Belief Wars

Did you know that you might be right in the middle of a war? A belief war! That’s right. We hold many beliefs. Some are in direct opposition to each other. When that happens, there is constant struggle and a downward cascade of beliefs that leaves you feeling alone, vulnerable, at risk, and unworthy.

Take, for instance, the belief “I love myself”. Simple enough, right? But what if you also hold the belief “I hate myself”? How does the subconscious mind and the conscious mind reconcile these two opposing beliefs? I can tell you it’s not pretty! On some level, you are evaluating what it means to hate yourself. There are issues about not being enough, not believing you deserve to be treated well and have the best in life, and it continues in a downward spiral to not being worthy and, eventually, to even the Creator hating you. It’s messy. It’s ugly.

And, all this is happening while your subconscious and conscious mind are working to figure out what it means to love yourself. Loving yourself should mean you deserve the best life has to offer and for it to present to you in joyful ways. So, when it doesn’t, what does that say about you loving you? Does that mean you’re a fraud? Does that mean you are lying to yourself? Does that mean you love you but the Creator doesn’t and hence the “bad” things coming your way?

If you have warring beliefs such as these, you might begin to feel confused, disconnected, hopeless, estranged, unloved, and un-noticed – and have no idea why! Bummer!

So, if you find yourself in a position where you can’t figure out what is happening even when you are showing positive beliefs about the issue, check to see if you simultaneously hold the polar opposite belief(s). You may find that your issue is then an easy remedy when you clear the “negative” non-serving belief. Hooray!


Don’t give up. It may seem hopeless sometimes… but it’s not. You have immense love and support surrounding you. Allow it. Embrace it. And, use it to your advantage.

With lots of sparkly love and holiday wishes… Mahalo…Linda

PS Thanks to for the pic.

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