Are Your Life Plan Beliefs Causing You to Stumble?

Anyone who has been in my classes or has had a session with me knows how fascinating I find beliefs – especially subconscious ones. It gives you insight into how the subconscious works and why things are as they are in your life. Beliefs can form in so many ways and from so many different origins. Some are so bizarre you wonder if they can even be “real”.

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people self-sabotage. Various beliefs spark this type behavior. They can have a variety of origins. There is one that is particularly fascinating. It has to do with what you believe your life purpose to be.

Let’s say you believe you came here to this life to experience what it is like to live without conscious connection to your Source energy – your soul energy. What happens then when you decide that you want to connect consciously and with intent? It is easy to see how there could be the belief that if you did connect that you would be completely messing up your life plan. So, you study, you meditate, you do everything you know how to do to really fully connect. Yet, it never gets to where you want it to be. There is always a glitch or a doubt or an “incident” or it’s not enough. That’s because if you believe you are not honoring your life plan, you will – subconsciously – make sure that things go as originally intended. You self-sabotage to keep yourself from full connection.

It’s a simple and logical belief set. But, a very powerful one if you have it in place. Do you have this one running? If so, when you change it also look for “companion” beliefs and/or just resolve things so that you can fully connect.


Beliefs are fun. They are interesting and sometimes just bizarre. But, bottom-line, they have a huge impact on what is going on in your life, no matter the belief. See beliefs as a wonderful puzzle to solve. Imagine what the finished puzzle look like! Or…will it be ever changing (like the staircase in the Harry Potter movies)? Just a thought… Enjoy.

Mahalo…  Linda

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