We Can Learn So Much From Nature


As I look out at our beautiful amazing glorious sparkly white landscape today, I am once again reminded of the many gifts nature offers us – both in beauty and lessons on how to successfully thrive.

Looking out, I notice that the trees and bushes that are flexible and willing to bend and move tend to have little problem supporting the weight of the heavy snow. Those that are rigid and not able or willing to bend snap with the weight. For some it’s a matter of not being designed to live in an area that gets wet heavy snow and lots of it (maybe once a year here usually). For others, it’s a matter of having dead, non-serving, wood that needs to be pruned to allow movement and air flow. Branches that rub together usually do not serve plants in the highest and best way. And, as I went out in the early morning to assist my beauties, I was reminded just how much we are similar.

We benefit from being flexible and willing to bend and move. It helps us to support and shake off heavy burdens. We know our own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. We can use that knowledge to choose locations to live that support those strengths and likes and help us to balance anything else. We can prune non-serving beliefs and feelings so that life can flow around us, leaving our core strength intact. We can pay special attention to where things in our life are causing friction and are rubbing together in a way that makes us not feel and know joy. We have the tools to easily choose these things and to change what doesn’t uplift and support us in the highest and best way.

I love nature. I know that every time I walk outside (and even when I don’t), I have a beautiful, non-judgmental, faithful, loving support system. It nourishes my soul. It brightens my life and brings me such great eternal joy. We have been gifted this beautiful support. Remember to embrace it. Remember to support it. Remember to honor, respect, and love it as it does for each of us.

I am in such a state of gratitude this morning. And, after a delicious cup of java, I will go out again to support and love and appreciate my friends the way they do the same for me. tree

Have the most wonderful sparkly day….

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo



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