Choose Your Reality

Today, you are choosing what is to come. If your thoughts are negative, the vibration of them will be negative. The Universe, knowing like attracts like, will presume negative is what you desire and it will be on it’s way. It’s not rocket science. It’s just reality.

It’s especially important to be aware of your thoughts and consciously choose as you become more and more fully connected to expanded Source energy. Why? Because there is a higher likelihood that the “lag time” between a negative thought and the result of it will be shorter, possibly even instantaneous. Though, instantaneous is unlikely since a person with that much of an embrace of Source would be unlikely to have many if any negative thoughts.

So, right now, what do you choose? If you don’t feel well or things aren’t going as you would like, take a moment to choose to not have the negative be your focus. Use your “go to” good feeling thing. For me it might be puppies; for you it might be a baby; for another it might be art. Whatever it is that always makes you feel good – do it, think about it, and FEEL it. I love to think of the song “Happy”. It makes you want to sing and dance and it just begs for you to allow the energy of happy to enter and move you on every level. And, I choose love.

Again, it’s your choice. You are not a victim even though you may feel like it. You are sovereign. You are the dreamer. You are the creator. If you don’t like what you have, choose thoughts that align with the vibration of what you desire. If you want happy, think happy. If you want good abundance (vs. abundance of trauma, drama, unhappiness), think positive abundant thoughts. If you want to be loved, think of loving others. You are powerful. Your thoughts are powerful. Use your creativity to attract what you desire. The more you stay in the energy of what you want – without thinking about your lack in the moment of what it is – the more quickly it will show up for you. The lag time is actually a gift. Imagine (for just a second) what it would be like to go to a movie, see a yucky scene, and instantaneously attract and manifest your own version. A gift…truly.

And then, as you choose your thoughts carefully, stay in the vibration of love and peace and joy, you become able to instantly manifest what you want – even without having to verbalize what that is. Woohoo! Now that’s worthy of a bit of conscious choosing and practicing living that way, right?

Let’s just do it! Choose wisely and have fun. I am expecting a spectacular day and I expect it to show up, but without willing it to – just allowing it the vibrational space to be there for me. And, don’t forget gratitude. Gratitude is a great vibrational enhancer. By itself, it can bring love and joy and peace. It is the manifestation of embrace. It is supremely powerful. Try it. I can almost guarantee you’ll love it. Have a wonderful amazing joyful prosperous beautiful and creative day!


You are loved. You are supported. You are amazing. You are a gift to everyone. You rock!

Mahalo… with sparklies!

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2 Responses to Choose Your Reality

  1. Dawn Lindsey says:

    Fantastic article. Thank you for the beautifully powerful reminders – full of love and beauty.

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