Reboot 3.5

May 18, 2016

OK. I thought three reboots would be plenty! However, a beautiful and thoughtful and very connected friend had a great point.

As our energy/beliefs/feelings/understandings shift and change to allow for more soul energy to directly flow in, our bodies are likely to process differently. All the food and drink and supplements and oils and etc. that we take in may be handled in an entirely different way. We may need less of some things and we may do better with more of others. Some things that we’ve always loved may no longer feel or taste good to us. And other things that we never really thought about may call to us because our bodies need what they offer. You may find you require less food. It’s very individualized. Our bodies do a lot of this automatically. Yet, our energetic adjustments are coming so fast, the body may enjoy some specific assistance.


So, my friend suggested a reboot to assist the body and the body metabolism and body mechanisms to be able to easily and efficiently and harmoniously adjust and adapt to the changes brought by our energetic changes. Some of you may have felt like this got done with the Reboot 2.0. But, this understanding goes into a bit more depth and is much more specific. I think it is an excellent idea! Hence, Reboot 3.5.

Are you ready?

And, please note that I did not set up any of these Reboots to be automatic through your desire to have these changes. If you desire these Reboots, you will want to connect to Source energy in a way you feel most comfortable with and work with the recommendations or you can find someone to assist you. These Reboots are really important for smooth transitioning. As, and if, you choose to do them, take a few moments to be grateful for all the assistance we have. It comes in many forms, including in this case, from minerals and plants and water and air and the sun and the earth. I could continue but I’m sure you’re understanding the intricate connections among all life that I’m referencing. Gratitude is an amazing way to open your energy pathways for a more direct and full flow of Source energy. And, we’re all in this together, both literally and figuratively. If we choose to work together, we will have more time to enjoy all the fun! I’m in! Are you?

In love and gratitude, thank you dear friend for the most excellent Reboot 3.5!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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Reboot 3.0

May 14, 2016

So, did you check out Reboot and Reboot 2.0? If so and you’re reading this, you’re ready for Reboot 3.0 otherwise known as Awesome Expansion and Soul Connection 3.0!

For this part of the internal and spiritual overhaul and custom designed and created “upgrade”, I suggest the following. For those of you who have established spiritual connection:

  • Reboot your patterns.
    • What are your daily routines? Do you go to work the same way every day? Do you always hang out with the same group of friends doing the same things? Do you always eat pasta on Thursdays? Do you always take the dog on the same route for exercise?
  • Reboot your defaults.
    • What do you do when the same type issues surface? Do you get angry? Do you withdraw? Do you go into pity mode? Do you plot revenge?
  • Reboot your “comfort zones”.
    • Do you ever try anything new just for the joy and exploration of it? Do you ever change how you do routine things “just because” and to see what it would feel like? Do you take new classes? Have you tried a new art form?
  • Reboot your “musts” and “have to” and “ought to” and “shoulds”.
    • The energy of choice vs. the feeling of no choice is huge. Yes, the apparent outcome may be the same but the energy of it will range from joy to dread. Where do you want to fall on that continuum? Even if you choose to do the thing that you feel you “have to” do, the energy of it will be much lighter and brighter and serve you much better than feeling you have no choice or little choice and doing it anyway.
  •  Reboot your perception of the expectations of others.
    • This is right in line with all those “shoulds” and “ought to”. Are you willing to allow other people to dictate your life for you? Even if you do the same task, if you choose to do it because, for instance, you want the approval of others, that is hugely different from doing it for the same reason but feeling there was no choice in the matter. Yes, it can be all about perception and all about how you choose to feel about it. But, internally and spiritually, the difference is huge.
  • And, reboot anywhere where you may still feel out of sync with the world and with your life, anywhere there is a feeling of resistance.
    • You’re familiar with how it feels when everything just feels off. Things just don’t work out – but by just a little bit. There is no easy flow to life. It feels like you are constantly having to struggle to make things work out. It feels like life is hard. It feels like you’d just like to give up on all the responsibilities you have taken on.

With these reboots, some of you will release all that completely and live moment-to-moment, consciously creating your life. Some of you will choose to test the waters first and just shift what is and see how it goes. It’s all just fine. Whatever you are comfortable with is just fine and will help you see the personal changes you desire. However, should you release all of the above completely, you have set the stage for you to dream the beautiful dream, sing your song, dance your dance, paint your life, and color your world to your exact specifications right now – not later, not for another life – right now! And, best of all, you’ve helped to open and/or enhance the clear and bountiful flow of your own creative nature and your own Divine inspiration and power and, hence, your ability to consciously create what you desire – instantly – and be able to allow it to flow to you right now.

Woohoo! Happy dancearoo! Swing your partner round and round! Throw your head back and laugh with glee and abandon. It’s time to change how we’ve been doing things for oh so long. It’s time to bring our full Divine capacity (or the maximum we can embrace without disappearing in bliss!) into the here and now and use it to consciously create moment-to-moment. It’s time for that to become not only your norm but your “only”. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the potential. Imagine the joy and prosperity and love it will generate. For, whether you know it yet or not, the energy of the whole is now shifting to support living life in this way. We have explored suffering and pain and loss and trauma and drama and hate and such long enough. We’re weary of that. So, now, we are choosing to do things another way. We are choosing to use our Divine gifts here and now with full conscious awareness. What fun! And, all the excitement of learning and experiencing new things is, once again, at our fingertips but this time immersed in love and joy and bliss and fun.

And for those of you worried about lack of contrast, don’t. As we more fully awaken to our true Divine nature, there will be plenty of contrast to play with and adjust and re-create and create anew. These are exciting times and full of potential and bursting with joy. Can you feel it? Are you ready to play? Choose your palate and let’s get started!


From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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Connecting You to Everyday Moment-to-Moment Miracles
Teaching You Soul to Soul Connection

Opening Your Connection to Divine Truth
Connecting You to Your Co-Creative Nature

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