And the Love Keeps Giving

December 8, 2017

I watch how prayer and good intentions and love are channeling the energy in such amazing ways and I feel blessed and in such gratitude.

My family and I have been involved with a family situation that could have resulted in the worse case scenario. But love stepped in, right from the start. And as more and more people found out what happened, more and more love poured in. We began to see the situation grow more positive daily. The pathways moving forward kept changing and each change was more positive than the next. Yesterday, we found out about yet another twist that, to us, would be perfect and could lead to the best long-term solution with minimal negative emotional consequences. I am trusting that the best next move will happen and holding that vision for all.

For many years, I just couldn’t understand why people in “situations” would tell each other everything would be fine when it certainly didn’t look that way on the surface. How could they ignore what was right there? Why would they offer false hope? But, as I have come to have a better understanding of energy and frequency and how love trumps all, I see how they were doing exactly what was needed to help the situation change if those involved were ready for it to occur. It was holding the energetic space for a solution that would make everyone happy. Doing that doesn’t necessarily mean that the situation will resolve as you desire, but it gives it the best chance. And, sometimes what we want isn’t necessarily the best solution. There are many factors, known and unknown, that are part of the whole of things.


I know this all sounds mysterious. But, I have to respect the privacy of all involved. Just know that it is a situation that many families experience every day. It’s not special or unique. Yet, the power of love and prayer is so obvious to me. Daily we see it shift things in amazingly positive ways. And, yes, the individuals involved are playing their parts to see resolution. But that’s part of the process – especially when you are dealing with people who aren’t convinced that changing things energetically will make a difference or is even possible. Yet, they offer love and prayer and the sincere desire to see all as well. It’s beautiful.

When you can see beyond the immediate reality to the certainty of love and the power of love and the amazing results that occur when that love is focused, you truly are humbled by even the tiniest bit of the magnitude of the Divine Energy of Creation – the energy of all life working/playing/BEing together and creating the dance of life. That’s what I’m seeing right now and it is beyond words, beyond feelings. It is God in action through us. And that doesn’t even begin to express it. But, it’s what I can offer.

Never give up. Do whatever it is you know how to do. If you can’t, do something else. Whatever fits at the time is just right. But, do something. Pray, think loving thoughts, do something thoughtful, hug someone, sing, hold a loved one’s hand, envision love pouring into everything. Whatever you do can be so very helpful in ways you can’t even imagine. And when that mixes in with what others are doing, it continues to multiply and shift and change in positive ways that you may never know about. But that doesn’t matter. It’s your intention and the loving feelings of that intention that count.

I hope your holiday season is filled with lots and lots of amazing insights, seeming miracles (what I see as a more full and rich connection with your soul), gratitude, peace, and more love than you can imagine possible.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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