Conflicting Resources

We’ve all seen the ads. Our product is the best! No, OUR product in the best! We see these differences of opinions in many aspects of our lives, including the spiritual. So, what happens when you encounter diverse and sometimes conflicting theories, techniques, understandings, and presentations? How do you deal with that? How do you know what is the most expanded truth? And how do you know what is best for you?


We, as humans, tend to evaluate or judge based on a variety of criteria. Who is offering? How does it make me feel when I hear or read the offering? What do my friends and family think? And so on… Some criteria are useful and valid; some not so much. How do you determine truth?

I have written many times on discernment and on the caveat to not put spiritual teachers on a pedestal. People are people. Some people are more spiritually aware than others. Some people are more spiritually connected than others (not because all can’t be). When you are synced up with a spiritual teaching, in other words it has presented in your reality, it is your choice to blindly accept it, to intuit it’s truth, or to choose not to accept it or accept only part of it and craft your own truth. If you do not practice discernment with information, you are allowing your power to be taken by others in a sense. You are not directing your life. You are allowing someone else to guide the direction you go. That’s not always detrimental. Sometimes you may need to be completely supported and assisted. Yet, usually, don’t you think it’s best to look at all information objectively and determine if it is right for you?


I believe truth to be on a continuum. Just like a dial radio, you can change the channel at any time. Your truth in any given moment is dependent on your beliefs, your feelings, and your vibration. That can change moment-to-moment. Your truth (where you are tuning in) can be different from my truth, yet we can both be right. We are just tuning in to different locations on the truth continuum. It’s all truth. It’s just that what is truth for one may not be truth for another given the beliefs, feelings, and vibrations of each person. You can listen to opera and I can listen to jazz simultaneously. Both of us can enjoy the music. Neither is “wrong”. Nor is there a “top” or “best” station among them all. You are where you are and you believe what you believe for a reason. You can change that, but don’t assign judgment on anyone else for their choices.

But, what if you wanted to enjoy and thrive in the most expanded version of the truth of the Creator? How do you know what that is? Have you asked? And, if you did ask, how did you ask? Did you ask if this was the most expanded version of Creator’s truth? Or did you ask if this is the most expanded truth? What is the most expanded truth for you may be different than the most expanded truth of the Creator. You may only be allowing in a portion of the entire truth. Why? Your beliefs may hold you in fear of the whole truth. You may only be able to process a part of the entire truth. And, that’s normal. It’s the same thing as when a healing is done but the client won’t accept it fully. There are fears and beliefs and feelings that hold it at bay. The fears and beliefs have to resolve for the flow of energy to fully impact instantaneous change. The same holds for what is truth for you and your desire to experience and know the most expanded version.

Don’t let others decide for you what truth is all about. You decide. You choose. You are creating your reality consciously or not. Take another step toward full conscious creation by choosing moment-to-moment what you will accept as truth and take responsibility for why. In other words, if you are just being lazy and decide to accept what is presented without checking in, acknowledge that – especially later if you find out it wasn’t what you thought or hoped. Don’t blame the source of the information. Claim your part in due diligence – or not.

We are so lucky to be gifted glimpses of truth by visionaries and spiritual teachers. Some people have the gift of truth present at birth and some strive to get in the flow of truth. Either way, they offer us topics and directions and methods to try and to ponder. They spark us to our own greatness. Accept these gifts with gratitude and love and also personal discernment. People are people with their own experiences, biases, likes and dislikes, motives, and whatever. Take all that into account. And never discount your own gut knowing and feelings. You are your own best friend. Allow you to guide you and you will easily slip right into the most expanded flow of Divine truth and love and joy and peace and good abundance. It’s waiting for you if you aren’t quite there yet. Just know that judgment will not get you there. Discernment is the way to go. Allow every person to make his or her choices and allow yourself to do the same. You can do that without attaching any negative energy should you decide that another’s choice is not for you. That way, everybody can “enjoy” their own truth without it negatively impacting your own flow of the Divine. How’s that for an action plan? Are you in?

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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