ME to WE

It’s a new year with a lot of potential and possibilities waiting. And, it’s an exciting time! As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of change in 2017. Huge patterns and accepted behaviors and actions are coming to light and being examined, if not rejected. There will be more to come.

There is nothing to fear here. This is a natural progression from ME to WE. ME has been considered self-serving, possibly arrogant, and not aligned with the good of all. WE has been considered unsafe and not having independent choice in the majority of collective consciousness. All that is changing. And, sometimes, things have to really shake up for people to be willing to even consider changing the status quo. Again, there is nothing to fear with this.

The beautiful understanding is that our collective perceptions and understandings of ME and WE are changing too. WE is expanding in understanding to include what is best for ME as part of the WE – without sacrifice, without loss, without fear and with the energy of embrace and joy and peace and love. We are coming to know, without a doubt, that when you embrace the Light of you – the soul of you in it’s most expanded version – and you live from that understanding, that the heart and mind work hand in hand to serve the expression of you here and now. When you do that, you are offering the very best you have to the WE. Let me put it another way. When you love yourself and you honor and respect yourself and you live in alignment with that, you are helping everyone. How? You are expanding the understandings and perspectives of collective consciousness to a place where change that is good for everyone can and will occur.

People tend to fear that massive change will hurt and that it is to be avoided. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Change will happen. It can happen with or without your conscious effort. But, what if you could consciously choose love and peace and joy in EVERY moment of your life and make a huge impact in how inevitable change will occur and how it will play out? My reality is that this is reality. You embrace you and by doing that, you embrace all, and all will benefit. It’s ME to WE in a very harmonious, graceful, loving, and joyful way. It’s acting from love, and not fear, at a core level – at the very heart of the matter so to speak. It’s choosing love consciously moment-to-moment and enjoying doing it! It’s then being in gratitude for the opportunity to advocate and serve all in such a joyous wonderful way. That, in turn, tells the energies of creation that you want more of this; you like this; you are willing to allow the best for you to assist with the best for all – all life, not just humanity. It’s moving us beyond collective consciousness and into Universal consciousness.


So, are you in? Will you be courageous enough to love yourself; to know you have ALWAYS done the best you could with where you were physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in any moment in time, and release the guilt and shame that you hold because of past actions; to accept yourself as you are right now and move forward with the intention to choose and create from love and joy and peace; to know you are a hands-on and valuable part of the creation of what is to be in this time, coming next?

If so, get started today! What will you do today to begin? What I understood one day looking at all the “weeds” in my garden was that taking the first step is the key. Take it one step after another until you reach the point where that doesn’t matter and you’re all in. Just one step… Just that first choice to love yourself and treat yourself with love and hold others to that behavior as well… That’s all it takes to come to know yourself as a powerful creator, a powerful influence in the well-being of our extraordinary planet and all who reside here… Take my hand if you’d like and make that step with me… Close your eyes for a moment and envision taking my hand and stepping into a new version of you, leaving all judgments, anger, shame, and fear behind. Don’t worry how it can happen. Don’t worry if it will happen. I’m here with you. Just let me step with you into the space of you where there is only love. Let me embrace the real you. Let me show you your brilliant glorious Light of BEing. Then choose. Which life will you choose today?

Let the Divine Energy of Creation flow to and through and from you. It matters. You matter. You matter for you and for everyone and for all life everywhere. If you can’t believe that – yet – that’s fine. Just take the first step…

I love you. There is so much love and support for you. And now, with the significant movement of collective energy, you can come to know your own importance and value and power. It’s an exciting time. It’s an important time. And you have a place at the table. What will you order?

Have a wonderful amazing beautiful peaceful exciting glorious day.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda



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4 Responses to ME to WE

  1. Zina M. Rambo says:

    This was beautiful and just what I needed to hear. Thanks Linda.

  2. Diana May Cadger says:

    Thank you Linda, moving forward, touching hands. Namaste xxx

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