Allow the Eclipse to Remind You…

Use the energy of today to remember how spectacularly beautiful it is to be fully aligned with Source energy, as you. Allow all of you to align, harmonize and balance with your soul and, as that, to the Divine Energy of Creation in full.

I AM aligned – balanced and harmonized – with the totality of all that I AM.

All parts of me – body, mind, spirit – are fully aligned, balanced, and harmonized and I allow that to connect me ever more deeply to the remembrance of who and what I AM.

I AM One with all life as part of the Divine Energy of Creation. The remembrance of that Oneness and the acceptance of the truth of that automatically brings all of me – all layers, levels, aspects, times, versions – into perfect alignment, harmony, and balance with Source energy, and all life, if I allow it to be.

These are a couple of suggestions for you to consider. Would you like Creator’s most expanded truth on all this, changing your truth to Creator’s? If you are ready and willing to allow these truths and intentions to be your truth now, say “yes – truth” and open to the richness and fullness and brilliance and alignment of it all. Allow it to fill you and nourish you and enrich you in every respect, fully infused with love and joy – and sparklies! For so it is if you allow it to be…

If you slip out of alignment, remember how on August 21, 2017 the many who came together with a common purpose of experiencing the solar eclipse and the beauty and majesty of that and the remembrance of how we as humans are just a tiny part of the whole of the Universe. But, if we align with the truth of that, in harmony and balance, we can know we are significant and we matter in the big scheme of life. Without each of us, life wouldn’t be the same. Each of us has something perfect and unique to offer. Each of us matters and contributes to the beautiful tapestry of life. As we support each other in knowing this as truth, the Light of Creation shines more brightly and touches more hearts in Oneness.


For so, dear hearts, it is if you allow it to be… I AM. YOU ARE. WE ARE.

* Thanks NatGeo for the pic.

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