Choice – Fear vs. Desire

Yesterday I was encouraged by Spirit to post a message on social media for someone who needed it. It was related to feeling obligated and resentful about decisions pertaining to family. However, there is a much bigger message to share that is a subtle, yet significant, shift in perception about everyday matters.


We make hundreds of decisions every day. Some are automatic, like brushing your teeth. Others feel like obligations – things we feel like we have to do based on expectations and/or agreements. It’s the second category where it is important to look.

All decisions – let me repeat – all decisions are per choice. It may not feel like it but they are. You choose how to proceed in every moment. When you make that choice out of a sense of obligation or that you “have to” or “should”, you are making it and operating from the energy of being a victim. In other words, outside forces are impacting what you would choose to do otherwise. This energy magnetizes to it feelings such as resentment, regret, anger, disillusionment, frustration and the like. That means that the entire time you are involved in the results of that choice, you are telling the Universe you want more of the same.

When you can shift your perception to see that every decision is your choice – even if the choice were the same as the one you would have made under the feeling of obligation – you attract the energy of self-fulfillment, self-empowerment, self-worth, and self-love. Then you are telling the Universe that you want more of those energies in your life.

For example, say you have a family member who needs help but you really don’t have the time to devote to them right now. Yet, you chose to do so anyway “at your expense”. You feel obligated out of duty and loyalty to family. You fear if you don’t help your family member right this minute, your family will be angry with you or your family won’t see you in a good way. However, you could make the same choice (to help the family member) but see it as desiring your family member to have a better experience or desiring for your family dynamics to remain harmonious. Same choice, but based on entirely different energies. One makes you feel resentful and like you are being taken advantage of and one makes you feel empowered and worthy. Make sense?

Your energy and intention and the basis of your choice – fear vs. desire for a specific outcome – determine the energy from which you then create the resolution to the issue at hand. That, in turn, determines the frequency of energy that you magnetize around you. And, then that energy determines the type of experiences that are drawn into your reality. Therefore, unless you just enjoy drama and feeling like a victim, it is very important to shift your understanding of the decisions you make in life to choice per desire rather than fear of not performing as expected or agreed upon, in whatever form that may take.

You are in charge. You have the power and the right and the ability to choose every moment how you will feel about what is happening in your life. Those choices have direct outcomes – perceived as either positive or negative for you. It is also your choice to decide if you desire to feel good about yourself, your choices, and your life or if you fear the change in your life that would come if you do so. It’s all up to you.

Would you like Creator’s (the Divine energy of life that flows through and is all things) truth on all this; changing your truth to Creator’s; a teaching on how to make decisions based on desire rather than fear and how to recognize how you are choosing; how to have, know, BE, believe, and act from Creator’s truth and what that feels like in every way; the possibilities of having this in your life now; that it is safe for you to shift your thinking and choices in this way; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to do so now and that you allow it to be; for all times, versions, locations, layers and levels of you; and anything else that is related that Creator knows you would benefit from; all instantly and for your highest and best?

If so, say “yes – desire” and allow the pure Divine love of the Creator to come into your awareness, filling your heart, filling your body, brightening the Light within each cell and filling all the space in-between and know it to be so, now, for you. For so it is if you choose to allow it to be…

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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