Holiday and Major World Events Connection

November 29, 2014

During the major holidays and during times of intense events worldwide, many people will consciously experience their connection to mass and collective consciousness. The thoughts of each of us contribute to both mass and collective consciousness. With each thought, comes the attached feelings. When there is a lot of focus in one direction by so many people, it intensifies the stream of energy that connects each individual to the group consciousness. How this shows up is that, if you are not typically aware of that connection, you will notice that you are having both thoughts and feelings that are not in line with what you are experiencing in the moment. You think the thoughts are yours and you wonder why you would be having such thoughts. That goes for feelings too. You may feel overly emotional with nothing to logically attach those feelings to. It can be very disconcerting.

When you know to notice when your thoughts and feelings are not in line with your immediate experience(s) and you find them out of sync, connect in and ask if you are consciously experiencing group consciousness as your own individual awareness. If the answer is yes, you can disconnect from that consciousness. It is also my understanding that with each thought we have, we contribute “bits and pieces” of our energy to the group. You can clear those and bring them back to your energy field and re-integrate them. This helps both your overall vibration and the vibration of the group consciousness.

It is also possible to do a healing on both mass and collective consciousness. Each “collection of individual energies” has its own consciousness. Therefore, I choose to offer the healing energy to this consciousness instead of having the intention to “do” a healing. I feel this honors free will. That’s not an exact representation of how I view all this, but it is as close as I can currently come with words. If you would like my understanding without all the words, say “yes” now.

Just know to be aware of your thoughts and feelings. If they do not seem reasonable for your current immediate situation, ask if you are now consciously aware of the group consciousness thinking and feeling. If so, and you want to change that, do. And, remember to retrieve your own contributions, after clearing them, and re-integrate them into your energy. That should take care it!

If you are routinely aware of your connection to group consciousness, during times of intensity, check in to see if it would be well served to offer healing energy. Over this Thanksgiving holiday, there was a lot of gratitude but it was under-pinned by a general feeling of sadness (as close as I can come to describing it) that things aren’t in a better place for everyone. So, the gratitude was more like “thank you but…” and, thus (to me at least), not as powerful as it could have been. It felt like a “push-pull” kind of energy and not a beautiful magical flow of Divine grace. Did you feel anything like that on Thanksgiving day? That is the time to tap into your own personal Divine power and share it with everyone. Radiate love. Radiate joy. Radiate peace. Radiate gratitude. And, send healing energy to any and all who would accept it. For those who may not accept, see it held for each until such time as they are ready to shift into love and joy and peace and gratitude. In doing so, you help shift the consciousness of all into that energy flow. That’s a really really really good thing!

Are you ready?

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours…  Mahalo!



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Happy Thanksgiving With Love and Gratitude

November 25, 2014

There are so many people doing incredibly generous things with no expectation of accolades or receiving anything in return – except the joy of giving. I keep having students contact me to tell me of their successes with healing. I am having people contact me to tell me of people they have taken under their wing who either have no others or have no others who care for them in a way they need. I am hearing of so many stories of generosity and compassion and kindness.

This Thanksgiving many people will express what they are thankful for. But, thankfulness is not a one day a year time. It’s not a one week or one month a year time. It’s 24/7/365. It’s embracing everything. It’s seeing the good that comes from seemingly difficult situations. It’s envisioning positive change where needed. It’s honoring those who point out the need for change to us – even if it is done in a way that we wouldn’t choose to do ourselves. It’s focusing on our community of humanness; our desire to love and be loved; our desire to have the necessities of life – food, clean water, safety, and meaning; our desire to enjoy the richness of what this earth has to offer in every way. We can do this. We can honor our earth and all life. We can uplift others and shift positive change into action.


Live in a state of gratitude. Be love. When you see a need, fill it if it resonates with you, even if no one ever knows. When you see a need, be willing to step out of your comfort zone if that’s what it takes. And when you have a need, allow others to join with you to resolve it. Gratefully accept the gifts of Spirit that come to you in so many forms – hugs, smiles, sharing, sunrises, sunsets, flowers, birds, kids playing, etc. – just everything. There is no limit to love. There is no limit to gratitude. There is no limit to the power of each. And, they open the flow of joy.

Everything you do makes a difference – even turning your back. What difference do you choose to make? No choice is right or wrong in the big picture – it just is. But, here and now, choices that empower others and that are compassionate and kind, change the energy of the whole more toward love and joy and peace. I’m grateful for that. And, I’m grateful for each of you. Thank you for allowing me to share that gratitude and love with you. I am so blessed and I choose to use that gratitude to embrace you on your personal journey in the hope that our combined journeys will make a positive change in everything.

Happy Thanksgiving friends. I love you! Mahalo!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours…



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