Spontaneous Release of Beliefs and Feelings

Just an update on the last post… The clearing and healing will be done at 4:30 EST on Sunday.  Another gifted healer, Dawn Lindsey, will be facilitating with me. Once again, absolutely nothing will occur that you do not allow on some level of you. The energy will be offered and you are free to choose how much or whether to accept. If you want to actively participate, set your intention to clearly and consciously understand the core issue(s) and to allow any shifts that are for your highest and best. Be open to feeling the energy as it moves to and through and from you. Allow it to nourish and embrace you so that you may know how treasured you are and how much you have to offer and that you are amazing just as you are. Allow yourself to expand into your most expanded self – your soul – and watch as the energy brings back to life for you that which you have forgotten or suppressed. Allow yourself to be energized with this expanded knowing and truth and allow it to infuse you on all layers and levels and understandings of you. For so it is if you allow it to be… Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)


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