Justice vs. Injustice

Here is yet another example of how our beliefs can collide as we shift our understanding of the highest truth.

Scales of JusticeWe all have a concept of justice.  Many also have the automatic feeling that “justice must be served” i.e. fairness and equality must be upheld.

Yet, as we look at things from a higher perspective, we find that there actually isn’t any such thing as justice – or injustice.  If you believe in individual choice in all experience both pre- and post birth, then justice and injustice cannot exist except as we allow them to.  This causes conflict for the brain, especially within those who are shifting into a new way of experiencing life.

Justice and injustice are dualistic in nature.  They “compete” against each other.  As we shift our understanding out of duality and into unity consciousness, to believe in either causes inner conflict.  Yes, we can see the perception of both here and now every day.  Yet, if we are also conscious of being a multi-dimensional BEing and existing and living in multiple dimensions simultaneously, we are also aware that all our thoughts and beliefs are, in some capacity, impacting all our other experiences simultaneously as well since all those aspects of us are part of the ONE BEing of us.  Are you following this?  It’s kind of like if you if you get a headache.  Even though it is localized within the head, your entire body feels the effects of it to one degree or another.

Then again, justice and injustice carry and actually “house” feelings.  In other words, when you think the word justice, you automatically elicit certain feelings.  Same for injustice.  When you come to realize there is “nothing to handle” related to either in the big picture because it is “already handled” by virtue of not existing, your brain systematically fries!

When you get Creator’s truth on justice and injustice, you can release the anger and indignation and resentment of perceived injustice.  Does that mean anything goes? Of course not.  But, it is your choice in how you handle and perceive it.  If you look at all the perceived injustice in the world and felt and housed anger and indignation and resentment for it all (including what has happened in the “past”), just think of how closed off you would become.  Just think of how much fear you would need to constantly have to protect yourself from the same or like occurrences.  It’s mind-boggling.  But, that’s what we tend to do.

If you feel compelled to take action in some way, then by all means do.  Yet, consider that doing it from a space of Creator’s highest truth may help your impact to be much greater by using your Divine connection to manifest and draw to you the resources you need, the people to support and assist you, and the clear direction of the best path to take to cause the shift you desire.

So, would you like Creator’s highest truth on justice and injustice for you at this time (which may change over time); changing your truth to Creator’s; teaching you how to have, know, believe, and act from Creator’s truth now; what that feels like; only for your highest and best and with grace and ease and without trauma, drama, and/or dis-ease; for all versions and times of you?  If so, say “yes – justice” and allow your own spark of Divinity to shine the totality of Creator’s Light on it for you.  Feel the release of the burden of injustice and the fight for justice.  Feel the peace of the Creator of All There Is within you and know that as you embrace this peace and expand this love in your life, you are changing the world for the better for everyone.

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Namaste.

PS Thank you to citarra.deviantart.com for the great pic!

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9 Responses to Justice vs. Injustice

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  2. Aw dear Linda thank you so much for your kind words! I think I will write an article on this, it is such an important subject. Thank you and thanks again for sharing your thoughts and especially your wonderful energy through your blog! It’s a fantastic resource for insight and above all joy!☺ Lots of love and sparklies to you too! ♥

    • Many thanks dear Wendy! Love your insights and all the love that comes flowing through! Anyone reading this might want to check out Wendy’s blog @ thecompanyofspirits.wordpress.com. Great posts! Lots of love and sparklies right back! ❤

      • Thank you so much Linda you are so generous! I have written a kind of prelude to this subject… more is yet to come ☺ Thank you for inspiring me! I’m looking forward to your next blog post! ❤

        • Wendy, you are amazing. I love how we each have our own gifts and how we can help each other so much. Sometimes all it takes is validation and/or to feel heard by another… other times it sparks the imagination or reminds us of what we already know. It’s all sharing the love! You do that beautifully! Thank you for you! ❤

          • Aw Linda you keep amazing me with your generosity of spirit! Yes isn’t it great that we all have our unique gifts and help them grow simply by celebrating and acknowledging them… win-win in a big way and spreading across the world like ripples in a big pond! 🙂 Woohoo for being you, thank you too! And of course big time sparklies ❤

  3. Dear Linda, thank you so much for sharing this insight on justice and injustice! It is such an important subject. I think it is so important to get the higher perspective on it to move us out of victim mode (and indeed beyond the roles of victim/perpetrator) and into empowerment by taking full responsibility for our own creations.

    I thought I had learned this years ago. And then, recently I wanted to instil the belief that I was the creator of my own experience, that I could create my own life. It simply did not stick! Now that was strange.
    So I did some self-digging (hum, funny word 😉 ) and found that there was a big internal conflict going on.

    Past lives that had, indeed been victim to all sorts of abuse had been made to believe that it was all their own fault. This, I know from my practice as a past life therapist, happens often when people are in shock, as happens during trauma: words and beliefs from the perpetrator will have great impact and have a big chance of being taken on by the victim. It happens a lot with sexual abuse in this life or any other: the victim is told that it is all their own fault, that they wanted it, elicited it, etc.

    So, my past lives rebelled against the idea of being the creator of their own experience: because that would mean they had created the abuse as well! I had to first work on beliefs around accountability, that everyone is responsible for their own actions. That believing you create your own experience does not mean taking on responsibility for the other’s actions. Then, it became ‘safe’ for those parts of my soul to accept the belief that I can create my own reality. They also needed this to be able to forgive (before, forgiveness felt like condoning the actions).

    Since I discovered this link I am extra conscious of checking it with clients who have been abused in this life or past lives: so they can really move out of the victim/perpetrator dichotomy and fully empower themselves as creators of their own experience! 🙂
    Hmmm, I feel an article on the subject coming on… 😉

    Lots of love and sparklies, Wendy

    • Oh Wendy love, YES it would be awesome for you to do an article on this! Wonderful insights and I think more people would see it if you posted something on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your experience, and your love with all of us. I can only imagine how many people it has the potential to help. You rock! With so much love and respect and sparklies! Linda ❤

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