Parameters vs. Boundaries

If you’re reading this, you are aware of etheric boundaries. Many spiritual traditions talk about them and how to set them up so that you don’t take on the energy of others and energy that is harmful to you. You know… the outward facing mirrors or surrounding yourself with a bubble that is impenetrable.


I was shown a good while back that there was another way to handle all that and it was time for me to shift out of the technique I was using. The way shown to me was to really turn up my inner Light and shine it out. I was shown that energy not of that vibration would either go another direction, not notice my energy, would try to attach but would not be able to, or it would just pass through with no negative impact to me.

It was really scary to think of doing that! In fact, it was so scary that I decided to “test” it multiple ways before going “full monty”. I tried at home first. When people would come over, I’d switch methods. I finally got the courage to go to the grocery store “just” shining my Light. It was a bit dicey at first but Source kept encouraging me and I finally became comfortable with it.

It is a way to define what you want without any separation or duality. No “me vs. them” or “this accepted but not that” kind of energy. However, if you are like most people, you wonder if you can sustain the level of vibration of that 24/7 especially with all the things that come your way in a day. That’s legitimate. I will say, though, that as you hold a higher vibration more and more and more, you attract less and less and less of any vibration other than the higher vibrations.

All that said, there may be a time of adjustment from one method to another. It doesn’t always work at first. So, I have an interim step for you. It’s about parameters.

We tend to think of boundaries like a wall. We put the wall up and say “you can’t come in unless I say so”. It is like a physical expression of keeping you separate from something else. That’s the energy of how we typically think of it.

But, what about parameters. With parameters, you are saying “this is how I choose to experience”. The energy of that is positive and not negative. You’re not saying some energy cannot come into your experience. You’re saying “I am choosing to experience in this way. Period.” Splitting hairs? Maybe or maybe not. The energy is certainly different and since we are vibrational BEings, energy matters. Like attracts like. Positive energy attracts positive energy. So, if we think of choosing to experience positive energy – period – we are in effect telling the Universe to not bother us with any negative energy, but in not so many words and certainly not with that energy. It’s a win win. (Remember how your Mom would tell you one thing, but you and everyone else in the world knew she meant something else? It was just her way of nicely telling you to do what she wanted. It’s kind of like that.)

I do believe that shining your Light from within so brightly that negative energy is a non-issue for you is the way to go for a lot of reasons – not all discussed here. But, if you desire an interim step from bubbles and mirrors, perhaps establishing your parameters (the positive conditions you choose for your experiences) is the next step.

Try it out. There is nothing wrong or unseemly about wanting to ease into new things. If someone else thinks so, that’s on them. If you think so, change your beliefs about that first. Then use parameters until you feel comfortable taking an even bigger step. It’s about you and no one else. Whatever works that is based in love. Enjoy a lovely gift from Spirit!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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