Let the Party Continue!

June 7, 2014

Things are changing so rapidly now it almost seems silly to write them down!  Such huge energy infusions… and so high in vibration that it calls for more sleep to assist with the integration (and this sleep is not optional!).  There are also some really cool things showing up.

Take my digital camera for example.  Mine has always made nature seem even more vibrant.  Deep rich hues and such depth… However, for the past week, the pictures haven’t been capturing even a fraction of the beauty I actually see.  Luckily, I know how to change that!  But how interesting…  To me, it tells of a shift in what I am seeing in the here and now.  That’s exciting!  I imagine many people are having like things occur.

Even the understandings are skyrocketing forward.  Take the post on dis-creation I recently put on Facebook (you can access it without being on FB via the link below).  As I understand it now, it’s not dis-creation at all. It’s actually instant conscious manifestation.  Well, woohoo to that!  Just remember, this same influx of very high energy vibrations will also likely bring to the surface anything that is not in harmony and balance with it.  So, if you have issues arise, don’t despair.  There are very effective ways to deal with them with grace and ease and without trauma and drama and/or dis-ease, and, resolving any that you are experiencing.

You are on an exciting path of self-awakening, self-remembering, self-connection and integration or you wouldn’t be reading this.  That’s an awesome thing!  And, it can be fun and exciting and magical and conscious.  You are not a victim.  You are a powerful, capable, amazing Divine BEing and you can access all of that now.  Have it be your goal and your fun activity to raise your vibration to match the beautiful incoming energy.  We’re getting close to “critical mass” with enough people connected consciously to their own Divinity that it shifts mass and collective consciousness in a really good way.  When that happens, WOW.  It’s happy dance time yet again!

We are learning to live in what I call Theta consciousness, though you may know it by other names.  It’s the vibration of pure unconditional love and knowing ourselves to be that love.  We are creators, co-creators, and Divine Beings.  We are fully connected to the Creator of All There Is at all times (whether you feel that or not).  Have your goal be to stay there in that energy permanently while still being here and now and having a blast “playing” with what that brings.

Enjoy this time.  It’s only going to get better!   Expand the energy of your heart and allow in the love of all.  It’s a beautiful thing!


From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours, Linda

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