Won’t You Come Out To Play?

The most interesting thing has been happening.  We have various types of wildlife come by to visit all the time.  But, lately we’ve had a different type of visit.

We noticed a beautiful, seemingly well fed (especially as he typically had something in his mouth when seen!), younger fox that would come up in the yard in the mornings and then around dusk.  That’s pretty normal as we have lots of visitors.  But, things shifted.  He took a liking to our dog!  He would take her large rubber ball and run off with it and then entice her to play.  When she would run after him, he would suddenly stop and then turn and run toward her yipping trying to get her to play tag.  The other morning, he ran into the garden, jumped on the mulch pile and began singing to her to get her to come outside.  When I checked in with him I distinctly got he was lonely.  He is a young male who got separated from his family.  He had a very sweet and loving energy.


He hasn’t been around in two days.  I’ve sent him lots of love and the energy of a good life.  We don’t particularly want our dog to think all foxes are playmates, though she did seem to really enjoy this fellow and would watch for him at dawn and dusk.  In a way, it’s sad to not have him come visit every day but I’m sure it’s best for him to find a more secluded area to enjoy and raise a family.

Nature is so amazing and we love having visitors.  We are intimately connected with all life. We will hold this beautiful fellow as a highlight in our memories.

Don’t miss the everyday moments of connection and the Divine speaking directly to you!  Those moments are all around you!  I call them moment-to-moment miracles!  Just pause and look…

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours, Linda

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7 Responses to Won’t You Come Out To Play?

  1. Awwww… I hope this handsome fox finds a nice lady fox soon to start his own family with! It’s magical how animals can overcome the differences between species… I once had a Greek tomcat giving me the eye.. and he wasn’t after my food! He gave me that ‘Joey’ look: ”How YOU doing?” I’ll post a pic on my blog, he was totally adorable… he almost made me blush! 😉

  2. John and Luz Frye says:



    LUZ … and I was able to read it!!!

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