May 30, 2017

You’ve noticed a tie in from a past event/issue into the present. When this happens, there are several things that could be going on. The most likely is that you continue to hold unresolved feelings and/or beliefs about it – even if you think you are fine with it and how it all played out and your role in it.

This may be especially true if the event/issue holds an emotional tie or involved special people or pets in your life. When you think about the past, what comes to mind? Are there feelings of guilt or regret or sadness? Or do you instantly migrate to “I did the best I could with where I was at the time physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”? If uncomfortable feelings begin to flow and/or you aren’t instantly comfortable with it, chances are you have unresolved beliefs about it.

Another component part is that when you discover a tie in from a past event/issue, you may begin to subconsciously compare your choices to what you would choose now and judge your actions based on that. If you’re on a spiritual path, that could go either way – being fine with it because you know in your heart you did the best you knew how to at the time, or you could be really hard on yourself for not knowing better. We hope it’s the former and not the latter.

If you do find you are judging, you might begin by looking at why you believe you deserve to be judged and why you don’t believe you ALWAYS are doing the best you can with where you are. You might also want to get truth on whether you actually did do the best you could at that time to confirm to you that you did. Then, you can work on resolving the uncomfortable feelings and working on self-forgiveness.

Girl Running to Dad

Think of a parent looking at a child’s untoward behavior. The parent knows the child is learning about and exploring life and testing boundaries. The parent most likely believes the child is perfect but just exhibiting behaviors that will be best to shift. Expand that perspective to the “now you”, looking at choices the “past you” made. You have learned and grown and explored and tested boundaries. What you know now impacts the decisions you make now. Is it fair to take all that expansion in understanding and apply it to your past choices? That’s what you are doing when you judge your past actions. Does it make them acceptable? Not necessarily. But, it gives perspective. You grow in compassion as you grow in understanding. You deserve to be kind and compassionate with yourself. You are a work in progress. You continue to learn and grow and explore life – you just do it from the perspective of the understanding you have of life in the now. That builds upon itself and everyone benefits.

So, when you find a present tie in to a past event, pay attention. Ask yourself how you feel now about what happened then and your role in what happened. If you feel anything other than compassion and peace, delve into where there are areas that merit resolution. Get good with you. If you’re not good with you, why should others be? You offer others the base energy of you for them to build their understanding of you. If you don’t like you, that energy is not going to serve you the best. We all deserve love from self and others. Take notice of your life and your life will show you where you want to clean house for the best presentation of you.

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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Power – Who Deserves Mine? 

May 12, 2017

OK here we go… this is HUGE. Are you ready?

Anyone reading this has probably already heard about “giving away your power” and how you should “stop it!”. ::grin:: It’s been talked about in multiple ways and many times. It seems like a good idea, right? So, I imagine you’ve worked on that and feel pretty good about it.

Well, so have I. But just recently, I kept having interactions with people like receptionists or assistants or salespeople or bank tellers or the like*** and I found myself getting angry about what was happening with them. It was the feeling of “we do it this way and if you don’t like it, too bad”. And, it wasn’t like I was asking anything unusual or weird… I was just asking for common sense and reason – really, I promise! This type of reaction was quite unusual for me, as were these types of interactions even occurring.

So, what do we do when this type of thing comes up? We ask. It was made clear to me that as other timelines complete, we are offered the opportunity by the soul to clear and resolve what has not been cleared and resolved in those timelines. Now, those of you who know me know when I clear and resolve things here and now, I also include the intention that it also be offered to all “times, versions, aspects, locations, levels and layers of me” (i.e. to any other timelines or expressions of me) to also clear and resolve in the best way, if allowed by that version of me in that time. Now that leaves a bit of wiggle room for those other aspects of me. If the learning and experience there would be better served by leaving things as is, the clearing and resolution will not happen. I figure I probably don’t know EVERYTHING just yet – but, I must be close! Haha. And, when I first began my spiritual journey, I certainly wasn’t focused on any other aspects of me. It was all about me in the now and “HELP!”. I imagine a good number of you know that feeling. So, there may be feelings, beliefs, patterns, defaults, and such from other times of you that have not been addressed and resolved and completed where it would benefit you to do so. The beautiful generous soul then will give other times of you the special treat ::grin:: of agreeing to have those things flow into your conscious awareness for handling. Oh my!

(For those of you wondering how this differs from what you bring with you genetically, as did I, my understanding is that some unresolved issues – especially those that relate to your soul family – you choose to bring with you when you are reborn. Some, specifically related to you more directly, you may choose to not address until later. This seems to be another option that allows you to “change your mind” and go ahead and “get ‘er done” ::grin:: which is a lovely gift. It’s kind of like you going to school and taking home economics. The lesson plan was to learn how to make a blouse. The plan for next semester is to make a jacket. You enjoyed learning how to make the blouse so much that you quickly accomplished it and decided you wanted to make a jacket too.)

Evidently, being the lovely person that I am (haha), I agreed. So back to what was showing up… When I asked about it, I was helped to understand that it was about being angry that I had to give up my power to get what I wanted. OH MY! It is so obvious, isn’t it? Hidden in plain sight. But, dear friends, there was yet another layer to this. I was also shown that I had the feeling that it wasn’t fair to have to give my power up to someone who didn’t deserve it. Then that went to the feelings of “professionals” who had worked hard and diligently and long for their expertise were the ones deserving of receiving my power and not those who I judged (yes, that word!) to not be worthy due to their lack of whatever. OH MY GOODNESS! REALLY? SERIOUSLY? To the me here and now, this all seemed off the charts unbelievable… yet somehow familiar.

Scales of Justice

So, with great gratitude for this insight and these understandings which many may also share (well, it’s nice to feel that you’re not alone in your misery, right? ::grin::), I began to look at resolution.

I love discovering beliefs because it is a rush to just instantly clear them and it is fascinating! Yet, you can also just turn it all over to Source energy for resolution and completion (which is you combined with the energy of all others!)– if your beliefs are aligned with that.

For those of you interested, first make sure you have the most expanded version of truth on power, what it is and what it is not, so you’re comparing apples to apples. Download your relationship to power as a soul and your relationship as a 3D explorer. Look at your beliefs and feelings related to others based on their “positions” and your perception of their “power” (and influence and abilities and worth and whatever). Look at judgment and your perception of how it serves you to judge vs. what it really does and why you really do it. (For example, if you feel you have to give up your power, does judging make you feel a bit more powerful than you would otherwise? Does judgment help you preserve a bit of your own sense of worth?). Who is the ultimate authority that makes you “have” to give up your power? Why do you give your power to that? (Use your heart here and not your head because your head will have a different approach. Feel it out.) How does it serve you to give up your power? And, especially, how does it feel to give up your power layer after layer after layer after layer? Is your power limitless? Is your power unstoppable? Is your power yours and yours alone? What happens to your power when you give it to another person? Is it still your power or does it permanently become theirs? If it becomes theirs, what happens when they have more of your power than you do? Are you compelled to take power from others to replace it or do you wither and die? (or become in servitude and indentured)

As you can see, this is a huge area that will allow you to uncover multiple layers and levels of complexity of beliefs and feelings and from many timelines/dimensions simultaneously. Our collective consciousness is really helping us to unearth this depth of beliefs and/or to be willing to allow it to flow into consciousness for permanent resolution and completion. Dichotomy is being highlighted with bright markers in multiple ways for us to take notice and perhaps not choose to look away once again. It’s a true gift if we align ourselves with that.

Empowered Woman

It is possible to hold very different definitions and understandings of power simultaneously – but not for long if your choice is to fully expand into your soul resonance and have that flow as your everyday experience. Many are searching for spiritual understanding of life and power – an understanding of who they truly are from Source perspective. As you begin to merge into that flow of truth, where you have created dichotomies surfaces to allow you to consciously choose. Those choices help you to further refine your understanding of where you are on the continuum of the most expanded truth – that of Source and your beautiful soul energy.

This is so very powerful because we deal with all types of other people every day to get almost everything accomplished (Even those of you who do everything online! – the energy is the same. In fact, it might even be worse because you can also hold the belief that computer programs take your power when they do “weird stuff”. Just saying…). When you know you can get things accomplished without ever having to give up your power, it is HUGE. It is so freeing. Imagine how draining it is to your energy field to be operating with the belief that when you interact with others, you are giving up a bit of your power each time – automatically. And imagine how much anger you are accumulating as you go! Good grief! Let’s “get ‘er done” and resolve all this permanently. If this relates to you, use the guidelines above to clear all this and align fully with your true power. The time is now. It’s time to live fun! Are you with me?

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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***Without receptionists, tellers, salespeople, etc. (myself included in that), what would get done? How would I get what I desire? So just know that all references were used to make a point with no disrespect or judgment. Please. ::grin:: We each choose our life path based on what we wanted to experience and accomplish. One is not better than the other. One is not more valuable than the other. They are each different and they each have great value to all. And, we do not know at this level all the input a soul has when choosing a life. The most frowned upon person may be the most giving soul as they help others accomplish their goals. They may have already accomplished what was desired and are just giving “extra” back. Most choose a variety of experiences over lifetimes – some perceived as good and some not. Who knows where people are in any lifetime in their overall desired accomplishments and experiences? To me, that is why judgment is about the fear you are not good enough and/or worthy enough. If you judge another, you are really judging yourself and have pre-determined that you are not worthy of your own power. That’s my take on it and I’ll jump off this soap-box right now! ::grin::

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