Allowing Love

September 10, 2014

We are entering a time of consolidation of many lifetimes. We are energetically flowing toward remembering our connection with all life as One energy. As more and more individuals raise their personal vibrations, they help to clear their own energy and the energy of mass and collective consciousness. As that shifts, it impacts each individual in a potentially positive way. The floodgates of unconditional love raise and more love flows with abandon to us all – all that love that, over time, we shut down to a trickle.

As we shift toward unity consciousness or Oneness or whatever you choose to call the focus of all our energies on the harmonious merged energy of us all, the flow of unconditional love becomes so great that resistance to it for any reason is not sustainable. Picture the little Dutch boy who instead of trying to plug only one hole, has multiple holes in the dike all ready to crack and let in a flood of water that will take over the town…

Why you say, would anyone not want to let in love? Fear is a big reason. When someone hurts you or betrays you, especially someone you love, there is a tendency to wall off a section of your heart. That way, the next person is not allowed in so deeply and, therefore, the potential hurt will not be as bad. When you close off a portion of your heart to others, those relationships probably won’t last and there will once again be pain and hurt. And so the heart gets closed even more. Again and again. There are other reasons as well but this is the most prominent. So, the more love that is flowing to you, the more you have to resist to hold it back. Because, you see, your beliefs about love and about being hurt via love are sounding the alarm and they are causing a chain reaction throughout all levels of your body, mind, and spirit to not allow that love.

And yet, love is everywhere. It is every flower; it is every tree; it is every rock; it is the wind; it is the rain; it is your pets; it is every insect; it is every person; it is every thing; and it is everything. It just is. So, there is no escape anymore. Our collective resistance is resolving. The individual resistance of many is already resolved. With each resolution, more flows; more becomes able to reach us easily and effortlessly in this reality. And now, there is no stopping it.

All Is Love

So, if you are wondering why your life is falling apart, why things aren’t working, why it seems everything is outside of your control, why you just aren’t enjoying life anymore… look at where you are resisting love. Choose instead to allow it. Choose instead to be brave enough to allow your heart to function once again the way it was, and always has been, intended to function. Choose instead to be nourished, revitalized, re-booted, kick-started, and joyously embraced by unconditional love at every turn, from every source, in every way.

Love heals everything. Love is a life changer. Love is what you are and always have been and always will be. Allow love. Allow you.

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo


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The Power of Hair

September 5, 2014



Various cultures and traditions and practices have assigned great value to hair – the longer the better. From biblical times, a person’s hair was perceived to give them status, define their beauty and desirability, and to signify strength. In fact, in ancient times, taking someone’s hair (through cutting or scalping) signified their fall of status and power, their now vulnerable state and ultimately, their demise.

So… our brains catalogue information. When information (including perceptions, understandings, values, mores, expectations, etc.) is validated enough times, the brain stores associated beliefs as programs. Some get genetically encoded and pass from generation to generation. And, historical writings and story telling help to reinforce them from one generation to the next. We even have songs written about “long beautiful hair”…

Are you beginning to see how ancient thinking about the value and worth of “our crowning glory” could impact us today? Just look around. Many models have long flowing hair. It’s considered sexy. Some cultures have men keeping their hair long throughout adulthood. And, think about your own judgments (oh no!) and evaluations of people you see for the first time. Don’t you have an immediate reaction to how they look? It’s sad but it is true that many people judge based on looks. Hopefully you don’t. But, you may.

All this impacts our perception of our own power and self-worth, even if sub-consciously. If you have sub-conscious beliefs that say that hair has great value to your own self-worth and other’s perceptions about you and your ability to be accepted within society, then what happens every time you go to the hair salon and get your hair cut? Wow. Who knew? Wouldn’t it follow that you are allowing your power to be taken away? What if that is running in the background of your mind and impacting how you see yourself? Oh my! What do you think goes through the mind of a cancer patients (particularly women) who are receiving treatment when they begin to lose their “crowning glory”? They can “blame” it on the chemo and have an “excuse” but even that is detrimental. Why would you need an “excuse” for losing your hair? There’s that perception of judgment, whether real or perceived. It’s devastating on so many levels.

So, there are a lot of interwoven things here to consider. First is the perception of judgment by others and our perception of how that will negatively impact us. Next is our perception of hair being, in and of itself, necessary to our self-worth, value, and power within society and even our survival within the group. And then there is the subconscious chipping away at our own sense of self-worth every time we get a trim.

Granted, there are people these days who are shining stars as examples of overcoming these types of beliefs and perceptions. Good for them! But, it’s also important to examine our own beliefs to ensure that we aren’t carrying around beliefs that no longer serve us – even if we don’t know we have them!

Use energy testing or connect in and ask your own Divine nature some of these:

My hair is my crowning glory.
My hair defines me.
My hair defines my worth.
My hair defines my value.
I am judged by my hair.
I allow myself to be impacted by the judgments of others.
I allow myself to be de-valued by others.
I take on the judgment of others as my own.
I allow others to hurt me.
I allow others to define me.
I allow others to take away my self-worth and love of self.
I allow cultural values and mores to define me.
I allow cultural values and mores to suppress me.
I allow cultural values and mores to limit me.
Every time I cut my hair, I am giving up my power.
Every time I cut my hair, I am hurting myself.
Every time I cut my hair, I de-value myself.
Every time I cut my hair, I teach myself I am not worthy of love.
Every time I cut my hair, I judge myself.
I am willing to give up my power to others.
I am willing to give up my self-worth to others.
I am willing to allow others to tell me how to feel about myself.
I am enough just as I am. (no)
I have always been enough just as I am. (no)
I know who and what I really am from Creator’s perspective. (no)
I am worthy of Creator’s love just as I am. (no)

You get the drift here, right? It’s more than just the hair and how it makes you feel. Much more. It goes to your feelings about how Creator/God/Allah/Yahweh/etc. feels about you and judges you (ouch! yes, you may even feel that Creator judges you!). Interestingly enough, this post was generated by one of our beautiful intuitive viewers of my posts. She had found beliefs attached to Shamanic practices about hair and hair loss that she shared with me hoping it would help you. All this is interwoven and intertwined over generations and lifetimes and cultures of all types, including some spiritual practices. It goes deep within.

And then there is hair loss caused by heredity, medical conditions like an improperly functioning thyroid, improperly functioning hormones, and auto-immune disorders. With conditions like these, it is probable that the beliefs above and others like them have become so ingrained and pervasive that the body attacks itself (in a manner of speaking) due to the destruction of self-worth, especially as it relates to a person’s relationship with the Creator.

We have a love affair with hair. And, that’s just fine. The important piece is to not let it define you in any way. It’s just and only a beautiful part of you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Would you like Creator to pull all the beliefs above and replace them with the appropriate replacement? And, would you like Creator’s truth on all this and on whether or not Creator judges you; changing your truth to Creator’s; teaching you how to have, know, believe, act from, and BE this truth and what that feels like in every way; that it is safe for you to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy, and deserving to; that it is possible for you to now and you do now; all for your highest and best, with grace and ease, and without trauma, drama, and/or dis-ease of any time; for all times, versions, locations, expressions of you; and anything else you need and will allow related to all this? If so, say “yes – hair” and allow Creator’s love and truth and clarity to fill you and nourish your soul inside out, top to bottom, to before the beginning of time. For so it is if you allow it. Thank you Creator/Divine within – for everything! You rock!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo

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