perfect reminder that we are indeed all interconnected in many ways and that as we move forward, physical evidence of that will present itself in our conscious reality more and more.  Woohoo!  Let the fun continue!  Are you ready?

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2 Responses to Speaking in Tongues – New Version 102

  1. Daria says:

    well, this is just great, as i am exploring animal communication this post is came to me as a confirmation because all they are talking and teaching about is actually what you wrote in this post 🙂

    • Daria, that is wonderful! I would offer that if you are told that animals only communicate in pictures, give that some thought. I find that is just a belief. They talk if you have beliefs that will allow that to happen. Love to you and good luck on your exploration! Linda

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