The Energy of Fight

I love to see how generous and compassionate people are. People want to help. People want others to be happy and safe and have what they need. So, when things happen that threaten that perception, people want to jump in and help.

That assistance comes in many forms and that is great. One of the forms is to decide what you want to have happen and send energy to “make it happen”. It might be like deciding that you don’t want a hurricane to go a certain path so you want to “push” it away. The intention may be good but there are some considerations.


First, how do you know what is best? Don’t you want the best for all? How do you know what that is? If you “push” a storm to another path, what about those in the new path?

Second, with your intention comes the energy of “force”. If you are seeking a peaceful resolution, is force the energy that best suits your desire?

I have experienced cancer twice. I learned so very much with those occurrences. One of the most impactful was that I was better served to not “fight” cancer. Cancer is there to alert you to imbalance. Instead of fighting cancer, I learned to put all my energy into “making myself whole” again. I let go of the resistance. I let go of the need to fight. I let go. And, I looked within to see where I was no longer whole and I put all my focus there. I am here today. I am whole.

I would offer that instead of engaging the energy of fight and resistance if you are helping situations energetically, use the energy of bringing the energy of the situation back to wholeness.

There are a couple of lovely ways to do this. One is to consciously decide what energies might be useful. (I offer this one because some readers will “need” something more “concrete” to focus on than the second way I will be discussing.) You will want each energy to be positive in nature such as: the energy of resolution, the energy of courage, the energy of strength, the energy of perseverance, etc. Write them down if it will help you clarify and hold these vibrations. Intend for these energies to go to the situation/people in the best way for all (including nature, animals, elements) while honoring the choices of all. In other words, send the energy but without force, without pushing. Have you ever felt the energy of someone “pushing” energy to you? It doesn’t feel good even if the intention is the best. It’s the same feel for situations. When you have your choices identified, focus on the situation and allow the energy to form within you and merge with the energy of the situation. Know that any choice to not accept is being honored. Don’t visualize how the situation will resolve. Just send the energy with the intention that it is all knowing and all powerful and that it will go and do as is needed in the best way for all.

Another way is a variation of the above. Instead of identifying “types” of energy to send, know in your heart that this Divine Energy of Creation is intelligent and all knowing. Allow the knowing and feeling of this to grow in your heart until it expands out from you immersed within and as unconditional love. See that love merge with the energy of the situation. No parameters. No expectations other than the expectation that the love is Divine and all encompassing and will support what is necessary for the best of all in the most peaceful and loving way. Enjoy the process for it is so very enjoyable. Just allow. Know you are accomplishing so much as you add your conscious intention to support whatever is best for all to return to wholeness. This method takes a bit more trust and faith and understanding and clarity. If it doesn’t feel comfortable to you – yet – no worries. It will come and it will come quickly the more you release the “need to fight” something, to push it away, to resist it.

We have come to believe that when there is something we don’t like, if we don’t resist, we concur that it is allowed. I offer that there is another way to view things. I offer that in allowing yourself the space to connect more fully with your own Divinity (the energy of all life combined) and then focusing that energy on what you don’t like, you are shifting the vibration of the situation in a positive way. The more the vibration raises, the more the negative aspects fall away and disappear without effort. Just know that if you offer energy with the background chatter of making it disappear, or the energy of energetically saying “Take that!”, you will be unsuccessful and may even exacerbate things in the short term. Release the resolution to the Divine Energy of Creation for the best of all and just allow it to do what it will. That energy is nothing but love and nothing but love can come from it. Allow it to serve your needs consciously. The more you can trust in it to “have your back”, the more “having your back” will not even enter your awareness. It will just be you and the Creator – the Divine Energy of Creation – creating your dance of life moment-to-moment.

So… there are a lot of areas that could certainly use your consciously intended love. Let’s learn and grow as we help others. Let’s allow more fully as we help others. Let’s have fun with this even as we know the seriousness of the situations we intend to assist. It’s OK to do that. In fact, as you do, that lighter and brighter energy will assist your efforts and will help catapult you more fully into the expansiveness of the Divine. Sounds like fun to me! Are you in?

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God) …Linda

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