Take Notice

For those of you in the morning of your day, I encourage you to take notice today. Take notice of how your day is going. Take notice of the big-box greeter who seems exceptionally nice. Take notice of the barista who puts an extra touch on your coffee. Take notice of the seams in traffic that you are finding yourself in. Take notice of thinking of someone and then they call you. Take notice of what you notice. And, take notice of how all these things make you feel.

When you are aligned with your core, your higher self and soul, life flows with such “synchronicity” (I believe being in that flow is what we call synchronicity) and joy. How you feel about your day and all that happens to you during the day can provide you with a great gauge of how well you are aligned with what you desire.

When you notice anything that you don’t like and that doesn’t make you feel good, pause. Take a look at it. What is this encounter attempting to point out to you? Who are the players? What are the relationships with the players? When are other times when you have felt this same way under similar circumstances? Look at that first time. Are there places that need healing? Is there forgiveness that begs to be extended? Have you pushed this situation away and refused to deal with it? All these things are clues for you to show you where pain and anger and hurt and betrayal may live. When you can get in a good place with the first time something happened to you that you didn’t like, all similar situations will spontaneous resolve (most of the time).

Be aware. Take notice. Live in the now. BE in your life. Engage with it by letting circumstances and interactions guide and motivate you in positive ways. This is you teaching you. This is you leading you. This is you healing you. This is you becoming self-empowered and taking charge. This is you learning to create what you want and manifest it. Woohoo! A fabulous goal, don’t you think?


Love and gratitude and sparklies, Mahalo…Linda

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