Divine Timing

September 16, 2016

I really haven’t given much thought to Divine Timing other than to understand what it is and then to align and sync my Divine Timing with my highest and best. And, I rarely noticed any “glitches”. Until now.


As many of you already know, I am ready to share with you another spiritual offering that I am really excited about and that is so effective and fun and instantaneous. I love this technique of consciously creating your life moment-to-moment. I can clearly see how my path had led to this and how the path forward will be even more joyous and more amazing and more awe inspiring.

But, even though the path to the development of a way to share this has been easy and fun and full of learning new things, the path to actually sharing it has really slowed down. I’m all in and excited and ready to have you consider it all. Yet, each time I have attempted to get it all online for you, there has been a “slow down”.

At first, I thought it was all about simply needing to learn a bit more about the technical process – which all the teachings say is pretty straight-forward and not too complicated. It seemed easy to understand. Yet, when I would go to follow the simple instructions, what I would see on my computer was not what was shown as what I would see. I fiddled with it and explored more to no avail.

What do you do when you feel the effects of your Divine Timing are not working out as you feel they should or you expect them to be? For many, the default is frustration, anger, and feelings of not being supported by the Universe. Yet, does that really do anything for you? You know the answer. It emphatically does not.

I had to consider that I might have an issue with moving forward on this – even though it didn’t feel like it. So I checked in and did find a couple of non-serving beliefs, but nothing of the magnitude to slow this process of sharing such a wonderful offering.

With all that done, I asked for a more expanded version of what the issue was about. Immediately I understood it was an issue with Divine Timing. We tend to think of Divine Timing as a personal thing – it’s the timing of the play-out of your Divine plan. Yet, when you think about it, everyone else is – at least tangentially – tied in to your Divine plan. Even more interesting is that situations and cultural understandings (remember the 100th monkey effect?) and events can be tied into your Divine Timing. So, if your timing is not aligned and/or synced with those who are needed for it’s highest and best “display”, then the Divine Energy of Creation will either speed you up or slow you down until it is. Simple really. But, sometimes it can feel either too slow or too fast a process.

So, what then?

Well, I am choosing to use the time to write more blogs for you, work on my books in process, and send love and the energy of perfect Divine alignment and syncing to all components associated with my own Divine Timing. You see, I don’t have the right to influence the choices of others except by my own reactions and feelings, sending love, and sending other high vibrational energies that will be accepted or not per the intended recipient’s choice. I choose to send energy to others in this way to ensure that I am honoring the choices of each. The energy just hangs out for them until and/or if they choose to accept it. So, that’s what I’m doing.

It’s a fantastic shift in interacting with the world and circumstances when you don’t automatically default to frustration, doubt, anger, and the like. When you automatically look within first and remember to ask the Divine Energy of Creation what is going on, you are reacting from love and responsibility and an understanding that no one is doing anything “to you”. You are the creator/co-creator. You are in charge. You are empowered and empowering. When you allow the Laws of the Universe to work with you and for you, everything just flows as it should – even if alignment and syncing need adjusting.

So, if your life isn’t flowing as you’d like….if there is an effort that just isn’t realizing in the way you’d like….if you just aren’t happy….pause. Look within at your beliefs and feelings and ask the Divine Energy of Creation what’s going on and how to address it. Remember to LISTEN too. We tend to be impatient sometimes to get things moving when we’ve made a decision. But, if you feel you would be best served by asking (which in my humble opinion is always the case!), then do remember to listen and reflect if the answers don’t instantly flow. I’m really excited that what I will be sharing with you in !perfect Divine Timing! will be able to help you open the channels to clear and instantaneous and on-the-go communication with the Divine Energy of Creation (your Soul, your Higher Self, and the energy of all life combined as One). It’s exciting for me and I hope this slight delay in launch has you curious and ready to be excited too!

I am willing to allow for the ebbs and flows of my highest and best Divine Timing, with joy and love and the feeling of being supported and assisted by the Divine Energy of Creation. I align and sync my Divine Timing for my highest and best. If you would like this download, say “yes – Divine Timing” and allow the beauty and peacefulness and immense love of it to flow to and through and from you, easily and effortlessly and with sparklies!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

PS Thanks to soulpathlight.com for the great pic.

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