Out With the Old, In With the New

September 26, 2015

This is a time of great wonderful change. Our “new” or remembered ways of thinking and seeing the world are rapidly being reflected back to us in spades. Our manifestations are showing up with no effort. And, it’s wonderful.

But… some people are having old ingrained subconscious (and some conscious) beliefs surface in response. For example, there are many encouraging you to de-clutter your life – to throw out the old so the new can come in. That’s not a bad thing – except for the part that indicates that the old HAS to leave before the new can come in. It’s subtle but it is powerful. It’s a powerful block to allowing in all that brings you joy and happiness and bliss and good abundance easily and in a joyful way. With that thinking, you cannot have any “new” unless the old goes. What if you like the old? What if the old is serving you well? Will you throw out antiques? What about special gifts? As you shift in your thinking spiritually and truly believe in your own Divine nature and your own power to create your life, if you have such beliefs they will energetically help cause all types of things start breaking, relationships start changing, and your life will feel chaotic. Granted the new comes in and, ultimately, you are happy. But, why go through the drama and trauma when you create your life and your experiences? Why not choose another option?

Look at how you feel about the new coming in. Do things have to go first? Do things have to be “just right” first? For example, should you feel that you are overweight, do you feel that the weight must go before you can find romance? Look at those type beliefs in all areas. Then, choose to clear those out and know and believe that you choose what leaves and what comes, and when and how. Teach yourself how to know when something you have in your life is ripe to go and how to facilitate that consciously with joy and ease. Teach yourself how to accept the new consciously without the thinking that something has to go for that to happen. You are a Divine co-Creator. You have the right and the power and the knowledge to create exactly how you like. Don’t let outdated and ingrained beliefs hold you back.

There are those who will say “…but energy is energy and since everything is energy, some energy has to move to allow for “new” energy to come in…”. I’m not disputing that. I’m just pointing out that you are entitled to choice – to choose what and when and how – consciously. When you remove those limiting beliefs and when you remain connected to Source, you will know when it’s time to shift something out to bring in something new. And, since energy IS energy, perhaps the shift that needs to happen is in your emotional state or your thoughts and doesn’t have to be a physical representation.

Now, don’t misunderstand. De-cluttering is great for the soul. It helps the mind understand that you are ready to clear and simplify and, perhaps, have new arrive. It’s a great thing. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as the saying goes. Donate. Recycle. Re-purpose. Re-invent. Re-love. Whatever it takes for you to feel free and happy with everything you own. In that space, any new is welcomed without issue as soon as blocking beliefs are removed. You will just know when it is time for something to go and for something to arrive.


How about Creator’s take on all this, changing your beliefs to Creator’s and teaching you how to live in this way and whatever else Creator chooses for you related to this? If you’d like that, say “yes – new” and allow Creator’s truth to fill you and flow from you into every facet of your life right now. 🙂

Energetically, it is a very exciting time. We are remembering that we can easily change not only our own lives, but also what plays out worldwide. Let’s put that to good use by de-cluttering our minds of limiting beliefs so that our lives can flow with joy and abandon and such amazing wonderful good abundance.

Are you ready to soar? Let’s just do it!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo

PS Thanks to theguardian.com for the pic.

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Responsibility and Magic

September 1, 2015

Responsibility and magic. Not two words you would usually group together are they? And yet, in the highest view they are linked arm in arm.

On a spiritual path, we usually encounter beliefs and feelings that keep us from moving forward – that is, until we change the ones that limit us or cause us fear. Typically, the word responsibility has so much history for us that we immediately begin to surface feelings that are not joyful but are, instead, heavy with the weight of burdens of many types. That’s true even if we willingly and consciously take on the responsibility. Sometimes these feelings and beliefs are layered throughout our subconscious mind and we are not aware of them. But, typically, we can recognize their presence by how we feel when we even say the word.

Empowered Woman

When we look at a higher version of the truth of responsibility, we understand that responsibility is merely stepping fully into our highest and most complete and whole power as a Divine BEing, made manifest in the here and now as all facets of our physical representation. Our Divine completeness is nothing short of magical. It is all-powerful. It is all-knowing. It is joyful. It is pure love – without conditions or exceptions or caveats – just beautiful love in its completeness.

If we choose to hold that more expansive version and understanding of responsibility, we can easily release the beliefs and feelings that would tie us to limits and burdens and fear and any others of like vibration. We can understand and know and believe and express as our Divine selves having an experience in an amazing human body. That’s magical. There’s nothing hidden or spooky in that magic. It just is. It’s the same magic seen within the innocent joy of a child – that wonder and awe that spontaneously elicits a wellspring of joy within us that spills over and flows to everything and everyone around. It is the Divine in action.

If you find you are limiting your forward spiritual movement or you find you are continually having things move into your path to limit or slow you, check for beliefs such as:

Responsibility is _________.
Responsibility is a burden.
Responsibility is hard.
Responsibility is limiting.
Responsibility is scary.
Responsibility is debilitating.
Responsibility holds me back.
Responsibility keeps me from my joy.
Responsibility ties me to things that limit me.
Responsibility keeps me from being who and what I really am.

There could be many. Wouldn’t it be wonderful instead to have positive beliefs about responsibility?

Responsibility is _________.
Responsibility is me BEing my highest self.
Responsibility is me as the highest expression of me.
Responsibility is me taking ownership of who and what I am and what I do.
Responsibility is freeing.
Responsibility allows me to soar.
Responsibility facilitates my spiritual growth in wonderful and amazing ways.
Responsibility is magic.
Responsibility is joyful.
Responsibility is a way to express my full potential as a Divine BEing here and now.

There could be many more.

Fear and feeling limited or held back or not appreciated or not loved closes off your heart. When you take responsibility for you i.e. you decide to allow the highest expression of you in every moment which flows through an open heart, you begin to create your reality moment to moment. You attract all that is good to you. It just flows in as it matches your higher vibration. You go from the burden of responsibility to being joyfully responsible as a Divine Being, to knowing yourself AS the magic of life. That’s quite a transformation!

Begin by changing your beliefs about responsibility and what it means to be responsible. Begin by opening your heart to a higher understanding and allow the magic of you to come in fully and completely NOW. Begin to allow those embedded historical feelings attached to responsibility to be free so that you can allow a change of understanding to emerge and begin to re-map your neural pathways for magic and joy and the completeness and wholeness and amazingness of the Divine you here and now – that’s right – right this minute.

Would you like Creator’s truth on responsibility and magic and all this; changing your truth to Creator’s; how to live your life with that truth and what it feels like in every way; to release and resolve all historical ties to the perceived burdens of responsibility; that it is safe for you to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to, and that it is possible for you to now; all for your highest and best, with grace and ease; for all times, versions, aspects, layers, levels, understandings of you?  If so, say “yes – magic” and allow the fullness and richness and completeness of you, with the Creator of All There Is – the energy of all life combined as One – to show you and teach you instantly, re-mapping your neural pathways for joy and love and magic within responsibility and through and from it and allowing you the awesomeness of all that and the possibilities for you from that here and now.  And so it is.  Thank you Creator.

You might want to check the above beliefs.  If you still hold any of the first ones or didn’t accept the second group, look at how it serves you to hold onto those beliefs or not allow in the higher truth.  What would happen if you released all associated negative beliefs?  When you figure that out and are willing to allow, it will shift for you.

Responsibility and magic.  I like it.

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo

PS Thanks to beingyouthful.com for the pic.

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